Thermos wide mouth for food

There are situations when the hot meal can not be carried out fully. Such options include not urgent work or on a trip where it is impossible to carry out heating. But to eat every day, but because there is a way to take food with them. To maintain its quality, use a thermos with a wide throat for food.

What is a food thermos with a wide throat

Food thermos

Thermos called a special metal or glass vessel with walls made of several layers, which helps to maintain the temperature put in there food or drink. To maintain the temperature of liquids, suitable narrow tool, but the soup should purchase a thermos with a wide throat for food. Main dishes are another option of buying containers.

How to choose a thermos for food

Capacity for the first course

Choosing a thermos with a wide throat for food, decide what kinds of food you buy it. If it is homemade first dishes (soups, broths), it is best to choose a simple model, and if it is a main dishes (meat, fish, or side dishes, salads), then you should buy the option with the containers. There are small models – bought children’s thermos for food, you can separate your food from the meals of the child.

Right to find a thermos with a wide throat for food will help the following rules:

  • Wide neck facilitates rapid cooling of the water, but a large amount smooths out this shortcoming. Choose a wide-mouthed instrument with large capacity flasks.
  • When buying appliance learn the smell – it should not be felt at all, or to be barely noticeable. The sharp smell will not disappear, but will appear in the food and cause discomfort.
  • Tube and cap must be securely twist to prevent spilling the contents. Verify integrity of the device to serve you for a long time.
  • Before using, pour inside a bit of hot water or tea and after 10 minutes check the temperature of the body. If it is hot is not the best device.
  • So you are not disappointed, the claims of manufacturers about maintaining temperatures, always fill the flask to the top, because there the air can cause rapid cooling.
  • For children it is better to choose small amounts – up to 300 ml, so they are easy to carry with you on trips or to take to training.
  • The optimal choice for an adult will be the volume of 700-1000 ml

A review of the popular manufacturers

Model Expedition

Quality goods offered by the following companies:

  1. «Arctic» – made their products of stainless steel, offer a variety of models: dual thermal container for food, classic, thermo. In their range you can find devices of various sizes from 350 up to 3500 ml a Wide variety of options like simple workers and experienced traveler.
  2. Stanley manufactures thermopaste of steel or toughened glass. In the assortment you can find classic model, wide-necked thermos containers for food. The brand positions itself as a helper for travelers, so we offer thermo have the appropriate camouflage appearance and wide application.
  3. «Thermos» is in his range you can find different models from classics to innovations. Applicable materials – stainless steel, plastic, capacity 0.5 – 1.5 liters. The brand features bright cheerful colors that will appeal to children.

Where to buy and how much are thermoses for soup and the second

Thermo containers with a wide mouth are sold in supermarkets, tourist departments, specialized boutiques and Internet stores. The cost for soup, the device starts from 650 to 2500 rubles. A device designed for storage of dishes, will cost 2 to 3 thousand rubles. Bag thermos for food container has a price of 3 to 4 thousand rubles. Children’s versions can be bought for 500-700 rubles.

Customer reviews

Andrew, 27 years

Purchased thermos «Arctic» with a wide throat for travel. Suits me great professional volume, time, temperature retention, qualitative and reliable materials. I use it for a long time, but it has not lost its functionality. Will grow in containers to eat well away from civilization.

Anna, 28 years

My job is far away from power outlets, so to have a full dinner does not work. Warm the food our body needs for proper existence. I bought a glass flask, which go to work and eat normally. Warm soup, main dish, side dish – all perfectly keeps the temperature. Colleagues, looking at me, also bought for myself on the device.

Michael, 45 years

I work as a trucker, so I don’t always have the ability to eat normally. Thermo for food have become my salvation – they retain heat for a long time, reliable in use, compact. My stomach says thanks to them for hot meals. With these devices you can take soup, meat or fish and garnish.

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