Wall mounted clothes dryer

In the modern world, the washing machine takes pride of place among other household appliances, because it has become an indispensable assistant for every housewife. But linen continue to dry a lot on the balcony clothesline. Few people know that there are special dryers, which are perfectly cope with this task. The remainder of this article will be disclosed all the details.

Varieties of wall dryers

Wall mounted clothes dryer

To use the dryer for clothes is very convenient, especially it is indispensable, if the family has a small child. Posted by underwear on the balcony, the street in the winter and on rainy days do not have time to dry and hang it in public on the chairs, batteries are not very nice and awkward. You can pull a simple rope from wall to wall, but if you have in good repair – it will look not very aesthetically pleasing. With a task easily cope special modern floor or wall hanger for the bathroom which looks good and is very easy to use.


In the assembled state of the wall dryers in the bathroom look like small boxes. The main part of the device attached to the wall and to hang the clothes, you need to pull the strings and clip on the other side. This is very reminiscent of the construction tape measure that is stretched, and then curled tightly back. Comfortable design, compact size makes it possible to use the device in small spaces.


Very often sliding wall dryer called retractable or accordion. Here the name speaks for itself. The device consists of a plastic and metal tubes, which are moved apart. In order to dry clothes, you need to remove the design, which is attached to the wall, to fix and use as directed. This design for drying clothes can withstand the load up to 10 kg Strength of this device allows you to unload the drum of any washing machine.


Electric battery

Often electric wall mounted clothes dryer is installed as a drying towel. Sometimes it can be used for drying small amounts of clothing. The design of the device consists of a metal pipe in the shape of a ladder, mounted directly on the wall, and connects to a simple socket. In the room with high humidity need to be careful with the connection of electrical appliances, it is better to entrust the installation of such equipment to professionals.

Wall and ceiling or design «lift»

The size and capacity of this type of devices is the leader among all previous wall-mounted dryer. Fixed design «lift» directly to the wall on the balcony, loggia or in the bathroom, if it allows the floor space. Using a special device drops a small metal tube which hung clothes, and then use this device rises to a height where they are mounted almost to the ceiling. Due to this construction, not necessary to raise, pulling hand, and hung so high that it don’t matter.

How to choose a tumble dryer

The interior of the bathroom

When you choose a quality device it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the structure itself. Drying stainless steel will last for many years, however, it is much more expensive than other models. Not very expensive material-aluminum, but it is very quickly oxidized, leaving on clothing stains. Steel products, coated, waterproof tool can be a great alternative device stainless steel and aluminum. If you are offered a construction with polymer powder coating, be prepared for the fact that over time from moisture it will crack and will ruin clothes.

When the choice of material will be finished, you can proceed to another important factor – the distance between the pipes or strings for drying clothes. Ideally, this figure will amount to 6-7 cm, but not less. If there is very little distance, the clothes will come into contact with each other, leaving stains and bad dry. The greater the gap between the rails, the faster and better to dry linen.

Review of the best producers

Folding device

  1. Liana. Manufacturer country Russia. Wall and ceiling clothes hanger with ergonomic design, easy to use, it is virtually invisible and does not occupy much space. Very simple design that will suit any interior.
  2. Artmoon Blues – manufacturer of wall sliding devices, accessories which are mainly made of plastic, which makes them convenient to use and inexpensive in price. Suitable for small and large items.
  3. Brio. Specializiruetsya on the complex dryers in the form of accordions, have a steel construction that can withstand loads up to 10 kg of clothes and linen. Country of origin China.
  4. Gimi. This manufacturer produces device high quality compact and convenient. Popular models: rotor Gimi, Gimi Telepack, Gimi Gimi Brio Super and lift. A wall-mounted device equipped with a special mechanism that makes the device simple and comfortable to use. Country of origin Italy.
  5. Leifheit. Dryers are wall mounted, manufacturer which is located in the Czech Republic and Germany have high quality, long service life. Popular models: Leifheit Telefix, Leifheit Telegant and Leifheit rollquick. They fit perfectly into the interior, and the equipment performed at the highest level.

Where to buy and how much is the dryer wall

In today’s world to buy a wall rack won’t be easy. Such devices are available in large hypermarkets, specialized stores household appliances, a lot of suggestions on the Internet. The cost of sliding wall design trademark Liana is from 480 rubles, but the same model from Gimi will cost – from 1100 rubles. Depending on the model and points of sales, the difference in price, for example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be from 200 to 1000.

Looks like wall mounted clothes dryer

To make the right choice of design that will help you in the process of drying, it is necessary to first select a place where it is best to install. This can be a loggia or a balcony, a bathroom, hallway or other appropriate location. When it is determined the location of the dryer, select the type of device, the material from which made the device shape and size. And to make it easier to determine the structure, below are photos of the most popular models.

Clothes dryer on the balcony

The location on the balcony

Dryer in the bathroom for linen

Location in the bathroom

Customer reviews

Catherine, 21 years:When we received the long-awaited housing, I, as a young mother, was the question of where to dry the clothes. Wash daily very much, and the old rope on the balcony wasn’t entirely comfortable with. Begged husband for a month to buy a wall-mounted dryer of the company «Liana» with special lifting mechanism. Now everything is dried quickly and does not disturb anyone.

Svetlana, 32 years:Long in the winter or when it rains, I had to hang clothes on chairs, hangers, and door. It was uncomfortable and ugly. Once at IKEA, I noticed the sliding rack of the company Gimi, after consulting the seller I decided to buy it. This device is very convenient, takes up little space and, finally, there is where to hang wet linen.

Anna, 27 years:When there was a choice of which rack to buy, I knew exactly what I want a sliding model Leifheit, because this is my mom and she is very happy. The quality of their products at the highest level, the clothes are very easy to hang, the drying process does not take much time, and the compact design will suit any room.

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