10 items that will help become a leader


How to make the people trust and arrange them yourself?

A few simple, at first glance, insignificant details that can help.

Good manners

Just remember to say «thank you» and «please.» Good manners demonstrate your respect for others. It helps to set tone of courtesy and goodwill.


Nothing says about your leadership qualities as your posture. If you think that it is a trifle, you are mistaken. Think of a person who is sitting in a chair bent over like a ninety-year-old man. Do you want to listen to him and follow his ideas? This posture by itself tells about the defeatist position. If you want to give people the confidence, keep yourself confident, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders.

A positive attitude

A positive view of the world is one of the most important traits that a leader should possess. It needs to inspire and motivate people, instill in them hope and optimism. If you want that others trusted in you, try to make positive energy in every room you visit and every conversation that you start.

Attention to names

Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to remember the names of everyone who comes in your path of life, but it’s not. For this you need quite a bit of care and effort. They will fully pay off, because for anyone more pleasant conversation, calling him by name. This demonstrates you are not part of the gray mass, but the bright personality that you noted and remembered.

Attention to detail

If you remember the name of the person is good, if you remember about two-three pieces – even better. Nothing offers a man as sincere attention to his person.

Correct intonation

Not every beautiful phrase is well perceived. Why is this happening? The fact is that, choosing the wrong intonation, you can even the most inspiring words to say so that they only turn away from you. You need to think not only about what to say, but on how to say.


Joy is contagious and there is no better way to spread it than to smile to another person. When you are open and friendly, you want to communicate, you want to listen – you. and there is no better method of distribution than that of bright and sincere smile that telegraphs the sense that the work and effort needs to be valuable and interesting.


If you have any important words you want people to hear, it never hurts to say them several times. Of course, no need to turn into a broken record, as soon as you realize that people hear you, you know, it’s a sign that it’s time to stop.

Refusal «can’t»

«Can’t» are words that are dooming you to failure. If you can eliminate them from your vocabulary, you have make a big step on the road to success. Usually leaders are struggling are those people who can do everything.


Be modest. Most try to use in his speech «I» and «we». The sincerity and simplicity of a people.

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