Magnetic Board on the wall

Lately, boards have become an indispensable attribute of not only educational institutions. They appear in most offices and homes. What is earned magnetic wall boards so popular? Thanks to this design, very convenient to do not only notes, but also to conduct the presentation.

What is a magnetic whiteboard

Magnetic whiteboard

Magnetic panels on the wall at home and in the office are established for different purposes. They can write, to hang ads, take notes, so designs have different surface. Metal base, usually aluminum or galvanized, are valued because they are easy to not only write with a special marker, but also to attach materials using magnets. The same base have children magnetic tablet easels.

Magnetic Board for children

There are magnetic stands, and similar office. They are designed for play and child development. Magnetic Board for children are often different colors of the frame, size. Often in office set includes markers in three colors. Attached a couple of magnets. Invested sponges to clean the working surface. Magnetic drawing Board will be much less office analogue. The «adult» version may have dimensions from 120х90 cm, for the baby – less (25х50, 25х20). Baby kit includes only magnets, for example, in the form of letters.

Magnetic boards on the wall for office

Stands for office help to conduct presentations, meetings. The designs can be visually and clearly post the information. Due to the wide range easy to choose a suitable stand: this could be a flipchart on the wall or the flipchart (the same magnetic stand, in the form of an easel, mounted on adjustable legs). Any panel on the wall for the magnets is made of several layers of materials:

  • metal cold rolled;
  • layer-dip galvanizing;
  • the layer of chromium;
  • the primer coating;
  • finishing coating.

Became more popular than the original interactive devices, which send on any surface using the projector operating area and the notes on it made a special electronic marker. If the stand does not need to write anything by hand, its main purpose – placing the prepared information material, it is easier to buy a model of the tube, which will be much cheaper and easier to operate. An excellent combination of style and practicality – a glass magnetic Board on the wall. You can find models of different sizes and colors.

Magnetic chalk Board

What is magnetic chalk Board

The stand on which you can write with chalk differs from marker finishing metal coating. Apply a layer of galvanizing and chrome plating, as in the marker-magnetic Board. The surface finish magnetic chalk models are designed specifically for children, so the use of markers, slate pencils and other materials will be difficult. The coating of such a stand is easier to care for: to remove the chalk don’t need the special sponges and detergents. Time-tested writing the material itself is cheaper than the specialized markers.

What is the Board for magnets

Stands magnetic, chalk or markers, come in different shapes, sizes, configurations. Standard models are sized from 35*50 120*90 see Magnetic stands with large area, called planar. They can be stationary (fixed) and mobile. Triptychs – are the stands that have a 5 working surfaces, consist of three parts, fastened together with movable hinges. Often it’s a school option, it is also used for other educational institutions. To the main components of any magnetic stand on the wall include:

  • the working surface (leaves main material);
  • profile;
  • meloburne or shelf for markers, sponges;
  • additionally playtogether.

Board magnets

If the stand is not stationary, the main component is stand or move, the adjustable legs in the form of a tripod on casters for easy use in an office environment. Accessories can be included with the purchase, but most often plaque on the wall and accessories are implemented separately. The list of things needed for work are:

  • magnets;
  • albums;
  • markers;
  • sponge;
  • for cleaning the working surface.

What should be a good Board wall

To choose the right model for the job will be easy. You just have to decide what features you need and look for items based on them:

  1. If you need a practical, cost-effective service, it is better to choose a magnetic chalk.
  2. If the appearance of the airframe plays a role, it is better to buy the glass option. In appearance it is superior to the other models.
  3. The main thing to look for when purchasing this product – the documentation for a list of materials and protective coatings, which are used for production.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Board wall

Magnetic Board on the wall for notes sold in specialized stationery stores, supermarkets with a wide range, such as IKEA, but easier to find and make a simple order in the online stores. The price of goods varies by material, manufacturer and size of the working surface. For example, models intended for children, are not more than 50*60cm, will cost between 800-1000 R. Glass gliders for office have the highest price – from 3000 rubles for the size 40*60 cm

Video: magnetic Board with their hands


Michael, 28 years:From our office in the conference room glass glider. Very handy thing, easy to care for, words, numbers, very well seen, the marker can be seen better, and looks more saturated than on other surfaces, especially white on black glass. Take a long time, complaints about the quality there, took expensive model of the German manufacturer.

Margarita, 34 years:they Took to the floor, even three years ago, when he went to kindergarten. Really like the baby for the first time, it was impossible to pull from such toys. I like that it can be used not only as educational toys, but also a reminder for adults: in addition to colourful magnets it contains record. In General, the whole family happy.

Natalia, 48 years:Buying a triptych on the wall for private lessons, I decided to buy a model with a magnetic surface and have not regretted: very convenient to place display materials without using any special fasteners. Conventional magnets keep a good paper even of large dimensions. Another advantage is bright color, pleasant texture of the working surface.

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