UV lamp for home use

People need ultraviolet light in moderate doses. This need can be satisfied only in summer on Sunny days. At other times there is a risk of a deficit of ultraviolet light. To fill or to prevent it will help of a quartz lamp for the home.

The types of UV lamps

UV light box

There are several classifications of ultraviolet lamps with different parameters. According to the principle of the formation of ozone, devices are divided into:

  • Ozone – radiation interacts with oxygen, ozone is formed in high concentrations is harmful to the body. If the room is equipped with ozone lamp for quartz treatment, it is important to air.
  • Bessonova bulb made of quartz glass with a special coating. The ozone in contact with air is not generated.

The parameter of mobility germicidal lamp can be:

  • portable – easily moved from room to room;
  • stationary – disinfect the premises, which are used in medical institutions.

The principle of operation and purpose UV devices are divided into:

  • open – diffuse ultraviolet light throughout the room, are used in the absence of people and animals, this quartz lamps for disinfecting the premises;
  • closed (recyclers) is treated with a particular object after switching does not need to leave the premises;
  • special applications (both medical and household ) is used in the physiotherapeutic treatment of diseases, helping to fight colds, complemented by tips, points, used for tanning, this is the most common UV lamp for home use.

Depending on the attachment method meet quartzwater :

  • outdoor;
  • mounted;
  • table.

Why the need for quartz lamp

Kurzova lamp

Quartz UV lamp is a device based on quartz glass that transmits only ultraviolet rays of the spectrum. This radiation has germicidal properties, triggers the production of vitamin D by the human body, strengthens the immune system in the winter to compensate for the shortage of sunlight. UV lamps for home use is used to decontaminate a room to dry nails after applying nail Polish, to give the skin a tan color and deal with a number of diseases.

The irradiation is divided into General and local, with the use of nozzles (tubes), focusing the radiation in the specified area. The manuals described why a certain nozzle, and how long you can be under the influence of UV rays, and what the spectrum of a specific instrument for home use. Indications for use of therapeutic UV lamp:

  • colds, flu, inflammations of ENT organs;
  • skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, etc.;
  • diseases of the joints;
  • prevention of rickets;
  • hard-to-heal wounds;
  • ulcers, sores;
  • for gynecological indications;
  • neuritis.

Quartzwater household antibacterial

Quartzwater household

UV irradiators need to use quartz in the room, destroying viruses and other infectious agents. Germicidal lamp for home useful to families with sickly kids. Device for home use can be decontaminated the apartment for half an hour a day, you need to turn it on for 15 minutes, then take a break for a quarter of an hour, and re-enable the device even at the same time. In this mode it works in the room area to 20 square meters.

Sun house

Not all UV lamps for home use are suitable for tanning. If you try to sunbathe under the ultraviolet device is not designed for this, there is a risk to burn, accelerate aging of the skin. The instructions for quartz devices for special applications there is often a note that the device performs the function of a mini-Solarium. Need to buy quartzwater only for the sun, this property have a therapeutic UV devices. There are special installation created for the lovers of suntan, mini-Solarium.

UV lamp for plants

The usual ultraviolet lamp for disinfection of the premises is not suitable for illumination of seedlings, or a home flower garden. When it comes to the decoration of the room open lamp plants is recommended to clean, because excess UV rays is harmful and even fatal. Manufacturers produce fitolampy based on LEDs for supplementary lighting of green space in the period of lack of natural light.

This does not mean that ultraviolet is absolutely contraindicated plants, for example, UV rays, wavelength 315-380 nm, stimulate the synthesis of vitamins, the radiation wave length 280-315 nm make plants more cold-resistant, so be sure to read the user manual to your UV devices for control of radiation power, wavelength. For pest control it is helpful to include an ultraviolet irradiator for home use for a few minutes (maximum 3-5).

UV lamp for Roslin

How to choose a quartz lamp for home

To understand what UV lamp for home use will suit you, you need to understand how it is used. If you need a germicidal lamp for the home, to disinfect the premises, and have the opportunity to eliminate him at this time, all households, including animals and favorite plants, you can plan the purchase of the open bulbs. Such devices kill microorganisms on all surfaces that can be achieved by ultraviolet, they include to treat the room if the apartment has a sick child or adult (without people).

The device, which can safely work in a room with people is the irradiators of open type with the screen or recyclers. There are models whose purpose is disinfection of surfaces and confined spaces: shelves in cabinets, refrigerators and so on. Choosing power equipment, it is important to know the volume of the room in which it will operate. The choice between wall-mounted, mobile or portable models depends on whether you are going to move the installation.

Attention should be paid also to technical data of the device, the warranty exists, the manufacturer’s brand. Before buying, read reviews about popular devices. If you buy a small device with nozzles for quartz treatment of ENT organs, you should know that if you remove all of these tubes, you can proveravati small size of the apartment, not more than 3 square meters. This will be enough to hold the local disinfection of beds, bathrooms, but not enough for the entire room.

UV Sun lamp

How much is a bactericidal irradiator

Prices for Pets «destroyer of microbes» start from 1,200 rubles and reach 30 000 (and sometimes overcome it). It’s only karavalli, the cost of home tanning beds is not taken into account. To choose a worthy variant of the device for home use on the easy, wide range, popular model from the Russian manufacturer, producing quartz installation «Sun». The average price of high-quality functional UV unit from this company 2100-2900 rubles.

Another well-known manufacturer – «Crystal». Simple irradiators open type, manufactured under this brand are 1,800 rubles, the recirculator is on sale for 4500-4700 is a model with a timer. Another Russian company that produces germicidal device «electronics». The average value of its UV irradiators 3000 rubles. Devices more expensive class Dezar cost about 10,000 rubles.

UV lamp with your own hands

Fans to equip the life with their hands share the experience of making a mini-quartettes for home use that will fit perfectly to disinfect cellar, or other utility room. You need lamp DRL. To decorate a room, small room, stop lamps less than 125 watts. In the great cellar need a more powerful. A lamp placed in a package or wrap in a rag, wear gloves, goggles, a hammer to carefully break the bulb without damaging her insides.

Caution is needed, as DRL contains mercury. Sealed tube remaining after the removal of the outer bulb is a quartz lamp. Then it needs to be connected to the throttle, then connect the incandescent lamp. Collect the quartz lamp can be based on any table lamp, a comfortable one with a pin that allows you to direct the flow of radiation. Ultraviolet rays formed a makeshift device that is harmful to the skin and the retina, a necessary condition: only use in the absence of people, animals, plants.

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Anastasia, 32 years:our family has two ultraviolet irradiator: open and closed. Used to use both. One quercuum the room, the second use with attachments. I bought the lamp because of problems with my health and the baby. The purpose of the purchase was to hurt less and we have achieved this. Kvartsevanie just saved us!

Sergei, 28 years:a Year ago I bought the device with nozzles to treat the child who went to kindergarten and hurts all the time. The cold began to pass much faster, there is nothing to compare, in efficiency quartz treatment no doubt. Somehow, he very much caught a cold, but with the lamp quickly went on the amendment.

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