10 questions to assess your well-being

Each of us strives for prosperous life, to be confident in the future and the welfare of their loved ones. Nobody wants to constantly limit ourselves and constantly postpone the accomplishment of the desired later. In order to realistically assess your situation try to answer the series of questions below. If you can do it confidently, then you are on the right track to materially and financially secured life.

  • Do you have a specific goal you wish to achieve?

Do you understand why doing certain actions? What result do work? In order to avoid financial difficulties when implementing the desired it is necessary to precisely define the concept, what should be the end result (product) of your efforts. Only then can we chart a plan of action and focus on how to achieve the intended.

  • Aim your current actions to achieve the objective?

Action plan minimizes inappropriate waste of effort. Ask — do you know what you can do here and now to hasten the moment of realization of your goal or dreams? It will help to quickly implement its plans and step by step to achieve it, and not sit idly by and twisted dreams. Realize that passive attitude will result in some consequences — not the best for you.

  • If the visible result and a positive financial situation changes?

Think about it: how much you earn, whether you have debt and any property? In what direction changes have occurred in your financial status in recent years? Were they all? Why they have such a direction? It is important that it was exclusively for upward growth and improvement.

  • Depends on whether you income and expenses?

In the course of all procedures costs and recharges your wallet? Just receiving salaries and regular expenses — this is not a complete list of what is happening. Do you know the yield on Bank deposits, interest is charged on the card salary, is the place to be cash-back credit card, what percentage and any other additional payments shall be paid on the loan? How much you spend you and your family members? How much more pay you a particular loan, debt, mortgage? If you confidently answer every question — only then can we talk about control of the situation.

  • What do you have debts?

Whether they do? To what extent? How much you borrowed? When you need to get? When and how much you have already paid for? Are you sure that will be able to make the next payment? The more you have, the further you are from confidence in the future and reach higher qualitatively new level of life. Take control of the situation, paid. And then always adjust the costs so that they had less income.

  • Do you know how to save?

Sometimes fortune turns to us the most beautiful part and then it is important not to be distracted and unarmed. Stock your about three months salary should steadily be to not afraid of problems that may arise unexpectedly and to destroy the foundations of the familiar life. Learn not to spend all their money here and now. And also, we should distinguish between what you really need, what you want and what is simple fantasy.

  • Do you have the spare funds for a «rainy» day?

For confidence in the future and comfortable retirement you must be able to collect. This does not necessarily strictly limit yourself — 10-15% of the income on the wallet does not hit hard, but it will help to be quieter. This option is guaranteed to create a stock: you will be confident. And unexpected surprises in the form of inheritance let it be just a nice gift. Do not rely on them. You should control your luck. The gift or inheritance is certainly fine, but to live in their expectations — complete crap. You just allowed the situation to «maybe». Admit it.

  • Do you ever think what will happen in ten years?

Of course, not for the sake of illusory future strictly to limit yourself today. It is important to find a middle ground between the present and the distant future. Be sure to give yourself a reference point for the distant future, not just tomorrow and next week. Perhaps something today will have to give up, but you have to understand why.

  • Do you know how reasonable is the risk?

It is also important to think clearly and soberly. It is not necessary to go to extremes to hide money in socks at home or to carry with them to every Bank that promises a profitable investment. If you decide to take the risk, evaluate the odds, how to win and to fail. Determine the optimal safe option for your individual situation.

  • Do you make some investments?

Can you distinguish speculation from investment? Be able to assess the risk from long-term investments. Because it is, most likely, and can lead to wealth. But it is reasonable to use the funds to purchase shares and the time focus of the benefits from its sale. It is not worth to cherish, but the right and left you can’t throw money.

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