How to lay tile in the bathroom

It is believed that the most popular material for finishing the bathroom tile. Laying ceramic tiles is a complicated process, but knowing some of the features you will be able to handle him without the help of the wizard. So the result is perfect, remember some important points.

Laying tile in the bathroom


First of all, you need to determine the direction of laying. There are lots of options masonry: straight, diagonal, offset, mosaic. Using a particular method, you will be able to visually adjust the room, for example, to make it roomier or higher. Then you will need to calculate the required amount of material, based on measurements of the bathroom. It is necessary to buy with a margin of 5-10%. If you haven’t decided how to put the tiles in the bathroom, read the details of each method of laying.

Straight rows

This is a simple and time-tested option. Tile should be put so that he was reduced to the level of horizontal and vertical stripes. Start working from the second floor of a number. First draw the perimeter of the room smooth the line that will mount the guides (metal rods). In the direct method, laying bathroom will look more beautiful if you start with the middle of the wall, not the corners. Pruning will not be noticeable.

Diagonal tiling

This method will help make the bathroom visually larger. Diagonal veneer is significantly more difficult to perform. First, from the angle at which to start the masonry, you need to measure segments equal to the length of the tile, and to connect them. Figuratively speaking, we must paint an isosceles triangle. Then from the centre of the intended cut is diagonal. Fit whole tiles first, then the other. It is important that the side of each new element is perpendicular to the drawn diagonal.


This kind of treatment is very original, reminiscent of the brickwork. The tile is a horizontal rows. Each new element is placed with a space for a half or a third lower. The middle of the top of tiles will occur in the vertical joints of those under them. Be sure to follow the same thickness of the seams using crosses. You can surround the bath tile with an offset diagonal. It is also very beautiful.

What you need for laying tiles in the bathroom

You need to purchase these materials:

  • tile in sufficient quantity;
  • tile waterproof glue;
  • grout;
  • moisture-proof primer;
  • plastic TIC (thickness select in its sole discretion).


Take care of the following tools:

  1. Tile. Can be electric or manual. Some people don’t want to spend money on this device and prefer to use an angle grinder or a diamond glass cutter.
  2. A drill with a nozzle «mixer». With her help preparing the adhesive mixture.
  3. The spatulas. Need a serrated, flat and rubber.
  4. Trowel.
  5. Diamond drill bits for round openings.
  6. Sponge.
  7. Containers for water and glue preparation.
  8. Roulette, laser, and conventional levels, plumb.
  9. Pencil or marker for marking, rulers, construction cord.

How to put tile on the wall

Assemble everything you need for repair. Before lay tile in the bathroom, prepare the wall, following the instructions below:

  1. Using the plumb line to determine how the surface is smooth.
  2. Clean the wall of any old coating.
  3. Using plaster, level surface. Depending on the condition of the walls, may take from one to several layers.
  4. If the wall curves, align them with sheets of drywall. As a result, the area of the room will be reduced.
  5. When the walls are aligned and the plaster has dried, coat them with primer to the tiles tight fitted.

Before laying tile in the bathroom, mark the wall and calculate using the following statement:

  1. Using a level, find the low spot of the floor. Mark the height of one tile. Using the level around the perimeter of the room put the same label to connect in a continuous line.
  2. At a specified level before fasten a wooden plank or metal profile.
  3. Using a tape measure, determine the middle of the wall. From this point to the right lay the tiles, inserting spacers. If the last element does not fit, slide to the left the whole series to the limit. Draw a vertical line at the extreme left of the tile. Mark every wall.


How to lay tile in the bathroom:

  1. The process always starts from the second row over the nailed strap.
  2. Mix moisture proof adhesive on the recommendations on the package.
  3. Apply a little mortar on a notched trowel and spread evenly on a wall site with which you start. Hold the tile to the wall, slightly press it at the same time moving in different directions, so that the adhesive mixture evenly smeared. If it is applied to the wall does not work, you can cover the tile on the reverse side, valid both technologies.
  4. Enclose the entire number is gradually inserted in the spacing between the elements of the special crosses that are responsible for the width of the seam. Use a level to make sure tiles are evenly placed horizontally and vertically. Typically, the corners are not the goal, and the undercut elements. Then you can proceed to the next row. Periodically podhisita seams from glue.
  5. When all the walls are lined, remove the bar and enjoy a lower close. Some pieces also have to cut them.
  6. When ready, mix the grout as stated in the instructions.
  7. With a rubber spatula, RUB it into the gaps. Treat them with a wet sponge, and after drying with a dry cloth.

Laying tile in the bathroom with their hands involves her cutting. In this process you need more detail:

  1. For the procedure you need quality tile or glass cutter. If you work in the past, you mark the piece you need. In one motion, swipe the incision on the tile according to the marked line. Put it on the table face up. Push down on both sides, the tile is split.
  2. If you have tile, then just lay the tile so that you scribed the line with labels, make a cut and press on the handle, the tile is split.
  3. If you need to cut is not a straight line and a curve or arc, use the grinder. Hole round shape under the pipe in a tile drill or special drill bits.

How to put tile on the floor with their hands


This process is less complex than the previous one. Here is a step by step guide of how to put tile on the bathroom floor:

  1. Clean the surface. To make it smooth, apply a self-leveling mortar or cement screed. When the composition dries, programsuite surface.
  2. Before putting the floor tiles in the bathroom, you need to make a layout after alignment. Find the middle of each wall, put a mark. Connect perpendicular lines. So you divide the floor into four separate sectors. Better to start from the centre, but some prefer to put a door or from the visible area of the bathroom.
  3. Apply to the floor area a little glue comb. First, lay out a square of four tiles. Then lay out the long row along one of the lines. Every two or three tiles apply a level to ensure no deviations.
  4. Into the gaps insert the TIC.
  5. When all the whole tiles will be laid out, do the cutting.
  6. So you figured out how to lay tile in the bathroom on the floor. It remains only to pull out crosses and wipe the seams.

Video: laying tile in the bathroom

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