Stove for baths with water tank

Bath is a healthy and wholesome form of recreation with family and friends. Especially nice to visit a comfortable steam room, where a well arranged system of water supply and heating. Nowadays there are a large variety of modifications of the furnaces and heated holding tanks. The most important thing before buying is to decide on the required design.

The types of sauna stoves


Regardless of material of manufacture of furnace (metal or brick), when buying products, you should pay attention to another important detail to consider is the modification of the tank. This element of the heater is required to keep the hot water was always, after all, few people imagine the steam room without a shower. Furnaces for baths with tank for water producers in four types:

  1. Metal stove for baths with a built-in tank.
  2. The heater with hinged container.
  3. Products with a remote reservoir.
  4. Heaters samovar type.

The furnace in the bath

Built-in capacity to heat water appeared first. These iron structures (often stainless steel) compact, but not practical. The first disadvantage is that it should not be kept empty, is in danger of overheating of the boiler. Water boiling inside the tank is the source of wet steam, that baths are not suitable. In the end, it is necessary to follow the fluid to drain hot and pour cold. Furnace for a bath with a built-in water tank – not the best choice.

The design of the heater and attached tank popular due to the fact that the tank is in the steam room and water is heated using hot air. The principle of operation of the unit similar to the built-in models. With one end of the furnace body, where the brick is placed, hinged tank, and heating occurs naturally. The obvious advantage of this design is the ability to withdraw capacity when there is no special needs.

Oven for a bath with a water tank (external) is very practical. Capacity can be placed anywhere – in another room (shower) or on the street. Hanging tank separately connects with the heat exchanger inside of the heater, and thereby heats the water. Leading manufacturers of bathroom heaters provide large variety of such structures. The principle of operation of the remote device is simple – according to the laws of physics (if you place the tank above the heater), cool water will flow into the heat exchanger, and the boiling water to rise back into the tank.

If the bathing room is used every day and many times, the perfect tank for a bath of stainless steel pipe. The design of the «samovar placed directly above the stove on the chimney, which passes through the tank. The water is heated by the outgoing hot gases, capable of achieving temperatures up to 500 degrees, which allows you to use warm water even after cooling of the heater.

How to choose bath furnace with a water tank

Stove for baths with water tank

Buying a sauna heater, already picking up the water tank in the bath, you should pay special attention to other details:

  1. The capacity of the furnace. This index is calculated based on the volume of the steam room. Manufacturers expect the ratio equating 1 cubic meter up to one kilowatt of power. For example, for room size of 10 m3 sauna stove with water tank with a capacity of 10 kW.
  2. Type of thermal energy. By heating the heaters are divided into wood-burning, gas and combined. To choose a heater for these parameters is required, based on personal preferences. Combined models are popular because they already have a gas burner, but if you cannot connect to communications temporarily used firewood.

A review of popular models

Tungus Termofor

On the market sauna stoves manufacturers present their heater a wide range of models, from simple units to complex heating systems. They differ in functionality, configuration, appearance. Here are a few popular models that create the leading domestic and foreign companies:

  1. Tunguska (termofor) model from a leading Russian manufacturer of bath furnace with years of experience. Has the ability to quickly heat a room with dimensions of 7 to 12 square meters, has a stylish design and attractive price.
  2. 20 PK VV (Helo) – stove stainless steel from the Finnish manufacturer with an integrated tank. Has several useful features: the thicker the top the furnace (to improve air exhaust), the reduced temperature of the flue gas (to reduce the fire hazard distance).
  3. Sugar (Teplodar) – equipment is still one of the largest domestic companies for the production of stoves. The heater is divided into two pocket that allows you to rapidly produce heat in a short time. In dry air the unit heats the room (5-10 m) to 110 degrees.
  4. Mirva ES (Symbol). This model furnace with a remote reservoir from the Finnish company is perfect for small saunas. Distinguishing features: quick heating of space, easy to operate, convenient burner with protective screen.

Where to buy and how much for stove for baths with tank

Ready to buy a stove for baths with water tank you can in the home appliance stores, offices, manufacturers or order via the Internet. The latter method is good because the heater probably from the comfort of your sofa. Ordering through online shops will be helpful for those who do not live in large cities (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Rostov) and does not have the ability to visit offices of the companies-manufacturers. Check out approximate prices for stoves in the table below.

Firm The method of placing the tank Price, RUB.
Termofor On the tube 17000
Helo Built-in 22000
Teplodar Hinged 13000
Symbol Remote 31000

Video: how to make bath furnace with his own hands

If you want to understand how to build the stove on their own, follow the advice of experienced professionals. View videos with step by step instructions that will help you to make the sauna stove of different materials. Properly constructed a homemade stove will delight family members and guests, because the Russian bath is a place to forget the worries of everyday work, or just relax with loved ones.



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