ten secrets of success10 secrets of success

What makes a person successful? He’s smarter than others or more work? He likes to take risks or have a lot of important and influential friends?

A few years ago Finance magazine, Investors Business Daily (IBD) asked the questions, and started his long search for the right answer. They studied leaders in a variety of industries, investors and entrepreneurs to understand what similarities they have, and how they contribute to achieving success. Reproduced below is a list of ten secrets to success with comments to each «secret,» which, in fact, not so secrets.

1. How You think determines everything else

Always be positive. Think about success and forget about failure. Avoid negative environment. This trait is one of the most important in the list. Your belief that You can achieve your goals must be unwavering. Never say «I can’t…», these words do not have for You to exist. Positive things happen to positive people.

2. Make decisions based on their true thoughts and purposes

Write down your specific goals and create a plan to achieve them. You may have heard that a Christmas wish that You did not record, will remain just a dream, and dreams are not goals. Goals are those concrete, measurable steps of success that will lead You directly to Your dreams.

3. Act

Goals are irrelevant without action. In this respect I really like the advertising slogan of the sports company Nike: Just do it (just do it). And You take any action towards Your goals?

4. Never stop learning

Read books, practice and acquire new skills. Become a student all his life will be very useful for all of us, and we need to instill this to my children. And what did You learn today?

5. Be persistent and work hard

Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Never give up. I think every story of success entails long hours, days, months and years of hard work. But if You are working on something that passionate, about what love can this be called work?

6. Learn to analyze details

Collect all the facts and any possible data in the course of their activities. Learn from your mistakes. You need to find a balance between gathering facts and making decisions with incomplete information – all of which are traits of successful people.

7. Focus on your time and money

Don’t let other people or circumstances to distract You. Stay focused on your goals and surround yourself with positive people who believe in You. Do not dwell on failures or problems that do not help you reach Your goals.

8. Don’t be afraid of change and innovation

Be the others. Following the crowd is a sure way to mediocrity. Follow your most daring ideas. Ask yourself: «What would I do if wasn’t afraid of anything?».

9. Interact and communicate with people efficiently

No man is isolated from others. Learn to understand and motivate others. Successful people build and develop the network. They always look at people openly, honestly and often severely. There’s nothing wrong with being strict, you just need not to cross the extreme border. How do You feel about people?

10. Be honest and trust worthy

Take responsibility, otherwise all of the previous points will have no value.

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