Unpretentious flowers

House plants benefit not only as decorations to create comfort, they clean the air by absorbing harmful substances. Some require special care and frequent watering, a specific lighting and temperature. Frequently travel or work a lot of people prefer unpretentious beautiful flowers.

What are the most undemanding houseplants

Potted Spathiphyllum

Dark rooms, office, kitchen – places where special care needs to find a plant on the windowsill. Growing conditions of green spaces should be simple, not require much knowledge and effort. Undemanding house plants are so named from the fact that not require a lot. Such colors are suitable rare watering, dry air in the apartment, high and low temperature, not regularly fertilized soil. Requirements seem to be impossible? Unpretentious flowers and in actual reality, they are able to decorate the apartment and care for them just.

Blooming flowers

Flowers Kalanchoe

Plants for lazy people should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Nothing more attractive than a instance, able to bloom for a very long time, no. Even the size is not important – the stem height or width of the sheet, the main thing – a bright flower that pleases the eye owner. Unpretentious flowering houseplants can be included in the list of the most popular and in demand. Familiarize yourself with this list:

  • Kalanchoe. Flowers very many, small leaves almost completely obscured by them. To survive without irrigation for about a month. Bloom all year round, as in bright light or in a dark corner.
  • Hibiscus. Undemanding potted plants, caring for them is only to ensure good lighting and watering in the flowering period. Dry soil is becoming a common cause of separation of buds.
  • Fatsiya. Tolerates any conditions. Changes in temperature, shade, dry air is not terrible Fatsiyi. He has bright lush flowers, dense dark green leaves.
  • Clivia. Copious irrigation does not love can live even on the West side of the apartment. Begins to bloom in the winter, especially when you want warmth and bright colors. Without fertilizing and spraying.
  • Rodstvennik (Decembrist). Has large flowers of bright colouring (red, pink, Magenta, purple). The temperature drop is not afraid, as long absence of irrigation. Likes to stay in one place, the reshuffle is bad.
  • Karnoza (Wax ivy). Homemade unpretentious flowers of this variety do not require frequent or regular watering. Thanks to the ability to accumulate liquid, a plant for a long time quietly lives without water. Put it rarely, only if the pot becomes too small.
  • The Spathiphyllum. Beautiful flowering plant, requires a special approach. Very suitable for beginners who are just learning to handle undemanding potted flowers. Maybe a week without watering. Spathiphyllum complete without a bright light.

Shade-loving plants

White Orchid

Flowering plantings loved by many, but for some important that they have survived they are not very bright apartment. Calla, Fats, Cleve – universal types. Zamioculcas (dollar tree) and cactus do not belong to such, I prefer the sun shade. Choosing succulents (with large leaves collect moisture inside), it is necessary to pay attention to their preferences in lighting. Indoor plants for dark rooms, too, can be beautiful. To verify this, see the list below:

  • The Phalaenopsis Orchid. Not a fan of direct sunlight. A very beautiful plant with large flowers.
  • Kaleria (Colombian beauty). Prefers moderate watering, partial shade. Kaleria «sleeps» in the winter, at this time, put her in a dark closet.
  • Dracaena. Resembles a palm tree, grows from 60 cm to 3 m (depending on species). Feels good in the lit room, the shadow moves bearable. A lower temperature (10-12 degrees) moves normally, it is growing well.
  • Ficus. Shade-tolerant plant, able to create comfort in any room. Improves sleep, performance. Put the pot with the Ficus often in the nursery, study, office.
  • Philodendron. Unpretentious flowers for the house this kind of put in shade. Note: plants with solid leaves need less light than the variegated. Different species have different shape and length of the leaves, can be quite similar to its «relative».
  • Peperomiya. A great option in order to put it in the nursery. Kills bacteria, which is very useful for frequently ill with colds. Peperomiya is considered one of the most beautiful of shade-loving species.
  • Aloe. Incredibly useful acquisition to the house, able to endure any hardships. Sun, shade, heat and cold are transferred with firmness. Soil and irrigation can be varied, it really blossoms.
  • Begonia. There are many varieties of this plant, but they all share a love of partial shade and moderate watering.
  • Ivy. Beautiful basket jewelry, which often decorate the walls. Direct sunlight does not like, preferring partial shade and diffused light.
  • Monstera. Is one of the types of potted vines. Great lives in poor light conditions. Can grow up to 3-4 meters.

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