Tiles for kitchen apron

Most women are forced to spend in the kitchen a lot of time. After cooking, the hostess should remove the surrounding space, and I feel that this process took as little time as possible. Kitchen backsplash tiles – reliable protection of the walls from grease, splashes and stains. It is convenient, beautiful, useful.

Than a good backsplash tiles for kitchen

Design with apples

In addition, this kitchen design gives aesthetic pleasure, it also has the big practical value:

  • the tile has a high resistance to moisture;
  • the material is not afraid of detergents;
  • apron for kitchen perfectly withstands temperature changes;
  • easy to clean from grease;
  • has a good balance of quality and price.

Tiles for kitchen apron presented in a wide colour range. It is perfectly combined with other finishing materials that will allow you to create a harmonious interior design. However, the material has some disadvantages. In order to make beautiful apron, it is necessary to have a certain amount of knowledge and skills or to use the services of a professional. Behind the seams need special care, but if you want to dismantle the structure will have to exert much effort.

What could be a tile on an apron for the kitchen

A large number of materials of makes you wonder which one you should choose. The most common choices are tile and ceramics. Not as popular but just as good: glass, stone, mirror and even metal. Creative nature make the apron in the form of a mosaic, mural, laying out the whole picture. Looks very original without losing practicality.

Kitchen mosaic


Laid small elements, which allows to obtain a bold and rich image. Tile-mosaic for kitchen apron is made from metal, glass, stone, metal and mirror pieces. The coating has all the advantages listed above. The most affordable and practical household products, ceramic and glass mosaic.

An important caveat: tile has many seams that require the use of high quality grout such as epoxy. It is resistant to moisture, mold, temperature changes. The installation of a mosaic, especially if you want to finally get the whole picture, is a long and laborious process, so in the absence of skills of work with the material better turn to the master.


The pros of ceramic tiles for kitchen apron: strength, resistance to water, chemicals, temperature changes, fire safety. In such a working surface is easy to care for: after cooking, wipe the material with a damp sponge, and it will Shine with purity. Another obvious advantage is that ceramic tile (even light) dirt less visible than on plastic or glass. The apron will last you for years without losing its functionality and presentable appearance.

Styling predominantly used tiles with a size of 10×10, but there are elements of the 20×20, 20×30. Colours are very varied from standard colors (white, gray, beige, green, red) to more unusual shades (gradient, pearl). Optionally, you can make the tile copy machine, then the kitchen will delight a favorite image.


Kuhonniy, Kagel

Tiles on the kitchen apron is a decorative plate made of baked clay. Manufacturers represent wide color gamut of material and offer various effects. The texture there are the following types of tile for kitchen:

  • Matt does not glare, looks noble, more humble, but it is more difficult to care;
  • glossy, impressive and easy to care for, but in bright light can give a strong luster.

For the kitchen apron is best to use tiles 2 groups, which is an average of water absorption (4). Laying tile is not a very complex process, but the wall must be perfectly smooth and carefully prepared. To make it look neat, you need at least 10 cm to go for the furniture, bottom, top and sides.


The material has an attractive appearance and good performance, but this solution is embodied in life, much less others. Glass tile for kitchen apron has good mechanical strength, high wear resistance. Under normal conditions, to break it is almost impossible, but if that happens, the chance of injury is minimized. If you decide to arrange working area glass apron will get a very beautiful and original design.

The material takes very different shapes: rectangular, square, hexagonal, round. Special attention is given glass mosaic, with which the wizard create an outstanding composition. The tile surface can be fluted, smooth, glossy, matte. Manufacturers produce material that simulates marble, gold, granite, silver, etc.


Tile under a brick

This apron for the kitchen will appeal to fans of loft style. To make the tiles under a brick, not necessarily frantically flipping catalogs with various types of bricks. Today, manufacturers produce a lot of materials that mimic the desired texture. This is often done on ceramic tile. In this case, the apron will have all the advantages of ceramics and will satisfy your aesthetic preferences.

You can choose a realistic simulation of brick, where all visible chips, cracks. This material has a raised surface. The second option – glossy tile, stylized brick. If you want to add to the kitchen a touch of Provence, or country, choose a finish with the texture of natural stone. Modern kitchen decorate small narrow rectangles, which resemble small bricks.

Tile on the apron from the best manufacturers

Among the top manufacturers of tiles includes domestic and foreign factories. This suggests that you will be able to choose high quality material at different prices: relatively high budget. A decent review brands:

  • Spanish tile. This country is a leader in the production of ceramic tiles. Temperamental men are engaged in the production of the material since ancient times and over the years managed to prove their skills to perfection. On the lips of consumers often revolve brands Porcelanosa, Aparisi, Novoqres, APE Ceramika, Pamesa.
  • Italian. Combines ancient and modern motifs, distinctive design. Manufacturers often offer a tile for the kitchen, after the conclusion of which is virtually invisible seams. Classic examples produces Dom Ka, Esko, Piemme Diamond.
  • Russian. Manufacturers display an interesting collection of ceramic and porcelain tiles. The most unusual composition, colors and textures, you are sure to choose something original. Popular brands of Russia: Kerama Marazzi, La Favola, production «Uralkeramika».

The mosaic tiles

Where to buy and how much is kitchen backsplash tiles

Material you can buy at the hardware store or market. If you want to order branded products, go to the sites of the official representatives of the tile. The purchase can be made directly on the website or you will be given a list of points of sale. Approximate cost of materials:

  • Spanish: the average price of UAH 2000. for 1 m2 (there are samples and 80 p. and 5000 p.);
  • Italian ‒ R. 2500 (the cheapest option – 1400, the most expensive is 9000 g/ m2);
  • Russian ‒ 500 g. (the difference from 80 to 1900/m2);
  • Belarusian ‒ 900 p. (price range: 100-1800 g/ m2).

Buying a tile, take 10% of the estimated amount. It may happen that the material will break or fail when cutting. Not all stores accept the remains of the tiles back, keep this in mind. You will not be able to return the treatment, which is sold in square meters, except the samples, which are sold by the piece. Be sure to check the product upon purchase, if you see marriage, return it within 14 days.

Backsplash tiles for kitchen: photos

Tiles with the image of fruit

Bright tiles

White tiles for kitchen apron

Video: how to fit mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash

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