Remedy for mold and mildew on the walls

Fungal bacteria can not only spoil the look of a room, apartment or house and cause damage to its building structure. Remedy for mold and mildew on the walls is necessary to protect against bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, eczema, Candida, allergies and other dangerous diseases – consequences of infection of this pathogenic flora.

What are the remedies against fungus and mold on the walls in the apartment

Mold on the ceiling in the apartment

Rapidly multiply in the warm conditions of a microclimate with high humidity, fungi form a whitish, blue, greenish, black or brown patina. Mold in the apartment and appear for a common cause, as the violation of construction technologies. For example, partial sealing sealant joints between panels, the use of wet building materials, the lack of waterproofing, installation of plastic Windows of low quality.

Removing mold most often has the character of a severe, protracted struggle. But sometimes it appears again. To resolve this pathogenic flora forever, we need an efficient fungicide. The mold will be effective if you first establish the root cause of its occurrence. When it remains outstanding re-emergence of the fungus can not be avoided. Then you need to make the right choice: what’s better – a folk remedy or drug factory of household chemicals.


One of the universal tools for removing and preventing the development of mold organisms cheap on the domestic price of concentrate «Antigribok». They can handle any surface except metal and propylene. «Antigribok» is added to the composition of mortars, plasters, water-based paints. It is widely used for disinfection of various facilities. Improved quality differs antigribok «Monomah».

Very effective is the new generation product Atlas Mykos, which is produced in Poland. It is popular due to the universality of its action, as it destroys not only varieties of fungi, but mosses, lichens, algae. It is also a concentrate, which before use is diluted with water alone. For processing of concrete, mortar and other building materials used another Polish antifungal drug – Izohan Grzybostop.

Drug Antigribok

Effectively destroys the fungus in areas with high dampness drug «Spectrum Fungicide». And not only on concrete, stone walls, plaster, but on wooden surfaces. If the mold is divorced on the walls, recently painted or varnished, and do not want to lose such coverage, perfect drug «Titan Fungicide». Proven themselves Patriotic funds «Zapotecan-T, Deo-antiplesen».

Folk remedies

If simple do not have time to flood the space, you can decorate the wall or ceiling such well-known detergents as «Domestos» or «White». Them liberally applied to the affected surface. This is important because fungal spores are easily transferred through the air. You can wipe moldy tiles, especially the joints between the tiles, diluted in half with water pharmacy with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, solution of boric acid or water scented with tea tree oil.

Apply pre-heated mixture of: 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar plus 50 ml of boric alcohol. Often the walls are double-moistened with a solution of copper sulfate (20 grams of powder per liter of water). Before doing this remove all affected coating: Wallpaper, paint, plaster. Mold in the fridge, containers for food storage are removed by wiping with a solution of baking soda (a teaspoon of powder per Cup of water), and then a weak vinegar. However, the use of folk remedies has a sense only if the first appearance of pathogens.

How to get rid of mold and mildew

Euro Primer from the mold and mildew on the walls

First of all, you need to resolve the causes of reproduction of fungi: replace leaky faucets, pipes, to eliminate the cracks in the wall, clean ventilation shafts, where to get spores. Then, on the surface applied anti-fungal primer, for example, «Universal», «Euro Primer» or Tiefgrund. To handle chemicals carefully. To work in a protective mask, gloves. It is important that the room is well ventilated.

In rehabilitation of concrete brick walls of the first strip of Wallpaper, paint, plaster, dry powerful Hairdryer or a blowtorch. Then apply the antifungal agent with roller, brush or spray if it is spray, putty, or plaster the wall. The room should be well ventilated for 2-3 days to disappear all unpleasant, toxic smells.

In the bathroom

To get rid of mold in the bathroom by removing deteriorated sealant and disinfect the surface of the fungicidal agent. The bathrooms are well protected against fungi Hungarian drugs SZAVO, Well Done, Israel «spray Anti-Mold Bagi». Then put a new antifungal compound, for example, «Damosel-Micro» or «Biotol spray». A great tool for bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools – German drug Mellerud, eliminates all kinds of mold, it is applied by spraying.

On the walls and Wallpaper

To combat mold on the walls in the apartment should be pre-soaked it with warm water, then clean the brick or concrete. After drying is carried out antifungal treatment of the walls, for example a solution of «the Alpa Fangirled». Among other effective remedies mold and mildew on the walls – the warehouses «Titan Fungicide», «Olympus Stop the rot». If the affected small areas, you can use folk remedies. Treatment of walls from mold and mildew should be carried out in stages. Only after absolute drying of their paint or hang new Wallpaper.

On the tree

Antiseptic for internal works

On wooden surfaces the affected area is cut or burned, and then coated with antifungal agent. The most simple but effective way to rid the wood from mold – pharmacy hydrogen peroxide or its mixture with vinegar. Brand name drug – the «Neomid» that protects from simple wooden structures. Popular means «Prosept-50», «biosit-2».

How to get rid of musty odor

Treated with antiseptic places you can sprinkle baking soda a few hours to clean a vacuum cleaner. Absorbs musty smell the hydrogen peroxide solution. Just remember that it has a bleaching action. Effectively destroy mildew smell helps ammonia, diluted with half water. It is used to handle any surface except porous structures. Remedy wash off with water after 2-3 hours, and the mold disappears completely. Finally, effectively eliminates odors ionizer.

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