Modular paintings with their hands

Painting is one of the easiest ways of interior decoration, but it can be made more original. Today, there is another type of such paintings – modular. These paintings are made with three parts, but there are options of two or four. Not necessarily to buy them, you can make this decoration even with their hands.

What is a modular pattern in the interior

Modular pattern in the interior

To replace Persian carpets came modular pattern. It is a modern way to decorate the walls of any room, whether it is the office of a big company or a cozy living room in a residential house. A modular pattern is different from the usual that is divided into several fragments that visually merge into a single entity. The range of size of the individual canvases allows you to fit them into any design. In addition, the elements can shift vertically and horizontally, and also be with symmetry or without.

Special modular painting on glass for the manufacture of which requires special printers and inks. Whichever option you choose, any will perform several functions:

  • draw the eye of guests;
  • to create in the room the illusion of motion;
  • to emphasize the exquisite taste in the interior.

How to make a modular painting with his hands

Painting in the interior of child

Before to start performance of modular paintings with their hands, you need to decide on her appearance. This should take into account the room where you will hang the finished product. As the figure may be a realistic landscape, pattern or view of the city – everything depends on your imagination and preferences. It is not recommended to only choose portraits because the face parts does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the stories can be printed so realistic that the impression smears of oil on canvas. Although not necessary to be a great designer or artist, you can just download any image on the Internet, only it should have high resolution. Then visit the nearest salon print and transfer it to fabric, paper, or canvas. The figure still need a basis for modules. It is made of:

  • wooden frame structures;
  • foam;
  • plywood;
  • pieces of chipboard.

With photowall

Modular picture Wallpapers

To make a modular painting with his hands, needed to prepare the image selected for the realization of ideas. In different salons, you can offer a catalogue with ready-made sketches. There you can apply with your drawing in graphic editor properly divided into small pieces and will print on the chosen material. Wallpapers can be bought in hardware store.

Importantly, first consider the location of future modules to report their idea of a specialist. Then use the following instruction:

  1. Take manufacturing bases modular pattern. From wooden bruskov section about 2×2 cm pitch as many frames, how many parts product plans, or cut out of foam fabric. The size of any of the bases should be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the printed modules, because the figure should be in the side.
  2. Cut the modular image, but do not forget to leave allowances, which are necessary bends on the wrong side.
  3. Arrange cut out elements face down, put the corresponding wooden frame or pieces of foam.
  4. Secure the desktop, bending the edges to wrong side and secure them with glue or furniture stapler.

Idea for living room

From fabric

Other material used in the process of creating modular paintings with their hands, is the fabric. For this option, you can use any bright scraps that you find at home. The advantage of this method is that we should not strive to match the edges of the modules. The work will go faster and easier. The sequence of manufacturing the following:

  1. Decide on the number and size of modules for fabric better do the basics in the form of a wooden framework.
  2. Cutting the fabric modules. Don’t forget about the allowances for a subsequent bend.
  3. On the wrong side of the cut fragments put frames.
  4. With the help of pins or fine nails to temporarily secure the fabric.
  5. Flip the workpiece and consistently secure the allowances on a stretcher with construction stapler. Start with the long sides, then go to short, and in the end secure the corners.

Video tutorials: how to make a modular pattern on the wall

As can be seen from the algorithm of manufacturing, a modular pattern consist of only a few parts: the only need-based and cloth, paper or canvas for final clearance. Then all you need to properly combine and the picture is ready. For those who prefer things made themselves, such workshops are especially needed. They are described more clearly in the videos after viewing them, it is easy to build any complex pattern.

Step-by-step master class for beginners

How to draw a modular pattern – flowers

The original paintings on the wall of several parts: photoidea

Many spend time looking for ideas for a particular modular pattern. As a unprofessional designer, it becomes more difficult to determine which of them will fit in one of the rooms. The styles of these bright decor elements too much – modern, impressionism, classic, Oriental, and many others. To select, view examples of composite patterns and how they might look in the interior.

Composite pattern in modern style

Composite elephant painting

If your interior more fashionable and modern, and to emphasize it the right way. This will help the components of the paintings, decorated in the art Nouveau style. It does not imply the existence of the plot, but rather carries some abstraction of lines, shapes, images, and their weaves.

Modular pattern for kitchen

Idea for kitchen

When choosing images for a composite picture of the kitchen please note that shades should contribute to the process of digestion and appetite. It is the green and red. For the kitchen often use standard variants with still lifes, juicy fruit, or magical landscapes.

For bedroom

Bedroom design

The most intimate place of any home is the bedroom where people come to relax from the hustle and bustle. This room is better in muted tones. Comfort add image sunset, couple in love, quiet forest trails or cute animals.

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