The curtains on the balcony

A balcony in a modern apartment no longer serves as a space for unnecessary things. From the loggia you can design a full room, create an interior unique. An important element of decoration are the curtains and tulle. They create a cozy atmosphere and protect from excessive direct sunlight on hot days.

How to choose curtains for balcony

the balcony curtains

In selecting suitable curtains for the balcony or loggia, pay attention to a few parameters:

  • Color. If you need to be protected from the sun choose dark. To visually increase the area of suitable light.
  • Density. The thicker the fabric, the less light they passed.
  • Functionality. Rate which ever is more convenient for you to operate, how the materials fit the required interior balcony.


The usual for us the curtains of cloth or knitted will fit well into the interior of the balcony or loggia. They are easy to pick up, because the market offers a variety of colors and textures. The undeniable advantage of classic curtains is that they do not require complex care. If the surface of the cloth became dirty, simply remove the curtains and wash it. Fabric curtains is not heated in the heat, have a good throughput of air. So the decor is not concealed space, choose length as for the kitchen, so it was closed just the window.

Vertical or horizontal blinds

Not to sacrifice space in favor of salvation from the sun, hang the blinds on the balcony. Today they are known 2 types:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

Many apartment owners the question arises, what blinds to the balcony. If the room is small, choose horizontal – they are attached to each side of the window. In addition, with their help, it is very convenient to regulate the flow of light: if I want to add quite a bit of lighting, just turn the lever – the sun will penetrate through the gaps between the plates, and when it is necessary to increase the flow of light, pull the rope, the blind will rise up. A decorative element can be a plastic or aluminum to take care of the design is easy to wipe the plate.

Shutters on the loggia can be hung and vertical. Their plates can be made of a fabric, give comfort, and the veins will be made of plastic. Such structures are attached to the window, creating the effect of a classic curtain. They, like horizontal can apply light with different degrees of strength. Vertical blinds are easy to wash, since their plates are wider. They are less polluted compared to other species (due to the vertical position) on these blinds gets less dust.



This kind of curtains is very similar to horizontal blinds, but made of fabric. In addition, they do not consist of separate plates, and from the folds of the whole fabric. Pleated you can pick up a variety of shades for any decor. An important advantage of curtains is their ability to take the form of any window, including triangular. Fabric for curtains of this type is treated with a special solution against dust, so they are less polluted.

Roman blinds

In the lowered Roman blinds are a one-piece flat canvas, while raising are grouped in an accordion. From the whole range you can choose the curtains of different textures, densities and colors. Each curtain closes one window sash, so the interior of the balcony or loggia is very convenient to create unusual combinations. They are suitable for window openings of any shape, so if the design is rounded or beveled corners, Roman blinds will be appropriate.


Nice Japanese curtains for window with a balcony door or French Windows. Their design is reminiscent of the Cabinet doors is: they parted to the side. Due to the fact that they consist of stretched fabric, you can create an interesting modern design interior of living room and balcony. Japanese curtains look impressive and relevant to the large Windows to the floor, not consume much space.



If you need to completely block the room from the penetration of sunlight, choose a blinds to the balcony. The peculiarity of the design is wound on the roller fabric. Trucks are easy to clean, just wipe them with a damp rag or paper towel. Choosing the curtains on the loggia or hall of a large area, and small balcony, stop the attention on roll.

Where to buy and how much it cost

To buy blinds or curtains to the balcony can be in specialized stores in the Internet or in the market. The price is formed depending on design of air curtains, material, place of purchase:

  • Vertical blinds in the store can be bought at a price from 250 rubles per square meter.
  • The horizontal will have to pay more – they cost an average of 700 rubles. Similar in price to the blinds is a classic curtain.
  • The cost of roller, pleated or Roman blinds simple models on average – from 3000 rubles.

Methods of attachment of curtains to the eaves

Different types of curtains to the balcony will require appropriate mounts:

  • Classic can be hung with string, hooks or rings. The method of fixing depends on the type of cornice.
  • Roman and trucks are mounted using double-sided tape, Velcro or screws. The design must be placed on the frame, ceiling or glass.
  • Blinds mounted on a special mount on which to install trims-base. Holding the parts screwed screws to the frame of the window.
  • Japanese curtains must be installed by the professionals using the rail ledge, which will ensure the functioning of the sliding mechanism.
  • Pleated design fix screws. If drilling is not desirable, use special brackets.


How to sew curtains on the balcony with his hands

Themselves are very comfortable to make roller shades, to do this, take materials:

  • fabric;
  • blocks of wood – 2 PCs.;
  • screws-hooks – 3 PCs.;
  • annular screws – 5 PCs.;
  • textile lace;
  • scissors;
  • centimeter;
  • sewing supplies.

Method of fabrication:

  1. Using the centimeter oberate sizes window sash. Mark on the canvas of the obtained value. Add to a length of 10 cm, width 3 cm on each side. Cut 2 of these pieces.
  2. Strips of fabric attach to each other inside out. Sew them on the top and sides, get pouch.
  3. Remove the cloth and dosate bottom. Received the cloth iron.
  4. Place the fabric face down, measure from the top and bottom edges by 5 cm Wrap the bars, which should be equal in length to the width of the window sash, stitch the fabric along the marks.
  5. Stepping back from the edge of the upper end of the bar about 10 cm, install the 2 ring screws, then a couple more of the front end and another one, departing 5 cm from the right to the center.
  6. Prepare 2 cord: the first 3 times the length of the curtains, the size of the second add still half the size of the curtains in length.
  7. The resulting cords attach to the upper rings through the outer surface of the curtains on the front, insert in the ring that are ahead. Through the lateral screw drag one rope and tie the second.
  8. Screw the hooks into the upper part of the window frame that they were located in proportion to the back rings on the strap. The third screw to fasten from either side of the frame, he will hold the rope when the curtains are in a collapsed state.

Video: how to close the Windows to the balcony from the sun

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