How to paint walls in the apartment with his hands

Every owner of an apartment or house aims to make homes comfortable and beautiful. Some dare to design the interior with their own hands and paint the walls yourself. However, without specific knowledge in this case can not do, otherwise you are just wasting your time and money.

How to paint walls

Each type of paint requires compliance with certain rules applying. In addition, the dyeing process will be different while choosing different painting tools. How to paint the walls in the apartment? Keep in mind a few important tips:

  1. The paint should be applied evenly. If you are using a brush, hold it first in one direction then in the opposite. In the process, the wall surface needs to be shaded, otherwise the paint will drip drops. For this reason, should not be put on the wall of the room a few thick layers or over-dilute the dye. The last stage of painting will be movement in the brush from the bottom up.
  2. When you use for painting the walls of the apartment product based on linseed oil should be applied hair brush and make it as soft motion.
  3. The application of the dye should be carried out in several layers. Latex or other types of paints the walls of the apartment will have to cover twice, since after the first treatment will spot.
  4. If the repair process you are using two colours, after the first painting, wait 2-3 days to dry. Further, on the surface you can glue masking tape and paint the second color.
  5. The layer is smooth and not very thick, the brush is dipped in paint halfway and the cushion is rolled into a flat bath.
  6. To start painting the walls of the apartment with their hands should be on the top of the window opening, a smooth transition to the main walls of the room. To make it easier, divide the area into small squares and paint them one by one. In this case, each next area to paint only after drying previous.
  7. If the walls are uneven terrain, it is not necessary to cover them with a thick layer of the dye, otherwise it will begin to flow and deform.
  8. To limit clear boundary walls, use paper tape. He also used to not stain the floor or ceiling, in contact with the treated wall.

The guy and the girl paints the wall

Painting the walls in the apartment and the necessary tools

Select tools for painting the walls of the apartment with his hands is given the kind of coverage. What adaptations may be needed:

  1. Roller. Fur is used for texture painting, foam – for a smooth.
  2. Brush. Differ only by quality and width. A good brush doesn’t lose hair, so the choice is to pull for him.
  3. Spatulas made of plastic. These instruments need to fill uneven surfaces. With a spatula convenient to apply much paint.
  4. Cuvette. Refers to the small trough, which is used for painting walls with a roller.
  5. Masking tape. Protect non-paintable surfaces from accidental paint.
  6. A mixer for pigments. Installs on drill and helps to prepare the paint of any consistency and color.

Painting walls with a roller

Painting the walls with their hands at the stage of preparation

How to paint walls in the apartment with his hands? Before major decorative works, the premises must be prepared. To do this, remove dirt, eliminate irregularities and roughness of the walls, using putty. After alignment of the wall surface is rubbed with sandpaper and cleaned from dust. When the plaster dries, apply a primer, then the wall again treated skin. Paint the walls of the apartment will be possible only after drying of the second layer of primer liquid.

An ink emulsion should be selected based on the characteristics of its use and destination of repaired the room. So, for bathrooms and kitchens where high humidity levels, selected materials other than those that can be used in bedroom or living room. Universal option is latex paint, which has a sharp odor, contains no toxic substances and is fireproof.

In addition to water-based and water-dispersion paint, which is composed of other components. The main components of this decorative substances do not dissolve in water and are in fluid without harm to its structure. After painting the water from this emulsion evaporates, and the components remain on the surface of the walls, forming a solid film. Like latex, vodnodispersnaya structure it is possible to paint plaster, gypsum, concrete, brick, wooden structures.

For living rooms the experts recommend the use of latex formulations based on latex, which are considered the most environmentally friendly. How to paint apartment walls with their hands? For applying water-based ingredients are better to use brush with artificial bristles or a foam roller. For rooms with high humidity suitable for water resistant formulations of acrylic or polyvinyl acetate (glossy or matte). To apply them allowed any brushes or foam polyester cushions.

Preparing walls for painting

How to paint the walls in the apartment

Before painting the walls need to be perfectly aligned, so surface preparation is carried out very carefully. How to paint walls in the apartment with his hands? The correct technique for applying the dye:

  1. After applying primer and removing small defects, conduct test staining: using a roller applied liquid paint, which should first be diluted with Kohler. The hue is chosen as close as possible to the original, but its intensity should be very weak.
  2. If after the initial processing will appear small flaws, address them with putty, then sanded the wall and primed.
  3. First you need to paint the outer and inner corners of the room, starting work near the window.
  4. With a brush you want to paint surfaces that are impossible to handle with a roller: angles, batteries, baseboards, etc. skirting boards are better for painting lacquer composition, battery a special heat resistant.
  5. Roller to paint all flat surfaces, remove excess enamel, holding the tool with the masking grid.
  6. Movement when painting should be done from top to bottom, then left to right and again from top to bottom.

Woman paints wall with roller

How nice to paint the walls

A rich palette of modern paint formulations provides the ability to create creative design of housing. To realize their wildest ideas, you can use different shades. To create a unique tone by using a special dye – caramel, which gives the base color in the desired shade. If you decide to paint the room a composition based on water emulsion to add color to slowly, stirring the mixture thoroughly.

How to paint walls in the apartment with his hands? To shade everywhere was the same, it is precisely to determine how much dye you will need for a specific amount of work, otherwise the color saturation in different parts of the walls will be different. Decorative water-based composition should be applied in multiple layers (preferably 2-3). The first layer is diluted, making the lowest bright, others leave rich.

If desired, you can use a textured paint is a relatively new decorative material. Using them it is possible to obtain not smooth, but uneven surface. The basis of textured compositions are: sand, mineral fibers, acrylic dispersion based water. Such substances help to create a unique decor for walls, creating the effect of three-dimensionality, of depth.

If you have artistic ability, can decorate a room with patterns. As a rule, such work is done in the kitchen or in the bathroom, however, choosing the right pattern, you can decorate the walls and living spaces. There are several different methods of applying patterns:

  • the effect of Venetian plaster (use a rag lightly dampened with paint contrast with the main colors);
  • three-dimensional paintings are applied with a spray gun;
  • stencils are used to create unusual patterns on the walls (they can be purchased at hardware stores or make your own);
  • the image is applied using a simple pencil, and later decorated with a brush.

Video: painting walls in the apartment with his hands

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