Stretch ceiling with his hands

Today, this element of the interior as suspended ceiling, is no surprise. Most apartments are increasingly the owners install this design, which until recently was considered a luxury. Due to the wide spread installation of suspended ceilings can be done independently. The stages of this process are presented below.

Phased installation of suspended ceilings

Stretch steles

Before you begin installation of tensile structures with their own hands, it is necessary to properly prepare the surface of the old coating and the room itself. This stage is carried out according to the following technology:

  1. Everything crumbles and falls off, eliminate.
  2. Try to clear the room of furniture.
  3. If all the furniture were unable to remove, slide it closer to the center to gain access to the walls. Then cover everything with plastic.
  4. During repairs, the existing suspended ceiling, for example, cuts or punctures, switch off the power.

After preparation proceed directly to the installation with your own hands. This process involves several key steps:

  1. Preparation of all materials and tools.
  2. Taking measurements with the ceiling surface.
  3. Installation of the fixing profile on the perimeter walls.
  4. Tab stands for lighting.
  5. The tension of the fabric, which may be film or cloth. The latter is often seamless.
  6. Installation of reinforcing rings.
  7. Installation of fixtures or led light for ceilings.

What equipment and tools you are installing suspended ceilings

Repairmen at work

To install the stretch ceiling with his hands at each stage need special tools. In addition, installation best carried out with the assistants, because painting need to be fixed in several corners. A set of special tools depends on the type of construction. It can be single or duplex, as well as fabric or film.

Multilevel ceilings

If you decide to carry out installation of suspended ceilings on your own, then for tiered option you will need tools from the following list:

  1. Laser level and tape measure. The first tool for suspended ceilings are necessary to implement the layout of individual levels for further installation of the frames. Laser tape measure helps to make precise measurements.
  2. Manual hole punch. You need to punch holes in the aluminum fasteners, that is the baguettes.
  3. Screwdriver, hammer and drill. They are all in varying degrees will be needed for installation of the fixing profile.
  4. A metal detector. This tool is needed to determine the presence in the walls of the ventilation elements, electrical wiring or other metal profiles.
  5. Heat gun. If some levels of ceiling surface to be mounted of PVC, warm up the room with this device.

In addition to these basic tools, the list could include the following:

  • at least 2 stairs;
  • a set of spatulas for the filling of the paintings in the baguettes;
  • hammer;
  • stationery knife;
  • folding protractor – goniometer;
  • spring clamps – «crocodiles»;
  • screwdriver;
  • ballerina for cutting round holes in the plastic.

Fabric ceilings

For this kind of tension structures, you will also need a plastic wedge mount. From leaf tissue no harpoons, so it is fixed with clips. Still may need the following tools:

  • the stapler;
  • the painting knife and scissors;
  • stuslo required for cutting moldings at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • wooden blocks for the entire perimeter of the room.

How install suspended ceilings

Installation of stretch ceiling

The whole installation of stretch ceiling with his hands includes several stages. If each of you stick to the recommendations, you will soon be able to enjoy the updated interior. When all the materials and tools at hand, and the room relieved from the furniture – it’s time to begin carrying out the instructions on how to do the suspended ceiling.

The installation of ceilings at the stage of measurement

First of all should correctly make all measurements of the ceiling. This complex phase is dependent on all subsequent work. It is necessary to perform:

  1. On a clean sheet to transfer the measurements on the perimeter of the ceiling and all diagonals. Depending on this, choose the dimensions of the ceiling.
  2. With the help of laser level or hidrorema to determine the lowest corner in the room.
  3. From the found point to withdraw a few cm down, which is necessary for the further installation of recessed luminaires.
  4. By means of a cord working around the perimeter walls to pave the horizontal line for the mounting profiles.

How to install the mounting profile on the ceiling with his hands

After measuring, you can begin installing the moldings, that is, fasteners that will keep the canvas stretched ceiling. This step uses dowels and screws with pressible. Spacing of fasteners not recommended for more than 7-8 see where there are joints and corners, the distance should be 1.5-2 cm.. Corner joining profile is made at an angle of 45 degrees. The edges make using the miter box.

Lighting accessories for suspended ceiling

If you are installing a suspended ceiling with his hands, you will have to deal with the mounting fixtures. Stand they need to do immediately after fixing baguettes. Using the same screws and dowels to rough ceiling attach these items. One element of the stand is a ring. Its diameter coincides with the landing ring of the lamp. The second element is a guide. After the installation of these parts to each lamp install cable.

As stretched ceilings

The lighting in the kitchen

The next stage is the immediate stretch fabric. This process depends on the type of material used for the ceiling. If it is PVC film, the installation of blade with your hands is carried out as follows:

  1. The room is previously subjected to heat to 40-50 degrees with a heat gun.
  2. Then in the room will wear a wrap, spread it out, trying not to damage of the surrounding objects.
  3. Using special clamps, fixing the fabric first in one corner that is closest to the radiator. Then fix on the diagonal, and then other corners.
  4. Hung film directed stream of air from a heat gun to heat up to 70-80 degrees.
  5. Then, using a special spatula in the corners, and then along the walls fill the canvas in baguettes, while simultaneously removing the clamps.
  6. In the profile fix the decorated rubber insert or glue the foam baguette.

Fabric stretch ceiling with his hands is set slightly differently. To secure it without bias, you need at least two people. Around the perimeter of the wall mounted wooden beadings and the fabric will be attached. These elements are coated with glue and applied to him a cloth. Then, using Lasta cloth pressed to the bar and fix with a stapler. The last step cut off the superfluous part of the canvas.

The end of the installation

The final installation of the tension ceilings

If you pulled the cloth until perfectly smooth state, we can proceed to the final stage. You need to install lighting or a chandelier. On a ceiling surface place for their mounting be equipped with a reinforcement ring. Its thickness is about 4 mm. Given this diameter, tensile structures, make the holes for the lights and stands equalize the level of the ceiling. The last step is removed all the wires and connect them to the devices. It remains only to adjust the lights under the level stretched canvas and twist the bulb.

Video: how attached a suspended ceiling


Alexander, 35 years:a Stretch design my wife liked its unusual for apartments. We designed not only a bedroom with a living room, and bath. All installation is done according to the tutorials on the Internet. One tip: if in the living room to pull the fabric need to up the wallpapering in the bathroom installation starts after the finish of the wall tiles.

Vladimir, 29 years:I Have my own cafe, and the design I developed independently. My attention was drawn to a stretch ceiling designs from PVC. They are not very dirty, wash them very easily, and this is important for rooms where a lot of people. For the installation I turned to the familiar builders, but in the installation and helped himself. Turned out very nicely.

Tatiana, 43 years:Set the house suspended ceiling design. They attracted us by saying that, if you suddenly flood the neighbors, this is easily solved with a small puncture and drainage. Design mounts quickly and dirt in the process there was no. More time was spent on cutting holes for the fixtures – in this case, you need to be especially careful.

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