Quartz lamps for the disinfection of the premises

The air contains a huge number of different harmful organisms that are carriers of the most infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. The use of quartz lamps is necessary for the elimination of pathogenic bacteria with the aim of prevention and treatment of diseases.

How does quartz lamp

Kurzova lamp

Bacteria can be destroyed using special disinfectants or high temperatures. These methods can’t give a hundred percent guarantee of efficacy and not always easy to use. In contrast to chemical agents, quartz lamps for the disinfection of the premises more effective and convenient. The device was created as a substitute for direct sunlight, inhibit the viruses.

Experts have identified that this has an effect indistinguishable to the human eye part of the spectrum with wavelength less than 320 nm. Due to this discovery and the opportunity to create karavali. These artificial substitutes of solar radiation to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and fungi in air and on various surfaces. Such devices are equipped with special boron-silicate UV glass, which allows only rays of a certain spectrum.

Under the action of ultraviolet rays of the quartz lamp is the destruction of DNA of harmful bacteria, synthesis is impaired, making it impossible for the process of reproduction. Apparatus for the disinfection of the premises is suitable for control of pathogens of various diseases. The antimicrobial effect of quartz lamps aimed at the destruction of pathogens such as spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

What may be bactericidal irradiator

Quartz lamps used for disinfection is a source of UV radiation, capable of killing microorganisms harmful to man. The instruments are divided by type on Bessonova and ozone. Last, interacting with oxygen, form a significant amount of ozone, which at high concentrations are harmful to the human body. After using this Caravela apartment or office is in need of airing.

Bessonova lamp for disinfection are characterized in that their emitter placed in a quartz flask. Ozone formation during operation of the device is minimal, so the harm to human betonowy apparatus shall not be. The manufacturers produce quartz lamps designed for different locations – wall, ceiling, mobile, desktop. According to the method of processing and type of construction of the device are divided into closed and open.

Bactericidal irradiator

Closed type

Such quartz lamps for disinfecting the premises have a second name – recyclers. Their UV emitter located within the housing, so rays there is no way out. Disinfection is then carried out through run air through the lamp (it sucked a special fans). Getting inside the device, the dirty air is irradiated by ultraviolet light and comes out purified.

Closed quartz lamps for disinfection can function constantly at low intensity, can not be off within a week. During operation of the recirculator person is not dangerous is in the room. Because the amount allocated to the apparatus of the ozone minimum, the aeration can be done rarely. The downside of a closed quartz lamps is their versatility: the recirculator only produces air disinfection leaving bacteria on the surfaces of household items intact. Almost all closed models are not mobile and are mounted on the wall.

Open type

Such a device distributes the flow of UV radiation around the perimeter of the room, disinfect the air and surfaces of each object that is within the range of the lamp. Use open quartzwater need only according to the schedule specified in the instructions. Disinfection of the premises occurs rapidly, but the places and objects that fall in shadow not be cleaned.

The downside of an open lamp is the failure of rays to penetrate deeply: if the microbes are arranged in several layers, only the top die. To maximize the processing premises should be regularly wet cleaning. The effectiveness of the device for disinfection depends on the distance between the lamp and open surfaces: the farther away they are, the less the effect of the apparatus.

Quartz lamp for home or office requires adherence to certain security measures. During operation of the device in the room does not have to be animals or people. In contact with ultraviolet rays on the retina or skin can cause serious burns, additionally, it may cause the exacerbation of cardiovascular pathologies or contribute to other health problems. UV rays are open Caravela adversely affect interior decoration: over time it fades.

Outdoor bactericidal irradiator

The best germicidal lamp for home

Quartz lamp for home use need to select, depending on their purpose. It is important to read the instructions before purchasing the device. For example, there are quartzwater of hasnandani that disinfect the air and kill the pathogenic microbes, but they operate only in areas where there are no people. For home use a separate dashboard, it is useful to have those families who have children and Pets. With the help of a quartz lamp disinfection of premises against viruses and parasites.

For home use it is better to stay in a closed quartzwater or shielded apparatus. The length of the lamp depends on the area of the premises and the tasks that are assigned to the device. For most families, the best option will be the use of such models quartz lamps for disinfecting premises:

  1. Lamp «Solnyshko». The device has a relatively low cost, is available in several models and is a universal.
  2. BactoSfera. Usually this device is used in medical institutions but can be used at home to prevent seasonal epidemics. The company produces high-quality mobile and stationary devices for disinfection at competitive prices.
  3. Beurer. This company offers a wide variety of Caravela for household use. German devices have excellent quality, but have a high price.

Kurzova lamp Sonechko

Bulb for quartz treatment of public spaces

Quartz devices for disinfection are divided into bactericidal and mercury. First often installed in public spaces with the aim of preventing the spread of infections and viruses. They must use at preschool, school institutions, community organizations and hospitals. Device mercury-quartz type is almost no demand for kindergartens and schools because the threat because of the large nitrogen excretion. The excess of its quantity in the air leads to severe consequences of intoxication, loss of consciousness, poisoning.

For the treatment of some skin and viral diseases, as well as in preventive purposes quartz lamps are used to disinfect public spaces:

  1. Primed LBK-150. This UV lamp destroys harmful bacteria in the air and on different surfaces. A device is used in medical, children’s, treatment-and-prophylactic institutions, where there is a high risk of spreading infections. This model of Caravela can be installed in industrial and public premises.
  2. Philips TUV 25W. This device destroys pathogens, disinfecting air, surfaces and water. Used in pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, enterprises of food industry. Quartzwater suitable for wastewater disinfection, air conditioning systems, swimming pools, warehouses, packaging materials.
  3. Quartz 125-1. Suitable for processing premises up to 25 m2, including hospital wards, rooms in kindergartens, schools, manufacturing plants and warehouses. The device effectively kills fungi and various pathogenic bacteria.

Where to buy and how much is quartz irradiator

Quartz irradiator

Choose size and power of Caravela can be based on the area of the room. A large range of devices for disinfection allows to use a single device in different rooms. Sale of quartz lamps carry stores of medical equipment. You buy the device and on the Internet. The cost of the devices depends on many factors – power, dimensions, manufacturer, type UV lamp. Household appliances you can buy for 1000-4000 g., a device for public places will cost more – at least 5,000-6,000 R.

Video: bactericidal lamp with your hands


Olga, 28 years:I Bought quartzwater «Sun» to deal with the constant runny nose in a child. With this device should behave very carefully not to earn even greater problems with health. Start with the heels: if the reaction of the normal baby, then move on to the problem area. Many children has an Allergy.

Natalia, 33 years:We have been using the quartz lamp is gated to disinfect the nursery. Seasonal sores children pick up very rarely, which is a big merit of the device. Use it 2 times a week, not more, because I believe that immunity should also work. Negative Caravela – it cannot be moved, so plan to buy a mobile.

Margarita, 29 years:Long hesitated to buy the device, but gained when the child is once again sick with stomatitis. Good thing they are not used. I advise young moms to choose a model with a nozzle for the mouth, sore throat and other illnesses go away very quickly. Before spending on treatment is not less than 1-2 weeks, is now recovering for 2-4 days.

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