10 advantages of having a life plan


There is a saying: «If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.» But you can take a chance and remember another phrase: «If you want to make God cry, tell him that is not building any plans at all.» Businessmen always start their business life with «markup», and each team enters the game with elaborate strategy. So if you want to realize some goal or dream, it should start by writing a plan.

  1. The plan will determine the direction. The truth is that life is a journey, not a destiny, and you always want to move in the best direction. Of course, «better» is a relative term, but it should decide your preferences. Selecting the right activity can make significant progress in Germany, because it does not have to be distracted by trivia. It’s a difficult situation, why is the first paragraph.
  2. Correct focus. Abandoning deletetsky thoughts, you get to divide life into black and white (in a good way). There are always grey things that are obstacles on the chosen way. The entry of a vast number of unnecessary things will not help the implementation of the plan. Therefore it is necessary to learn how to get rid of extraneous thoughts.
  3. The purpose determines the motivation. Any plans to require energy in the same way as every car needs gasoline. Therefore, prior to any pure plan, you need to add motivation. You should think about what will change in your life after implementation of the planned activities.
  4. Setting priorities. The more ambitious the plan, the more likely that it will be implemented. However, it is important to remove all emotions to make the obvious means to achieve the desired goal. This will be the result of the actions taken above. You will mechanically refer to those activities that contribute to the implementation of the plan.
  5. The plan will highlight weaknesses. One of the most important advantages of planning is that it will draw attention to your flaws. You are insincere, a liar or just a braggart? Well-written life plan indirectly show what the problem is. Describing your weaknesses, work to eliminate all inconsistencies in the plan.
  6. Self-development. The elimination of weak points will increase your confidence. Correction personal qualities will improve career opportunities. The presence of life plan is the belief that we will manage to put the intended target.
  7. Strength and faith is peace. When you have uncertain thoughts, the person becomes «headless chicken», constantly living on the level of anxiety and fear. When thoughts are pure and clear, you can let go of my fear and nervousness. Comes the calm and poise.
  8. Harvest. A carefully designed plan always produces results. By implementing just a few items from the goals, it becomes easier to perform other tasks. With every new step will improve your career opportunities.
  9. Failure is an occasion for self-improvement. If work on the plan does not give the expected results, then you need to change your strategy to achieve the goal. A good method is to train or training. It is important to understand that existing plans and trends can change, because mistakes and failures are the same ingredients for success as luck.
  10. Last stop is happiness. The tenth paragraph is to achieve absolute happiness, and for which the plan is drawn up. You should always keep the ultimate goal of absolute satisfaction with your life. If obtaining a new position, acquisition career success, finding your life partner etc. are intermediate elements, and that happiness is the main objective, then the chances of finding it are greatly increased.

It is important to remember that the plan is always drawn up for the most important things, and nothing could be greater your life. Start with a master project — the implementation itself.What do you want? Why you want to achieve this? What you need to do? When you really perceive the importance of these issues and ready to work, nothing will get in your way.

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