In the kitchen to get rid of lice

Frequent and unwanted guests of city apartments and country houses are small, annoying gnats. Their appearance is connected with the presence of any impurities. But this is not always the case. In the kitchen to get rid of lice when even after a perfect cleaning of the house, these insects continue to exist? It’s very simple. Let’s look at some effective ways of dealing with these insects.

Where are the small gnats

Small midges that appear on the kitchen is the famous fruit flies, about which much is told in the pages of biology textbooks. They eat juice of fruit and vegetables, therefore, live in the kitchen, laying eggs in suitable for their offspring organic material: spoiled apples, pears, peaches, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes. In our homes they come along with fresh plant food.

Fruit with gnats

Live fruit flies long. But due to the fact that they breed very fast in a couple of weeks one in your kitchen, the egg is able to produce up to hundreds of individuals. And here on the table, circling a swarm of pesky insects. Gnats can appear not only in the kitchen. One of my favorite places is the flower pots. Start insects in waterlogged substrate. However, these midges are called differently – clarity. Divorce such insects in orchids, ficus, palm. The house is accessible through the open Windows from the street or from contaminated soil.

How you get rid of gnats in the kitchen

Timely prevention and maintaining a home clean will not allow to be asked, as the kitchen is to get rid of small black flies. To prevent the appearance of insects, vegetables and fruits before sowing it is necessary to rinse with hot water. Then plant products after treatment, you should dry: wet fruit faster give in to rot. Let’s consider a few preventive measures that will protect your kitchen from the insects:

  • Promptly dispose of soft, begin to deteriorate berries, vegetables, fruit.
  • Do not leave on the table of perishable berries: strawberries, raspberries, grapes; sliced melons, watermelons, pineapples.
  • Collect fruits, berries and vegetables overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Do not store outside the refrigerator for a long time the onions, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, is intended to lay for the winter.
  • Avoid stagnation of waste.

Folk remedies

If you made the emergence of fruit flies in order to get rid of them you have to hold a Grand spring cleaning. You need to remove all rotten fruits and vegetables, wash all the corners and hard to reach areas. The destruction of food insects will help to cope with their invasion. In addition, you will have to spend processing sinks and baths. Gnats can lay eggs in the drain holes. To deal with them in several ways. As in the kitchen to rid home of lice:

Cleaning the drain holes to get rid of gnats in the kitchen

  • To spill boiling water drain.
  • To destroy the insects will help the vinegar. The hole for draining sprinkle a little baking soda and add the vinegar. After the reaction stops, pour water. This method will help not only to cope with lice, but to remove the blockage.
  • After processing was carried out plumbing, you need to look into the storage of cereals, to view and transfer them. Rotten or damp products will be discarded. After checking the grains need to seal in a dry container.
  • Prevents the reproduction of fleas treatment of the favorite places of these insects, the buckets for debris, pan and utensils for animal feeding.
  • Against insects help persistent odors of garlic, camphor.
  • To cope with the midges will help geranium. To do this, place the plant in the kitchen, and the insects themselves leave the room.
  • Save us from the invasion of small black flies fumigation of the room with incense.

Traps from the midges

An effective way of fighting fruit and vegetable flies there are traps. For their production using containers with a small opening and a bait. This method is used in areas where unwanted himosranta. There are several types of traps:

Adhesive tape for gnats of fruit flies in the kitchen

  • With banks. In a glass bowl, place something sweet. Using paper, make a funnel with a small hole, insert it into the container. Once in a Bank, flies can’t get out.
  • Traps-Velcro. Cook thick sugar syrup. Pour on a plate and leave in places of a congestion of insects. Caught in such a trap, the insects will stick to the sweet mass.
  • Adhesive tape. This tool is sold in stores. Is a tape coated with a special compound to which flies stick and die. The finished ribbon to hang in places where Drosophila.
  • Cup. Plastic jar of baby food can become a trap for flies. At the bottom of the Cup put the fruit. Tighten the top with cling film capacity, make holes with a thick needle. The gnats will climb into the trap through the hole and out they can not.
  • Trap from a plastic bottle. Pour the syrup into bottles and close the lid, which make small holes.

How to get rid of gnats on indoor plants

In the pots of house plants in winter, sometimes there are small flies, which have nothing in common with fruit flies, they are called sciaridae. Special chemicals help to deal with their presence: «Thunder», «Aktara», «Fitoverm». To get rid of these fleas with the help of folk remedies:

Small gnats on houseplants

  • Sprinkle on the soil surface a small amount of black pepper.
  • Allow the soil to dry and water the plant with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Stick in ground regular matches heads down.
  • Spray the plant with an emulsion, which is prepared by dissolving in 200 ml hot water 50 g of soap. Processing spend a cold remedy. Repeat spraying a week later.

What to do if the window grows a fruit tree

The cause of fleas in the house can be located near a fruiting tree. The plant itself does not affect the growth of insects, and the harvest could be their food supply. How to kill lice, not getting rid of the tree? To do this, in the period of ripening of berries and fruits produced by their timely collection. If you are unable to do so, you will have to dispose of the fruit. Rotten fruit will create favorable conditions for breeding flies. The appearance of insects they kill using traps. To persecute them is not recommended, otherwise the fruit is impossible.

Video how to get rid of small flies in 3 days

You have in the kitchen appeared uninvited guests – a fruit fly? To get rid of them without using toxic chemicals. In the YouTube category of «Housekeeping» offers a simple and effective method of insect control. He will need all fresh, definitely ripe berry (strawberry, plum, peach), a little bread, a little sunflower oil and a saucer. With their help, make it safe for the occupants of the house trap for midges. Learn how to make bait and where to place it, you will be able by watching the following video:

Photos of fruit flies

Fruit or vegetable gnats are small insects, the size of which does not exceed three millimeters. Will belong to the dipteran flies, which has more than two thousand kinds. They live in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms near indoor plants, trash cans, storage of fruit. The houses there are green flies, earth and fruit and vegetable. To read their varieties will help our pictures.

Homemade small midges that live in the kitchen

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