The construction of houses on the parent capital

To house for the maternity capital is real, but how to implement it? Build their own homes with funds from the certificate can now be done independently, without contractors. Learn how to use the maternity capital to build a house on their own, to do so in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

How to receive maternity capital

maternity capital

The amount of money to build a house on the maternity capital in 2016 – 453026 rubles. To obtain this amount, the family needs to follow some rules:

1. State support can get a person who has the right, for example:

• man, if he is the only adoptive parent of the 2nd child and subsequent;

• the woman who single-handedly gave birth to or adopted a 2nd child and subsequent;

• the father or adoptive parent who has adopted the right woman, the reasons for his termination (termination of parental rights, death);

• the child, if the right government support, for some reason, discontinued the mother and father.

2. The man who decided to build a house on the parent capital, is a citizen of the Russian Federation at the moment of birth of the child. Children should receive the status of a Russian citizen at birth or adoption. Sometimes the rule is not necessary, for example, this occurs when the right compensation goes to the father.

3. Program to support citizens to build houses on the parent capital operates only in the period from 01.01.2007 to 31.12.2016. Parents of children adopted or born during this period, receive financial support from the state.

4. It requires proper clearance compensation in accordance with the law, with the necessary list of documents.

You can use the maternity capital for the construction of the house

To parents or adoptive compensation of the state is possible, but how realistic is the construction of the house under the parent capital? When the child, whose birth will provide the financial capital, will soon be or already 3 years, then construction can begin. First you need the rules will be new development and registration of necessary documents.


How to build a house on the maternity capital

Find out how to act when building a new residential facility for families of their own. The correct sequence is this:

  1. Buy / rent / make the right of inheritance of the land plot under construction. Sale of land is not the improvement of conditions of housing, so you need to buy the «bare» land, which requires improvement in accordance with the law.
  2. Decide who will build the house, completion or questioning. There are two options: to coordinate the process or to enter into a contract with the contractor.
  3. Provide construction companies the list of required documents.
  4. Apply to the Pension Fund within one month to accept or refuse.
  5. If the Pension Fund has endorsed the statement – transferred money to your account or the contract construction organizations.
  6. Proceed to the construction of the dwelling.

What documents should I submit in 2016

The list of necessary documents for obtaining state support:

  1. A copy of the building permit.
  2. A copy of the contract with the contractor.
  3. The commitment, which reaffirms the agreement for the issue of housing as a common property of all members of the family after the end of the construction process.
  4. A copy of the document confirming that you are the owner of the land plot allocated for construction.


Igor, 28 years

In new house you need to invest a lot of money, so we decided to use the matkapital for building his family home. To exercise such right, has issued a documentary part, waited about a month agreement, and all expenses plus the building itself laid on the contractors. It is easier to guide the process in the right direction.

Ekaterina, 36 years old

Our family lived at the husband’s parents, and after the birth of the 2nd child we started thinking about moving to another city to work there. Decided that the aid should be spent on the construction of their own private home. Loan or mortgage savings for us would be daunting, therefore all funds for the construction of our house on the maternity capital invested in the business.

Irma, age 31

A loan to buy a house when you have two children, – a thing impossible. So as soon as the child is supposed to be in place for three years, we got use of matkapital to pay for construction. The sale of the old property plus the assistance of the state, and we were able to translate into cash. Spent the money to build a new home for our family. Build it yourself.

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