The icons on clothes how to wash

Keep the product in its original form is important to many people, especially when it comes to your favorite clothes. To make it simple enough, just careful handling and proper care of the thing that depends on the material, the presence of decorative elements. Help in choosing the right care can icons on clothing mean how to wash, to iron it. Before starting work it is important to carefully read the notations on the label, and denotes a particular image, described in detail below.

Denote modes of Laundry

Thanks to the symbols on the labels easy to know exactly about the rules of washing particular products. To ensure the long life of the garment and attractive appearance, it is important to follow the rules of care for her. Before you follow the marking, you must realize one thing – some manufacturers used to refer to the same actions of different characters as a rule, it concerns temperature.

In order to easily understand the icons on the clothes, have to learn classical notation symbols – this will allow you to accurately take care of things. Before washing you should pay attention to the label and based on the picture icons to select the method of cleaning, temperature, and tools that can be applied to specific sets. View the video, you will learn what signs you should pay attention:

The icons indicate the modes for washing:

  • The numbers on the label indicate the maximum allowable washing temperature.
  • The presence of horizontal lines on the bottom of the sign indicates the need to apply a delicate mode and pressing this kind of underwear is recommended to manually.
  • Drawn two horizontal lines indicate the need to use sensitive types of washing. With such a sign, it is important to follow a few rules: loading of the machine should be a maximum 1/3 of the maximum allowable amount; the strength of the mechanical stress of the machine should be as low as possible. From the extraction should be abandoned (you need to lightly shake the product) or with the utmost care to perform this procedure manually.

The icons on arikah clothing

Signs for the Laundry in the washing machine

It is especially important to follow the rules of washing things in the washing machine, to after the procedure, the product retained its original appearance, not the village, not shed and has not lost its appeal. The picture below shows common signs, consider the value of each of them:

  1. Fast washing clothes in the washing machine.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to put the product to your wash in the machine.
  3. It is not recommended to use the washing machine.
  4. It is recommended to use a gentle mode.
  5. You can wash with the maximum t 30 °C.
  6. The symbol for delicate wash.
  7. Clothing should be washed by hand.
  8. Can be used boiling.
  9. Sign denoting that wash the product you need at t to 50 degrees.
  10. T be washed at up to 60 °C.
  11. Washing colored clothes in the washing machine with water temperature not above 40 degrees.
  12. To wash and when t is 30 degrees.
  13. Do not use the spin cycle.

Icons machine washable

Badges Ironing

Ironing allows you to flatten the creases formed after washing or long stay stuff in the closet. In order not to damage the thing, you need to set the iron at a predetermined temperature or mode, and Ironing some things really ought to refrain to spoil them. The designation of icons on the clothes (in the picture below):

  1. Allowed Ironing things.
  2. It is possible to press things with the highest temperature of 200 degrees (the 3 dots on the iron).
  3. Maximum iron temperature of 140 °C.
  4. Allowed to iron with the temperature of 150 degrees (refers to fabrics such as silk, wool, polyester).
  5. Ironing may be performed at a temperature not exceeding 110 degrees (nylon, nylon, viscose). If such a badge is prohibited to use steam, as this may damage the fabric.
  6. It is forbidden to stroke.
  7. To steam the thing prohibited.

Symbols on labels and in the room, Ironing service

Decoding symbols of cleaning services

To carry out the correct cleaning items, you must correctly unscramble the letters placed on the label:

  • «P» – Perchloroethylene, perchloroethylene.
  • F – Flammable material, easily flammable.
  • «A» is Any, possible any form of cleaning.
  • «W» – Wet, allowed only wet cleaning.

Icons with cleaning and garment care

Signs of dry cleaning of linen

Before sending the product to a dry cleaning (or if you have the opportunity to carry out the procedure), you need to know refer to characters on clothing.

  1. The badge is extremely rare and means that can be held clean by any means.
  2. Permitted use of funds that are acceptable for the mode «P».
  3. Dry cleaning with the use of hydrocarbons.
  4. Use a delicate dry cleaning.
  5. Refers to the sign «F». Cleaning can be with the use of hydrocarbon or three pluriformity.
  6. Permitted dry cleaning.
  7. The use of dry cleaning is prohibited.

Designations for dry care

Signs of wet cleaning

In wet cleaning, it is important to know and understand such signs:

  1. The usual allowed Aqua-cleaning products.
  2. Wet cleaning is gentle.
  3. The possible use of particularly sensitive wet cleansing.
  4. Banned Aqua-cleaning clothes.

Symbols for wet nursing

The symbols indicate bleaching

In some cases, in order to give the original word linen, you need whitening. However, not all things are possible to subject to this treatment. The icons on the clothes, which are related to bleaching, and their meaning:

  1. Can be performed the whitening procedure.
  2. It is forbidden to whiten things. The sign also prohibits the use of chlorinated solvents.
  3. Maybe whitening products, allowed the use of chemicals containing chlorine. To wash is in cold water, and to start the procedure is permissible after complete dissolution of the powder.
  4. To bleach linen is acceptable, but the means in which no chlorine.
  5. Possible things of oxygen-containing bleaching agents.

The symbols for the bleaching things

Table marking of clothing symbols for care

Examining the standard icons on the clothes, which denote the rules of care, it is possible to extend the life and maintain the original appearance. On labels and the labels usually are symbols that help to choose the correct mode of washing, Ironing, to determine which method can be carried out cleaning things, and to establish whether it is possible to carry out bleaching. The table below shows all the signs that will be needed in the care of the linen.

Table icons – how to wash things

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