How to insulate a balcony

To make their lives in a small apartment comfortable can be a simple solution is to insulate the balcony and there is another room for leisure or even work. The easiest way to apply to special companies that offer insulation of loggias and balconies, and do it quickly and efficiently. If you want to do the insulation yourself, you will need helpful tips.

The gradual warming of balconies and loggias

Prepared to repair the premises

When the question arises, how to insulate a balcony with the removal, you need to understand that only piecemeal allocation of cases to help you cope with the task. How to paint things, where to start, and then finish the insulation. So:

  1. To install plastic Windows. This stage probably plays a major role in warming, because the only good glass will protect from strong wind noise.
  2. Close all the cracks. Here it is important to carefully inspect the premises for evidence of this.
  3. To choose a heater. Because the market today, you can find a wide range of insulation materials, created on different technologies, then this issue is best approached with knowledge of the case, at least, to consult with a specialist.
  4. Finishing inner, outer. You need to bring the balcony into the proper form. This will fit any panel.

How to insulate a loggia or a balcony

The process of insulating the floor

The choice of insulation depends on the climatic conditions in your region. If the winter is cold and lasts about 4-6 months, you need to insulate not only walls, but also floor, ceiling. The main criterion when selecting insulation is its thermal conductivity: the higher it is, the worse the insulation keeps the heat. So, when choosing take into account this factor and choose the material with the minimum value.

One of the most popular insulation is polystyrene. Easy to work with, the thermal conductivity is very low, he does not eats up a lot of space, because it is not very thick. For a budget option, you can choose the standard foam, but will have to prepare for the long, tedious work, because cutting it is somewhat more complicated.

Another way of warming – capsule. This method is difficult to work alone, so it is often offered by companies who deal with such issues. It is more safe for the entire design of the balcony or loggia, has a minimum conductivity, eats not a lot of space. The only negative – will cost you such insulation is a little more expensive than other options.

How to insulate the floor on the balcony

Warm floor

For floor insulation on the balcony, you can use the same settings you used for the walls and ceiling. If, for example, take the foam, then the process of insulation will consist of a small step-by-step instructions:

  1. Place the foam sheets between the joists.
  2. The cracks need to saponite.
  3. Lay finish.

For floor insulation is also well suited polystyrene foam, mineral wool, peonol. Heat they are not much different, but the price can play an important role in the choice of material. The same goes for plating, the design of which differs in the quality, price and appearance. Best of all, if you prefer hardwood floors that are perfectly warm and pleasant for the feet.

How to insulate a balcony inside barrier

The barrier is a great way of warming using the special design, which protects the wall from moisture. Due to this the insulation of the balcony can be used even those materials which cannot tolerate moisture. The only drawback is the walls won’t breathe as everything is sealed with construction tape, polyethylene tape, foil. The installation process is simple:

  1. Install insulating plate.
  2. Cover them with a vapor barrier material.
  3. The cracks are Packed with tape.
  4. Lay finish.

Wall membrane

Than to insulate the balcony on the walls and ceiling

In order to insulate the balcony, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of material for insulation and isolation of this small room. After you drew a diagram you can go to the hardware store. The choice of insulation is likely to bring you into doubt, but remember that the thinner, the better the material will be selected, the more the internal space will be left on the balcony.

Insulating system consists of a main insulator (this can be foam, Styrofoam, expanded polystyrene or mineral wool with a minimum thickness of 3 mm), reflecting insulation, air gap and adhesive tape, which reinforces the structure and simultaneously hides the seams. The choice of materials depends on your budget and goals – well to insulate the loggia for the winter, or to settle for just a warm early spring or fall.

Warm balcony with glazing

Balcony with glazing

It is best for glazing balcony suitable plastic Windows. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the package was triple, with extra insulation. Don’t forget about your end goal, so do not skimp on the Windows, otherwise all the insulation to go unnoticed. Wooden Windows are also in demand, but their price is much higher plastic.

How much to insulate a balcony

Given that insulate non-residential premises you own, without the help of experts cost-you can safely delete the payment. It is not enough: companies that offer such services, take from 400 to 750 g per square meter of insulating works. So it remains only to calculate your costs for insulation of the balcony with his hands: the average repair a 3-meter balcony with polystyrene foam will cost you 3000 p. the price includes Styrofoam, polyurethane foam, PVC film, construction tape, mounting dowel.

Video: warming of the balcony in a typical apartment


Vitaly, 36 years:to Insulate the loggia in the Khrushchev two years ago, used a foam polystyrene, and did everything right, but lost with glazing – single-chamber package, the result of all the heat through it and went. In General, winter is on the balcony not very comfortable, but by the spring can already be located there with a book.

Maksim, 29 years:Working in the company on the glazing and insulation. Clients the question arises how best to insulate a balcony or something to insulate the balcony inside. We often use mineral wool. It costs a bit cheaper polystyrene foam, although the thermal conductivity is identical.

Victor, 37 years:I don’t know how to insulate a balcony of their own, until I came to the forum with this topic. The budget was often reminded that no construction company I on the shoulder. In total, I spent about 3500 p. and 2 weeks for full insulation! It remains only to glazing quality Windows, ready for winter!

Eugene, 46 years:When to insulate your balcony, had to Tinker inside and out. Besides strengthen the roof to supply a powerful double-glazed Windows. All the repairs took about 5,000 p., but sang it very well and pleased with himself. Now on the balcony grandchildren play when they come to visit, and I’m not worried about what they may freeze.

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