Roller blinds Zebra

A hit in the design of window openings lately have blinds. Particularly successful are models that regulate the amount of light entering the room. Not only do they protect the room from heat and excessive light, but also create a unique interior.

What are roller blinds day-night

Design day-night

Trucks day and night represent the structure that controls light flow through two types of fabric – opaque and transparent. When you need the room a bit to limit the amount of light, horizontal fabric strips are shifted. If you need to darken the room, with the help of a special mechanism, you can configure only the coincidence of dense bands. When you need maximum illumination, the combination of transparent tissue. Sales are a huge number of blinds Zebra in different color shades, equipped with various mechanisms.

Classification by type of movement roll

Roller blinds on the Windows are classified according to the mechanism type and the availability of guides. Adjustment is also carried out in several ways. The main element chain cord located on either side of the blade. With it, the curtains can be locked at any height – you just have to pull the string and stop where you want. Also fabric blinds day night differ in the presence of an open or cassette mechanism.

With the open mechanism

When the fabric is evenly wound on the shaft, protected by a case is an open system roller blinds Zebra. The shaft itself to the window metal structure is mounted with special mounting parts. Fabric stripes on the window or on the flap lie flat, due to the extra mass of the bar, which is located at the bottom of the fabric. An open system is easier to repair and operate.

With a cassette mechanism

In a closed system, in addition to the basic components, used box, which hides all the mechanical components. Roller blinds on Windows, hidden in a cassette, have a more aesthetic appearance. Moreover, the protective box captures the entire system, preventing accidental deformation. Fabric strips do not SAG, therefore, can last much longer. Cassette mechanism is considered more practical and safer.

In the presence of guides

Purple blinds

Depending on the modifications fabric blinds, they are different types of attachment. In the open system to mount the roller Zebra blinds on Windows with screws, using rails, mounting tape or mounts-hangers. In the closed box mechanism is present, which is tightly installed on the profile, so the fabric eliminates the appearance of gaps and gaps.

System MINI

The most convenient and simple option of Zebra blinds, which does not occupy much space and does not disturb the proportions of the window. The mini system is mounted on the plastic part of the window sashes due to the brackets, so more convenient for small window openings. Shaft is used with the smallest diameter (10 mm), facilitating the entire design and each canvas is a separate mechanism for casement Windows.

The system UNI

Fabric blinds day-night, produced by technology of UNI, different from the existence of a system of MINI boxes, at the same time plays the role of the cornice. When installing relistor according to this principle are installed side rails that create the most aesthetic appearance of the textiles. The advantage of the modification of the UNI is that the elements do not come on the glass, so it can be used for Windows of various sizes.

How to choose

Shutters in the office

Finished roller blinds Zebra universal and suitable for both office and home use. You need to choose:

  1. On the type of fabric. Strips of dense Zebra curtains are made from polyester and natural materials such as silk, linen. Transparent areas are composed of tulle or mesh.
  2. Shade. The color should match the interior. For example, if you select blinds in the kitchen, for the dense bands are ideal shades of pine, autumn leaves, lime, which will alternate with the transparent pastel tones. For bedroom you can find a strip with drawings or simulate different materials.
  3. According to the method of fastening. Double Zebra blinds attached to the ceiling frame or to the wall above the window.

How to mount roller blinds for plastic Windows

Blinds in apartment design

Pin Zebra blinds without drilling or screws. Many people prefer not to drill plastic, to prevent damage to the structure, and to mount the blind on the double-sided tape, liquid nails or special brackets. But this method is not good for opening Windows. To permanently open the valves mount on the screws is considered to be more reliable. Step by step instructions:

  • make a layout for the brackets with a pencil;
  • drill a hole, insert the dowel, fasten the brackets with screws;
  • to install decorative cornice panel;
  • runners assemble, fasten the fabric;
  • attach weights to the bottom of the system;
  • the mounting brackets install the decorative panel;
  • test run the design.

Videotutorial: installing blinds on the Windows

Where to buy and how much it cost

Buy ready-made Zebra blinds today can be in any building supermarket. No less easy to order them on their own special sizes in retail outlets or online stores. Their prices vary depending on manufacturer, material, dimensions, mechanism and drawing. The average cost to buy ready-made blinds – 1400 (open system) up to 4500 rubles (indirect mechanism) for the painting. To order a similar model in your own size will be more expensive by 10-20%.

Look like roller Zebra blinds in the interior

Blinds in the interior of the room

Living room design

Sample kitchen design

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