Mobile to call the police

Emergency not decide the time, facility or center: get into a difficult position anyone can. Confusion and panic hinder appropriate actions. Calm down, soberly assess the circumstances and, if necessary, seek emergency help. At such moments you seldom have at hand a landline phone, and the age of technology has taught us to cellular communication. So the question is, how mobile to call the police, becomes relevant and important to life. Not to forget in a hurry the desired number, save it in your phone.

How to call the police from a mobile phone

More than a year ago in the territory of the Russian Federation began planning the long process of the gradual formation of a common service emergency calls. Within five years it is planned to create system of urgent response that has a single call number as the landline and mobile numbers. Three-digit coding system will replace the double digits, friends since childhood, 01, 02, etc.

The man called the police from a mobile phone

If you or others need urgent police assistance, call from a mobile phone will save the situation. The desired combination of numbers depends on the provider of cellular services and varies for different operators. To avoid confusion, find out and save in your device contacts police, ambulance, emergency, which service your tariff package, the company provides for emergency calls.

Consider cases, such as with a mobile phone to call the police under certain circumstances:

  • There is no money in the account. The cost of these calls is zero, so a zero or negative account balance will not be in this case a hindrance. Collect the right combination, and service your phone company will immediately connect you with «hotline» or another police Department in your city.
  • If the SIM card is blocked or lost, and the mobile phone does not work, dial a single number call emergency services 112 using your carrier.
  • If the subscriber is outside the network, such calls are routed over any available cellular operators, which urgently perform the necessary forwarding of the subscriber.

Emergency call 112

To improve the efficiency of interaction between the emergency services, the speed of response to calls will help the introduction of the Single emergency number». This service already operates in three regions of the Russian Federation, in several pilot (pilot) projects. Experts note increased by 25-35 % efficiency of the joint activities of medical, fire, police.

How to call with mobile police through a unified system of emergency calls? Companies that provide mobile services, one of the first passed to the service the service. The combination of digits «one-one-two» is the emergency number. Dialing 112 and then press the button «Call», you’ll get to the voice menu. To connect with the police Department, you should press the button with the number 2. The call is serviced within the European countries (roaming) and in any point of Russia.

After connection with the duty of the police you will be asked questions clarifying the details of the situation. Try and clearly answer them in a clear voice. Articulate what your data, and then briefly describe the circumstances of the incident. Try to accurately specify the location of the incident, and required the immediate presence of police officers.


Emergency call 911

The famous American TV series, books and Hollywood movies, a single 911 for over half a century provides assistance to stranded Americans. Convenient, easy to remember number, the ability to send both representatives of different departments if necessary, expansion of the services sector has earned universal popularity.

In the Russian Federation is developed and gradually implemented a similar project: emergency service 112. The operators will run the service in four languages: Russian, English, German, French. It is planned gradual expansion of language functions, taking into account territorial features. For example, in the far East, the list will be added to the Chinese language.

Call the police

As with the mobile phone to call the police? It is possible to do this in three ways:

  1. Calling the single number 112, open the shortcut menu, and following the IVR prompts.
  2. Typing required for a direct call to the police the combination of symbols. It depends on your mobile operator may vary. To be sure of the ability to seek assistance to law enforcement, check in advance the numbers of emergency response and save it in your phone.
  3. Owners of smartphones have the ability to upload to the phone a special program developed by «Satsoft» by order of the interior Ministry. Available for download on the Ministry’s website, in online stores Apple (Apple App Store and Google (Google Play). The benefits include:
    • Without thinking how to dial the number and what it is, you will be able to call the police in one click.
    • If you are not able to talk, the program itself will determine your location by providing on-duty patrol coordinates for immediate departure.
    • When you contact search and rescue services of the city or the district, the service will provide the necessary information.

People are going to call the police from a mobile

With Beeline

Emergency numbers the operator of cellular communication Beeline has a four-digit codification. To make a call to the police, the Beeline subscribers need to dial:

  • 102 – for all types and configurations of mobile devices.


Free calling to subscribers of MegaFon as follows:

  • 020 (02) – for devices supporting three-digit/two-digit calling option.

Tele 2

According to the data provided by the official website of Tele 2 in Russia, to call the police from your cell you can dial:

  • 102 or 020 – for devices supporting three-digit dialing options.


If you need immediate assistance, law enforcement, and you are a subscriber of the cellular operator MTS, use a three-digit combination of numbers, then press «Call»:

  • 102 – valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad (worldwide).

Where with a cell phone to call in case of an accident

Being a participant in or witness an accident, drivers frantically trying to remember how to call mobile police or traffic police. Come to the aid of single call number 112, which is served by all providers of wireless service. The duty operator will connect you to the road patrol office, and if necessary, call emergency, firemen, ambulance. The official website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation provides information about the phones of the STS in the regions. Saving in the address book contacts law enforcement agencies, you will be able to make a call, if you dial 112 or 102 (020) problems arise.

Video: from mobile to call the police

In a normal steady life, few people think about their own actions in an emergency. Often, when faced with unforeseen circumstances, people are lost, begin to panic. To quickly navigate, to call for help, you need to have in the address book of the numbers served by a cellular operator. The videos below will help you understand how to call the police using direct calls from your mobile or through a Uniform service of rescue.

How to call the police

Call the police with a mobile app

The right room-112

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