Style loft in the interior

In the comfortable world of bourgeois design broke fresh wind of change in industrial style. He amazed people with the freedom, boldness, practicality, challenging the old way of life. Social protest gradually softened, and a product of the industrial areas in the more civilized option was the loft.

What is loft interior

The interior in the style loft

Its name derives from the English loft «room upstairs» or «the attic». But the essence of interior design ideas the word conveys not just because the basis of its occurrence became deserted rooms, abandoned factories during the American great depression. Later, when such housing has ceased to be a strict necessity, but became a fad, designers began to compose on the basis of various architectural solutions. Style loft in the interior harmoniously blends modernity (mirrors, metal, new-fangled technique) and old (open pipe, brick walls, ventilation systems).

Suitable for such industrial design to people of creative professions, because in the loft in one area it is easy to equip a showroom or a workshop, embodying the most daring fantasies. Interior design the idea is good and economical for people who have acute financial issue. The main purpose of the style is simplicity and low cost. The youth also chooses a loft, because it can be used outside the box to build new housing, and the huge space and Windows to the floor – a great opportunity to roam.

Features loft style

Apartment design in loft style demonstrates space, open space, the contrast of fine accessories and rough handling. The main features of interior design ideas:

  1. The complete absence of partitions. The functional areas are divided with zoning, focusing on color contrasts.
  2. The combination of new and old. Industrial processing and new-fangled technique in harmony with each other.
  3. High ceilings. An integral part of the loft that makes a great space is still large and bright.
  4. Furniture, zoniruya room. In addition to the main functional loads, it has the additional task divide the area. Spectacular is the combination of minimalism and Antiques.
  5. Non-standard accessories. Abstract paintings by famous artists, road signs, graffiti or posters very harmoniously fit into the concept of loft style.

Open floor plan

Interior design in loft style

Loft style modern interior difficult, if you need alterations, because the industrial concept implies an absolute lack of separate rooms. Distinctive design features – the void and space, so a small one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments to embody difficult. Ideal place for full-fledged industrial interior is a minimum area of 80 sq. m. ceilings 3 m. Renovation loft-style – is the conventional space allocation. The only exception is the bathroom, the door of which designers prefer to mask.

Another room is one space with a Studio. If this option is for owners not very comfortable, with separated bedroom or kitchen. For this purpose, sliding glass walls, shelves on wheels or a screen. All the rest of the space is separated by color borders or play with the lighting. The most spacious and bright rooms with large Windows.


Style loft in the interior

As for the color, the style loft in the trendy interior is rather cold palette, with soft shades. Some prefer dark colors and «dismal» graphics for a more urban feel. Creating a loft design you need to decide what you need from housing: the expression of industrial design or of a mixture of styles. Bright and dark colors should be used sparingly to not more than 25 % of wall surface focused on yourself. Highlights of the loft:

  • the ceilings are white;
  • the imitation of brickwork on the walls (decorative panels, Wallpaper);
  • walls can be covered with rough plaster or concrete to remain;
  • on the floor is spread, lacquered wood, laminate or floor fillers.

Loft apartment design

Apartment interior in the style loft

The use of the industrial style of the last century for modern apartments implies a protest against the stylistic rules and stereotypes. The nuances of decor otzerkalivayut preferences of the owners of the premises – a maximum of comfort and freedom at moderate cost. Style loft in the interior of a small apartment is the lack of walls, curtains and other draperies, wooden flooring, azacyclonol on the forms, courageous disregard for the conventions.

Living room

Industrial style allows for a huge amount of design and creative capabilities, which are not always applicable to other projects. We are talking about combinatorial possibility, because it is a good combination of old stuff and new repair, saving large sums from the budget. Since the living room is the center of the apartment, where all of the family members, the surface finish tends to minimalism:

  • intentional unfinished effect finishes: plaster is on the walls, under the stream of beams or ventilation shafts;
  • open space, lots of space;
  • the combination of high-tech and vintage innovative techniques and vintage accessories;
  • the integration with office, dining room, hallway or kitchen.

Kitchen loft

Kitchen in loft style

The best idea for the walls, which must have a kitchen in loft style brick walls. Do not have to lay out the room with natural brick. Building market offers imitates tiles, which can be easily painted in any chosen colour. As a floor coating it will look perfect graphite plate that resembles asphalt. To stop frostbite, complete interior Mat urban style that is reminiscent of the crosswalk.

If you have a kitchen-living room, and combined with the balcony and hallway, no curtains, tulle, lace curtains should not be. Leave the Windows open or use bamboo blinds. Replace a chandelier with lamps of the directed action with futuristic shape of the bottles. Telephone set in a telephone booth (if space allows), and the walls decorate with signs and posters.


Bathroom in loft-style

In / WC bathroom loft also involves the use of industrial motifs: unplastered walls without finishing, rough materials, and concrete surfaces. It is acceptable to use simulations: the old plaster, Wallpaper under the old brickwork, rusty pipes, floors of concrete. A special detail of the interior of the bathroom – beamed ceilings, even the fake involving pipe communications.

Partitions is not allowed – bath should be open. That water was not sprayed – transparent blinds are permitted. If the room is large (country house), it is desirable to visually zoned metal pipes and unfinished brick walls. As for furniture, the loft here allows for any items, but it is better to pay attention to retro design: small chests or grandma’s bedside table.

Loft style in a small apartment

Loft in small apartment

To harmoniously create a loft in a small apartment, it is better to combine all the rooms except the nursery and the bathroom. Then the space becomes large, designed to perform various functions. Bedroom in the loft is a separate area, which you can highlight the screen or put the bed in a separate alcove. Remember that a small room does not accept the massive structures.

If in the interior there are large-sized works of art or photographs, they should be placed above the ceiling. Everyone should choose a main color and one additional to stand space in the same style. If you place a small office or apartment in loft style, the numerous photos on the Internet will help you move in the right direction.

Video: the industrial style in the interior

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