How to make a smoker with your hands

Any fisherman, hunter or cottager can make a smoker without help. In a well-designed device to cook fish, game, homemade sausages, meat products. There are electroception that are suitable even for an urban apartment. This is a simple design for making your own hands but there are nuances that are worth knowing in advance.

The types of Smoking

Homemade smokehouse should meet some requirements. First, fumigation and heating should be uniform, otherwise it will spoil the taste of the finished product. Second, you need a light smoke, heavy smoke because it precipitates earlier than reach the semis. Prokopivna requires a lot of time and delays haze. In the end, it is important gradual penetration. Before you understand how to make a smoker with your hands, you should define the desired form of Smoking.


Capcana RIBA

Exquisite bouquets of aroma and flavor in combination with the duration of storage gives cold Smoking, which is held at t 30-50°C. the Smoked ham will lie in a cool, dry cellar for more than a year, retaining the flavor and taste. Minus the cold method is the duration of the process. For small fish requires up to 6 hours and pork shins will ocenivaetsa up to 3 days. Design of cold fumigation simple device. The installation will be appropriate for any country. How to make a smokehouse for cold Smoking, will be discussed and shown in the photo below.


Hot smoker

In the appetizing odor, taste and appearance of smoked products are inferior to cold. The procedure is carried out at t 70-120°C, after which the meats are stored outdoors no more than 36 hours at room temperature. The fumigation lasts from 15 minutes to 4 hours. To prepare the product in advance is not necessary. The fridge meals quickly nipped by the frost, which lose their taste. How to make a hot smoker with their hands will tell the experts in the video at the end of the article.


The smell and appearance polugracii the same product as smoked. The procedure is performed in the cold or electric oil lamp at t 70°C. This is a great «speed» option. Used when you need for the holiday table quick to cook smoked meats fresh produce. Polugracii method is used and the fishermen the fishermen are the hunters who are prey after processing into the market.

How to make a smoker at home

Zamorana sporuda

A homemade device for Smoking are characterized by small sizes. Professionals recommend to look for the drawings of structures, which include the use of brick. Brick chimney will deteriorate the taste of the finished products, so the clutch will only support a smoker. The basis of any model of metal sheets (stainless steel) and a good welding quality. How to make a smoker with your hands that lasts for many years and was cost-effective? The most simple in execution is a homemade Smoking device cold way of Smoking.

Smokehouse cold smoked with their hands

Device for cold smoked

Cook portable mini design is very simple. A simple homemade cold smoker with their hands – this:

  1. Three barbecue grill and two metal rod that curved with the letter P.
  2. Weld the rod on each of the three pairs of rings, which should be placed at an equal distance from each other.
  3. Vertically to weld the bars for four bars (3 cm) on each to insert into the rings on the rods.
  4. The bars shall be firmly and easily fixed to during the process fell under the weight of fish or meat.
  5. Dig outdoors hearth with chimney, and easily cook meat and fish specialities.

A smoker with their hands

If you want to know how to make a hot smoker with his own hands, to build it a little more difficult than in the cold. The smoker Cabinet should be placed in the flue casing that tapers at the top. It is necessary for uniform expenditure of smoke coming into the hole. The design should have a closed bottom so that dripping fat does not fall on the flue casing or fuel. Scheme hot lamp:

  • furnace;
  • a layer of sawdust;
  • a tray for fat collection;
  • grid.

Better if cover design will be the water seal to create the pressure inside and semi-finished products evenly prokoptilas. Make it easy with a hose lowered into a container of water. An important addition will be the smoke, because for smoked need a lot of smoke. If stationary design, then it is better to impose with a brick and be covered with refractory clay.

Video tutorials: how to make a smokehouse for home-smoked

View videos that illustrated how to make a smoker out of a barrel of 100-200 liters, grill smokehouse of brick or gas cylinders, which is easy to do barbecue. Learn how to create a stationary smoke oven from an old fridge. Professionals will point out the nuances of making smoke generator will tell you what is better to choose a material for the production of a device that use as a compressor, and what means will be suitable for construction.

Homemade smoker from a barrel

From the gas cylinder

From the bucket

Smokehouse made of stainless steel with your hands


From the fridge

The smoke with their hands

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