Partitions for zoning of space in the room

The large rooms in the apartment are not always happy owners. Many wish to have their own space, families with children, each child needs a separate bedroom. Parents too would not refuse from its own angle, so often the solution becomes the division of the room into two zones. There are several ways to do it.

What are partitions in the room

Walls in the room

This product performs in a room decorative and transformative functions. The partition may split the Studio into several zones, convenient for your stay. Important to have similar designs between child and adult bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Not always appropriate to build a stone wall, a great option are lightweight, even portable design.

Sliding partitions

These devices are a cross between fixed and mobile (mobile) interior partitions. They are suitable for those who wish to save space, dividing it into separate zones. It can be door-coupe, door-accordion, which preserve the integrity of the room, but separated in different parts at certain times of the day. Sliding interior partitions are made of glass, plywood, chipboard, plastic. In mobile the options include screen, furniture (shelving-divider, wardrobe), fabrics, flowers. They are easy to move or remove.

A stationary partition wall for zoning the room

Stationary partition

This kind of design is a traditional solution for separation of the room. It’s soundproof, moisture-proof, strong and durable walls, with which you can create any shape. For the manufacture of stationary structures using brick, wood, glass, plasterboard, foam concrete blocks. Decorative wall is not always possible to decorate hanging shelves. Brick structure perfect sense. Other materials not designed for attachment to him the lockers, paintings. You can use zoning:

  • The false wall. Such a partition can be joined, to remove without complete disassembly. It is part of the wall in the middle of the room or on the sides (forming the passage).
  • Arch. A great interior decoration that allows you to highlight elegant detachable part of the space.
  • The podiums. Good design idea if you want to focus on the privacy zone. On the podium can be a table (that part of the room will serve as the Cabinet) or bed.

How to use sliding partitions for zoning of space in the room

Sliding partitions

Sliding design can be divided into monorail and double-girder. The first type is easier to install, you can install it yourself. It is suitable for rooms with hardwood floors or tiles as the floor to anything attached will not. The downside of this option is a low resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation. To separate bedroom it is better to use a double rail system.

Glass (with a transparent surface and not mirrored) design does not hinder the penetration of light, so the presence of the window – not necessarily (for separating bedrooms, bathrooms). If you put tinted glass or decorative partitions made of other material, should take care of the additional light source. In the kitchen and the living room should be especially clear.

Zoning room stationary designs

Zoned room

Stationary partitions are mounted carefully, they are impossible to move, it is very difficult to break (except the glass). This is just the perfect solution for families with children. The construction of the structures will take some time and clean them then problematic (dust and other «charms» of repair provided). But you can be sure of the strength of the septum, the longevity of its service. Become familiar with constructions of different material:

  • Drywall. These sheets are attached to the frame (metal, aluminum) on both sides. Get perfectly smooth wall that can be painted or ogruntovat for wallpapering. From the pros: minimal amount of time, soundproofing is good, you can make any shape, the inside is easy to lay the wiring hidden from prying eyes. Cons – small water resistance, insufficient durability (heavy objects to hang not to, mechanical damage from shock is also possible).
  • Of glass. Glass bricks (up to 10 mm thick) is described in any pattern as desired. These walls look very impressive and are set long. Fire resistance, durability, good heat and sound insulation refers to the undoubted advantages of this material. Cons: the inability of something to attach to a wall, to hold the cable, cut a separate «brick».
  • Wood. There are different partitions of tree: single and double, filled and unfilled interval. The advantage is the environmental friendliness of the material, the possibility of creating a durable construction. The lack of wood in his fear of water, of fire, low noise.
  • Brick. Installation of brick walls takes the most time, but more durable material will not come up. To demolish such a structure too hard, but its benefits outweigh these shortcomings. High sound and heat insulation, durability, the ability to lay the wiring, to decorate the wall shelves, heat and moisture – that’s what the pros in brick walls for zoning the space in the room.

Zoning Studio apartments

Furniture partitions for zoning of space in the room – very functional method of separation. A large wardrobe can perform not only their main objective but to play the role of the wall. A place to sleep and rest also separated by wooden screens, beautiful curtains (easy, affordable way). If you put furniture in the middle of the room, you have a wonderful area for bedroom and one for the reception.

Zoning a small apartment

The partition in the rooms

In this area for the zoning it is recommended to use gipsokartonovoy the wall. It is more durable than glass, it can be decorated with beautiful Wallpaper and make shelves inside or projecting parts. To have a full wall with excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation characteristics. In most of the children’s area to share the game and a place to stay. It is appropriate to use a lightweight textile and furniture design.

Partitions for zoning hallway and kitchen

Fashion trend combining the kitchen with the living method of dismantling the wall is the dream of many. These two zones: for cooking and receiving guests (travelers) in need of zoning. A good idea would be to «raise» kitchen on the catwalk. Sofas and chairs put backs to share the wall which is a shelf-divider for the room. On the shelves you can put flowers, photo frames.

Zoning living room

Near the window in the living room can be separated a few meters to the Cabinet. There will easily fit a Desk and chair. To isolate this part of space better than plastic, glass or plasterboard false-walls. Leisure sofa is put back to the bulkhead. In this area it is appropriate to use relaxing colors: green, light yellow and blue. Important details of the decor (flowers, small paintings, books) that will make the area comfortable and special.

Room dividers for bedrooms

Often it happens that the bedroom should be separate area for work (study). A married couple, when one is at rest, and the other is not yet borne, to zone the bedroom necessarily. Here are frequently used screens, wooden partition. The first are good because they are easy to clean when the need to dissociate itself disappears. The last transform will not work. The very bedroom from the living room separated by sliding doors, this will create the necessary for privacy comfort zone. If the door is open, the living space will remain consistent.

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