Plastic panels for walls

Want to make room in the budget to repair? The plastic covering will help you to translate their ideas into reality. PVC plates do not require additional surface treatment, and to fix them quickly and easily. The cost of such material is small, and the result exceeds all expectations. Bathroom, kitchen, balcony will look very stylish and elegant.

What are PVC wall panels

Shades of colors

Plastic panels for walls PVC began to use recently. For the production of such casings use softeners in a minimum amount, which makes them more durable, resistant to external irritants. Material for repair and finishing of plastic is used in almost all areas from the bathroom to the living room. These boards are water resistant, flame retardant, conform to the hygiene standards, have a long service life. What are plastic wall panels:

  1. Typesetting rack. Items are small plates of polyvinyl chloride, which have a small size and the slots through which they are taught. Mount these materials are installed on the sheathing, which may be of metal or wood. The ceiling also is covered with plastic plates.
  2. Inlaid tile. Sheathing panel having a square shape, used for repairing and finishing. Because of this they are often combined, creating various designs, patterns, mirror effect. Connect plastic squares between the grooves, and are fixed with special glue.
  3. Sheet. Slabs for cladding are large enough to facilitate processing and the entire repair process. Fasten this type of product with a special adhesive. You can often find plates with imitation wood, tile, stone.

Features and benefits material

Appearance and finishing materials of PVC does not change over the 10 years. They are resistant to cold and to high temperature and the low weight makes them easy to use. On the surface of the plates is applied to the image or pattern using a special print, and that it is not damaged during the operation of the product is coated in a resistant varnish, which will not be damaged. This coating requires no special care: just wipe them with a rag. This product can be called sustainable, because it has no harmful impurities, especially cadmium and asbestos.

Features choice

Color palette panels

Before you buy plastic panels for the walls, decide to start with the room where work will be carried out, a figure, a form must be material. When you know what you want to see in the interior, you should pay particular attention to the choice of finishing plates of plastic:

  • Note the number of ribs inside the product. The more ribs, the stronger the panel to the pressure outside.
  • When buying new products for better skin, that it was the protective film and no damage, scratches, dents. Special attention requires the color and pattern of the material should be free of smudges, stains, streaks.
  • If you select the image pattern, it is better to buy just the right amount of plastic plates. Then be bought, as the other party may vary in shade, color.
  • Check the grooves and docking. You can choose any two products from the party and try to link them.
  • The quality of plating assess the surface finishing of the material: if there are bends, rough edges. You cannot afford to use it for your home the product is of poor quality.

For interior walls

How would your room did not live up to the repairs, before you buy decorative panel for interior walls and install them, you need to consider the interior, the pattern for processing a form. For internal works perfect rack and inlaid tile products, because they are easy to attach, create a beautiful look. Sheathing should be high-quality and free of defects made, have bright color, smooth surface. Plastic plates for the interior lining are perfect for finishing not only bathrooms, but the balconies, kitchens.

For exterior

External decoration of a private house

You should pay attention when choosing plastic panels for outside walls:

  • The weight of the product. Not every wall can withstand a certain additional load.
  • Insulation and soundproofing products. If the room has thin walls, then this factor plays an important role.
  • Fire safety and environmental friendliness. This is very important if your house is built from natural materials, such as wood.
  • The life of the product. Decorating the house is not for one year, so it is very important that material that lasts a long time.
  • The mounting system. How and how easy would it be to install a purchased plastic sheathing.

Technology and installation

The guy goes in for installation

Installation of plastic panels on the walls. Procedure:

  1. Set the crate.
  2. Set profile: finish, start, guide.
  3. Attach the trim to the sheathing.
  4. Mounted all the other plates until the last.
  5. Install the latest product, a little cutting and it fit under the binding.
  6. Fasten it to the sheathing, if necessary, set the floor.

Videotutorial: how to mount plastic panels to the wall

Where to buy and how much are wall panels PVC

Buy plastic panels for walls today will not be easy, because the market of finishing materials offers a large number of similar products. You can find them on the market at hardware stores, catalogs, online stores, hypermarkets. To get the wall-Le Roy, the cost to buy panels in the store Leroy Merlin, where you can find a huge offer of inexpensive material for lining the inner, outer walls of various premises both wholesale and retail. Prices on different types of boards made of PVC are presented in the table:

PVC sheathing Shop Internet
PVC laminated 330 R. 215 R.
Plate patent Poliplast 205 g. 185 g.
VOX Digital print 495 R. 466 G.

Looks like wall decoration panels PVC photo

Examples of facing balcony

The walls of any room, fashioned plastic plates will look elegant and beautiful. Choosing the right interior design you can create with this decorative plating comfort in any room: from the bathroom to the living room. The installation does not require special skills, the material is easy to mount, the main thing – to know the sequence and technology. Below are photos of the walls, which were lined with slabs, so you can appreciate the beauty of this building material, which helps to bring design ideas into reality quickly and easily.

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