Sliding door for wardrobe

Even a small space can be found practical application. Handy invention – a sliding door – has one significant advantage. Functionality is not at the expense of aesthetics when saving square meters will wrap in advantage: merge organically with the design of interior doors to dressing room.

Doors to the dressing room and the other sliding design

Doors to the dressing room

To afford to make even small-size dressing the most convenient can only open these system. On the appearance of the door to the dressing room is affected by the choice of material, the presence of decorative inserts (mirror or stained glass), but the most important opening principle. When large closets suitable for swing doors or Roto, then for small the following types:

  • The accordion is a design consisting of a number of narrow panels. Compactness in the Assembly is a major plus, but outwardly they seem to be fragile.
  • Door coupe for a dressing room – the classic version. Sliding canvas on the roller carriage slides along the guide, and the advantage of this type of construction is considered to be almost silent operation.
  • Pencil case – sliding doors for a wardrobe for maximum economy of space. The canvas system goes inside the wall, on which is fixed the tape.
  • Techno is a type of sliding design, when the guide strut is attached only at the top and at the bottom is free space without guides.

How to choose doors for a dressing room

Dressing room with sliding design

When the apartment has space for closet, then to the fore a reasonable arrangement of the space. The location of shelves, drawers, pantograph rods is the next step, but first you need to determine the type of door. Which sliding door to wardrobe fit certain criteria better than others, can take up less space? Some of the nuances will allow you to determine the purchase:

  1. How to optimally use available space of the room, where there will be dressing room? If both are small, you should choose sliding door for dressing in the type of «accordion».
  2. The color scheme of the design of the room will affect the choice of material, decoration.
  3. The canvas designs can be wood, glass, mirrored, or for the production of interior partitions select MDF, plastic. The last two budget option, but the mirror and glass paintings help to visually expand the space.
  4. Significant drawbacks of such designs is weak isolation, fragility, exposed lower part that is possible to inadvertently stumble.

Mechanism of sliding doors

To free space to make it useful, you will need to select and install the right sliding system. Her flawless performance, convenient opening of leaf, the optimal use of the doorway will provide a mechanism. The latter can be of various types, among them the most popular are the following:

  • With the upper sliding system (without track system). Is a non-threshold suspension mechanism, which features simple installation.
  • Roller is the most reliable system which consists of upper and lower guiding element, the rollers with clips. The sliding doors clearly embody the principle of operation of such a mechanism, which has only one drawback is the clogging of the bottom bracket.
  • Telescopic – the original system, when several paintings of the United special hooks, synchronously moving away in one direction.

The wardrobe in the bedroom

The sliding doors from the best manufacturers

The quality of manufacture and the further operation directly associated with the manufacturer’s name. Properly fitted sliding elements of the system affect the performance. Because certain companies have different approaches to the development of such structures, and the end result is everyone is not the same:

  • Door coupe of the German company Raumplus made on the basis of durable aluminum profile. Products manufacturer from Germany is suitable for large openings, and the cost of the hotel door coupe belong to high price range.
  • Komandor (Poland, Canada) is a quality sliding door economy class. Guides made of aluminium or steel coated with corrosion and rollers with antilocalization hook provide preference to products of the joint venture.
  • Under Chinese trademark Rolla are available door coupe, which are considered as analogous to the products of the German company Braun, but sold at a more reasonable price.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Sliding door to wardrobe

Buy sliding doors for wardrobe can be in building hypermarkets, manufacturers or their representatives, to order through the online store. A consideration of the place of purchase will not so much affect the final cost of the product, the size of the canvas, decoration, guides, accessories. Buy door-coupe will get from the manufacturer and the price range for single top sliding system made of chipboard is from 5 to 17 500 400 rubles.

How to install a sliding door in the dressing room

Some types of sliding doors easy installation, so you can be self-Assembly. The only exceptions are models on the principle of «case» or «Roto», and others will be able to install, with a little effort and having at hand a drill, hacksaw, tape measure, screwdriver. A consistent pattern of action looks like this:

  1. To determine the location of the guides.
  2. To fix the first lower guide element (if there is one design), and then the top.
  3. Attach the rollers to the door frame.
  4. Gently insert the blade or attach it to the top of the bar, and then to the bottom.

Video: the doors of the wardrobe with his hands


Andrew, 34 years:When I finished the repair, it would save more space. A niche in the room turned into a dressing room, taking the finished design with glass frosted leaf from the top mount. I can only say that this is the best alternative to build a wardrobe. With reasonable planning there is a place for many things.

Marina, 39 years:Established doors from particle Board, wardrobe and of how it was possible to compactly arrange the shelves, canopies beneath the ceiling and the baskets could not have been happier. You come in and everything is at hand in one place, for me is a big plus. But in the bottom rail collects dust that can be frustrating, so my advice is to promptly clean it with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Boris, 42 years:the Installation of the sliding system was made by the firm that made the order. But when he accidentally damaged the rollers, had to take up instruments. Took some cheap «harmonica», so to find a replacement for the damaged element was not difficult. After replacement everything works as before, so the failure was not inexpensive.

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