Outdoor flower stands

To create comfort in any room will help the plants. If available, the room looks completely different. Look especially beautiful flowers in the floor stands. This accessory will help you to do something that resembles a winter garden, even if placed on it will be just a few pots. It is very important to be able to choose one correctly.

Principal floor stands for flowers


The type of material model can be:

  1. Metal. The most common variant. Outdoor metal stands for flowers will decorate the interior of any style. They are reliable, durable. There are options in the form of shelves, ladders, slides. Modern manufacturers are treated the metal with special compositions, to he steadily carries the moisture, not rusted. Accessories can be painted in any color. Take care of them very easily. With regard to the design, choose the right model for you can lovers of the classics, and the fans of modernity.
  2. Wood. Look great in minimalist, Provence, classical, country. Wooden outdoor flower stands can be carved, patterned, contain inserts of other materials. The main advantage of such products is their naturalness. The wood is coated with varnish and other substances that make it durable, resistant to moisture. For flower girls from this material will be able to place even very heavy weight pots. The only drawback is the high cost.
  3. Plastic. The most inexpensive option, which, unfortunately, cannot be called practical. Plastic coasters are lightweight, can be of any form, painted in different colors, but the heavy pots on them will not deliver. The product is easy to disassemble and carry to wash and clean, however, if mishandled it is very easy to break and impossible to repair. Plastic outdoor flower girl would look good in the style of minimalism, loft, hi-tech. A good choice for the bathroom.
  4. Wicker. Very interesting and original solution, especially for a comfortable country house, decorated in country style. Wicker flower stands seem to be very fragile, elegant, but it does not prevent them to withstand the considerable weight of the pots. Such products will be a perfect decoration of living room, dining room, bedroom, office. Purchasing a flower girl, you need to monitor the quality of the weave, to pay attention to its density and homogeneity. The product should not be placed near fireplaces or other heating appliances because it can deform.
  5. Forged. These flower stands are made by hand, look like works of art. Perfectly fit into the interior in the Empire style, Provence. They take up little space and will help to place a few pots with flowers. Forged flower better and stronger than regular metal, it is better to keep the weight that is significantly reflected in the price. They are very difficult to overturn. Many artists release an exclusive stand designed in the form of various objects and animals. Very nice forged slides, ladders.
  6. Glass. Outdoor flower stands glass chrome elements look great in a modern interior in hi-tech style. Countertops for pots can be round, square, irregular shapes. Glass stand is very compact and because of the transparency creates the impression that they occupy very little space. Moisture them quite terrible. Have glassware and disadvantages: the complexity of care and fragility. Need to make sure that somebody accidentally dropped the base so that the surface remains clean.

Features choice

If you decide to purchase a wall or floor flower girl, we must pay attention to every detail. First decide on the style of its execution. Then pick the material that suits you and the shape and size of the stand based on the parameters of your room. If you manage to make the right choice, the purchase will be a real gem and a highlight of your interior.


Outdoor flower stands from MDF

The first criterion that deserves your attention. The above described features and benefits of each material, which can be used in the production of stands for flowers. You just have to prioritize and decide what is important to you. If you want to save, then take plastic, stamped metal base, or the product of MDF. If you desire to get a reliable and durable product, take a wrought-iron or wooden. Don’t forget to take into account the style of the room.


Stand with a big top

The variety of options is simply amazing and every fan of houseplants necessarily choose for themselves the appropriate option. Stand can be single or multi-tiered, suitable for several plants. Choosing this, you need to ensure that the flowers could get along with each other. Stand with smooth big top and several small will be just right for those who love flowers.

Single accessories are intended for single large flower with a beautiful hat. Various supports-towers, straight or spiral is well suited for small rooms. As a rule, they are very compact and occupy a minimum of space. Decorative supports-slides look incredibly elegant and sophisticated. With their help, the apartment can turn into a Paradise or oasis.

Popular wall shelves for flowers, made by the type of rack or shelves. If you have low plants in large quantity, you can consider this option. If the width and height of the stands allow, you can use it as a screen, separating the room into different functional areas. This is a very interesting and original solution.


Types of stands

You should focus on the dimensions of the room. It is also important that the diameter of the pots you wish to place in the stand. If the accessory is chosen for a small room, then he should not be bulky and occupy a lot of space. If the stand is single, the maximum height of the half wall. This does not break the proportions and does not seem to be that the ceilings are very low. If the stand is multi-tiered, large plants to place at the bottom, middle – center, smallest at the top. This decision will make the room more harmonious and spacious.


Flowers on the balcony

Outdoor flower stands must be placed so that the interior look harmonious. It is equally important to create the most favorable plant conditions. If the stand you have a small or medium, it will look nice in the corner. There is better to place the flowers for growth which not too much importance has sun light. If you have a spacious room, choose a beautiful and roomy stand that can be accented element of the room.

Where to buy and how much is the floor stand for flowers

The approximate price range for accessories from different manufacturers that you can buy in regular stores or on Internet sites, presented in the table:

The name of the product The approximate cost in rubles
Metal stand KovkaVsad 1-2 pot 3400-9800
Floor stand «flower» on the 4 pot from Profsanmontazh 1100-1400
«Classic», «birch» 7 pots from Profsanmontazh 1700-2000
«Classic», «birch» to 5 pots from Profsanmontazh 1450-1650
Wooden stand Mebelik 4800-5000

Console outdoor Zlata’kovka


Stands from IKEA


Video: how to make a stand for flowers with their hands

If you have reviewed a lot of photos, but never found a product that is worthy of your attention, view a few video lessons. They contain instructions for the production of floor stands. Perhaps, thanks to them you will make a great accessory for the home from scrap materials. Watch the video and be inspired and laid out ideas for new experiments.

Multilevel pedestal for flowers made of wood

Forged stand for flowers

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