How to mount plastic panels to the wall

If you have started to do repair in the bathroom or on the balcony, but do not know how to install plastic panels on the wall, it is necessary to thoroughly understand this issue. Learn the subtleties and nuances of this process, to repair the house was just a joy and does not bring unnecessary trouble. The cost of the interior is many times lower, and the design options are endless.

That are mounted on plastic panels

Plastic lining is a great way to tackle several problems at once: the details easy to mount on the wall, they do not require much care. However for the task it is important to know how to mount plastic panels to the wall correctly. Here are the important points regarding the establishment of such plating:

  • Mounting of PVC panels on the wall can be done with nails, screws or special adhesive «Liquid nails».
  • If the walls are smooth, you can mount the fixture directly to them: in the case of a wooden or soft surface will fit the screws, and for concrete it is necessary to take the dowel-nails.
  • If the walls are hard to align, by first installing a special wooden or metal grill-frame.

Mounting of PVC panels on the wall

Each attachment method has its own nuances:

  • If nails are used, it is impossible to remove the plates to use them in another place, during the dismantling of the parts are just broken into several parts.
  • Cleats or staples, to drive a special stapler that are best suited.

How to mount PVC panels for wall

To understand how to mount plastic panels to the wall, remember a few tips:

  • Cut the elements themselves, putting them face up.
  • To protect your eyes be sure to wear construction goggles while cutting parts.
  • Hammering nails, it is important to get clear on the nail head, otherwise you’ll leave a dent. To correct such a defect will be impossible.
  • Before the end of the installation process do not remove the protective film, so as not to leave dirty marks on the skin.
  • After installation, clean only with a soap solution so as not to spoil the design or pattern.

How to mount PVC panels to the wall in a wooden crate

The question of how to secure the plastic panels on the wall will help to solve the crate made of wood. The rail must be bolted with a distance of about fifty centimeters. Wooden beams should be perpendicular to the direction of the PVC parts if the future interior vertically, the wooden design best nail horizontally.

  1. First of all install hardware. Fasten on the surface of the first outer and inner corners, then the final element – the ceiling tiles, and end – molding with the slats.
  2. Next, install the first part, connecting the fastening elements. Fix with nails or staples from the wide mounting shelves.
  3. So that the entire structure failed curve before you attach the next item to check first. It should be straight.
  4. Narrow shelf mount the second element to the first, leaving no gaps.
  5. So consistently secure all the PVC panels. Differs only in the last item: it is necessary to force the insert to lock the entire structure. If the size does not match the remaining space, cut detail knife along the skin.

Installation of PVC panels on the crate

Mount plastic panels to the wall using a metal frame

If the room is always high humidity, such as a sauna or bathroom, the tree will quickly swell, have to re-do the repair. How to attach plastic panels to the wall in this case? Suitable metal mounting structure. For easy installation of veneer using special clips. Thanks to them you will be able to easily remove and attach others.

When installing the lining, remember that when the temperature changes, the material will expand. When using wide beam, in free space you can attach the soundproofing or insulation. So simple plastic panels will help to solve several tasks: to create an interior with a taste and keep warm indoors.

Installation of PVC panels without sheathing, liquid nails

For smooth walls use construction adhesive, but during this repair use a respirator and ventilate the room. The advantages override any temporary inconveniences. «Liquid nails» will not affect plastic, dry quickly, which gives the right to adjust the details on the wall. This adhesive is environmentally friendly and does not depend on changes in climatic conditions (temperature and humidity).

  1. Before gluing the panels it is necessary to prepare walls: remove the old Wallpaper, tiles and plaster, to align all the uncertainties and primed surface.
  2. At the beginning, remove the plate from the package thirty minutes that passed adaptation to humidity in the air.
  3. Prepare the glue: cut tip, replace cap, open it and select tool, nail gun.
  4. On the wall draw the points of the lattice or zigzag pattern.
  5. At the time of press bonding the item to the wall so that the glue grabbed better with the whole item evenly. Can use a rubber roller. The first couple of minutes easy to adjust the position of the structure, and after 20 minutes the glue is set.
  6. The final step «sew» sealant joints between parts made of PVC and other elements of the bathroom. Wall profile is ready.

Video: installation of plastic panels on the walls with their hands

With the installation of fixtures and trim in the bathroom on the wall surface to handle even a novice to repair. However, in order to avoid faults and damage to the veneer, view step-by-step instructions in the video below, where a specialist will share his secrets in the sheets and fixings on the stove and on the ceiling. Guide will help you to flawlessly execute the installation of the panels the first time.

Installation of plastic panels on the wall in the bathroom

How to mount wall panels on the loggia

How does the decoration of the walls with plastic panels photo

Plastic panels in living room design

Plastic panels on the balcony

Plastic panels in the interior

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