The wall in the living room in a modern style

People living in your home, would like to recreate within the desired degree of comfort, to arrange things to have more space. Wall – the solution to this problem, because it gives a chance to improve the interior design, to update the situation.

How to choose a wall


Given the size, the design of the housing will not be difficult to choose furniture for living room in modern style: straight or angular in shape, with all sorts of shelves, shelving, made in the style hi-tech or modern. For the manufacture of Gostiny headset using high-quality materials –particleboard, MDF, veneer. Colorful choice for facade wall tree. If you do not take attention to the luxurious appearance of the furniture set will appreciate the next performance.

Having defined the settings, go to configuration and capacity. Despite the size, the wall will easily accommodate things (clothes, dishes, books, television), thus not limiting guests. Design design will allow you to swap modular components, without taking up excessive space. Modern wall in the hall include various decorative details: glass rack, mirrors, stained-glass Windows.

The functionality of the furniture

In a time when furniture range was limited to bulky cabinets, the comfort didn’t even have to think. Here though it was possible to put things, furniture for living room occupied nearly all the available space. Now a compact wall in a small living room in modern style can perfectly fit in small apartments. At the same time will take into account the height of the walls, the square form of the room.

Another variant of design of the room minimalist. Design headset are borrowed from Japanese designers who aim to make the indoor air. Furniture inherent lightness and ease of handling. Strict geometric shapes fit into the concept, and equipment made from natural materials will please fans of products with the prefix eco. The colors are not bright, nice design with spacious shelves and drawers.

Style wall


When choosing furniture for the living room, to find or order wall will after the calculation of dimensions. Your choice will be perfect, will fit the interior of the room if they considered the highlights. Style design modern walls in living room are divided into several types:

  1. Classic. Design will fit into a wide room with high ceilings. Often a classic wall in the living room in a modern style consists of massive cabinets made of wood brown. Smooth lines accentuate the elegant design of the room, and invisible bevel and emboss on the veneer brings a neatness to the overall picture.
  2. Art Deco. This style can be associated with eccentricity. By weaving several directions at once. Product modern style can be made from expensive wood, ivory, bronze, decorated with jewels, covered with genuine leather. The model usually consists of individual functional modules that fit harmoniously into the interior of the room.
  3. Modern. This style is perfectly suited to play the modern interior of the room. The product includes a roomy design modular system design. The façade is composed of smooth curves, eliminating the strict rectangular geometry. Typically, the product is made of wood, stone, glass, expensive fabrics.
  4. Hi-tech. Wall in spacious living room in modern style may be simple, but certainly mobile and convenient to use. The style will be reflected in the glossy veneer, glass doors. Often the source materials are wood, metal, plastic light shades.
  5. Loft – style spacious and bright living room, which can combine vintage and new direction. There is no expressive facade, welcomes the openness, that is, the wall in the living room in a modern style and will include several open cabinets in harmony with niches. Colors can be white, gray, black, cream.


Modern living room furniture

Thanks to the technology of furniture production, you can buy various equipment with the desired number of elements. Modern living rooms walls are straight, angular, U-shaped, with blind or transparent facades. Before buying a kit, it is better to view all the possible options on the Internet, consult with the store, think for what purpose you want to buy a wall and only after placing.


This kind of furniture for the living room in a contemporary style that involves a free modular design, which does not clutter the space of the room. Cabinet slide can only relate to one (Central) wall of the room or three – it all depends on the shape and size of the housing. For spacious rooms it is best to choose a P-shaped model, in front of which you will be able to accommodate a sofa and a coffee table. Wall-slide in the living room usually consists of:

  • the integrated stand for the TV, the other audio equipment;
  • cabinets-canisters;
  • chest of drawers with pull-out cabinets;
  • open shelves;
  • mounted cabinets.

Mini wall

It is a model for living, the name of which indicates its compactness. It looks oversized, but as the capacity is not inferior to conventional cabinets. A great option for organizing the interior in a modern style, which has a number of advantages:

  • Design mobile. Anytime you can easily change location, refreshing the look of a room.
  • Headsets consists of not only closets, but also of the additional open shelves, supports for video and audio.
  • The price of such a wall is significantly less than other modern furniture.


Corner furniture for living room

The main function of this product is to create an optical illusion. Filling the corners of the room, design small living room turns into a bigger version. A large room will be cozier, warmer. Glossy facade will reflect the opposite side of the room, increasing the size of compact rooms. Another advantage of modern furniture – transformation: how would you have arranged the modules will always be taken into account the overall composition of the design.

Modular furniture in contemporary style

The modules solve the problem of the furniture. Designers and manufacturers have tried to give mobility, eliminating hard configuration and accumulation. Modular wall is famous for its advantages:

  1. All the components fit together, given the different parameters.
  2. Parts kit is easy to place in corners of the room, they will look completed.
  3. Furniture stores will offer to buy the wall module or from the full set.
  4. According to interior living room, modern modular set is equipped with built-in lighting, unusual accessories, decorations.

Video: modern wall design

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