How to get rid of gnats in the apartment at home

Frequent uninvited guests to our homes, especially in the summer, become gnats. They appear suddenly and are annoyed by their presence, however, apart from trivial inconveniences insects can cause significant harm to humans. Midges actively spoil food, and some of the existing species may even bite. They get turned into sweets, fruits, flowers that serve as excellent bait for the insects. I am glad that bring fleas in the home is not so difficult.

Where are gnats in the apartment: the sources of

Many people wonder: why do midges appear? After all, they can wind up in the apartment, even if Windows and doors were tightly closed. To combat these insects is important to establish the source of their origin, and then to deal with the pesky midges. The most common reason for the appearance of the house small insects biologists call just rotten or contaminated fruits and vegetables brought from the store or collected in the garden.

Before the fruits come to our table, many of them were babies that are in remission and waiting for the fruit or vegetable will begin to rot. Spoiled vegetables, fruit is the main food for flies, so the process of decay signals insects that it’s time for the emergence of larvae from eggs. In a very short period of time they grow into adult insects.

Fruit flies in the apartment

The lifespan of the midges are very short – only about a day. However, if the apartment is for them to have a large number of medium, for example, rotten fruits or vegetables, gnats reproduce very quickly. The result is a lot of flying insects. What to do to prevent such an outcome? An effective solution will be the rapid elimination of the focus of their appearance.

Another common cause of brown midges of the house is the lack of hygiene, buckets for garbage, and its irregular stem. Leftovers are swill, you can contain the eggs of small insects that during the beginning of the decay products Wake up. If food debris came to the surface of the urn, it may cause heaps of flying parasites.

Many varieties of home fleas love to live in the living parts of the aquarium, cages of rodents, birds or other animals. Often the invasion of red biting insects occurs through unkempt dining places dogs or cats. Food residues or nedomytye plate can be a great help for breeding of midges. It is therefore necessary to remove most of the animals and change the water in the aquarium, the insects were not able to lay eggs in different places of the apartment.

The abundant reproduction of mosquitoes may occur due to the presence in the apartment houseplants. Often the process of insect reproduction is stimulated by watering flowers tea brewing – gnats really love it. In addition, small gray flies can appear near pots or directly in the soil if the humidity is excessive. Therefore it is not abundantly pour a plant with water.

Where else could there be gnats, if you have no rotten fruits, animals, and strong moisture? The answer is simple – from the sewer. Food particles when injected into the pipe can get stuck on bends or siphons, continuing there expansion. It constantly provokes the emergence of more new midges that fill the apartment again after each subsequent destruction. Get in the house insects can only help the person that brought them from the market, but the future life of the midges depend on the cleanliness of the premises and timely cleaning of sewers. Below are the types of midges in the apartment with photos.

What to do if infested fruit or flower flies

If your apartment is infested with gnats, the first necessary measure would be to establish the places of their reproduction and what insects eat. The primary search should be focused on vegetables, fruits. Next is to check the bathroom and kitchen drains. Perhaps the reason for the emergence of midges was undetected during harvesting a drop of honey or a piece of spoiled food that rolled under the furniture. However, if these hypotheses were not confirmed, likely, the habitat of midges steel pots with potted flowers.

Small flower flies in a dish

Midge from flowers is a common problem of fans of home flora. The larvae are parasites love to feed on the roots of plants, so often the result of such cohabitation is becoming the death of the flowers. To destroy insects, you should use a proven way – to stick matches into the soil heads down and reduce the amount of water for irrigation. With the aim of preventing the appearance of midges, it is recommended to put decorative stones on top of the ground or sprinkle the ground black pepper.

How to get rid of fruit flies?

  1. Spend full-scale check of all vegetables and fruits, which are at home. If during the audit will be discovered spoiled food immediately discard them, and fresh fruits and vegetables put in the refrigerator.
  2. Check cereals, peppered them in a sealed dry banks. Dry food should not have traces of prelosti, but if I have «infected» the grocery store should include in the trash.
  3. Vacuum the walls, ceiling, floor and all surfaces, where he was noticed tiny black gnats. To kill insects, you need to enable the device to send a cluster of midges, to draw them quickly inside. Shake the bag away from the house.
  4. How to get rid of fruit gnats in the apartment easier way? Hang in the kitchen conventional sticky traps for insects. After 2-3 days their number will be significantly reduced.
  5. A proven remedy for fruit flies is a simple bait – containers half-full of alcohol. Leave an open bottle of beer or wine on the bottom, in the morning, inside will be a huge number of insects caught in the trap.

Than to poison lice – ways output

  • Handle wash basin sink modern means to eliminate blockages in pipes and siphons. An alternative method is treatment of the neck shell quenched with vinegar, baking soda. After an intense formation of foam, sink and drain should be washed with plenty of running water.Girl gets rid of gnats in the apartment
  • The fight with the midges on the balcony involving the processing of its inner surface with special sprays or solutions against parasites (moths, flies, mosquitoes, midges). Insects will cease to fly into the treated areas of the apartment. However, such tools are allowed to use only in well-ventilated rooms, otherwise you risk to toxicity.
  • A quick way to eradicate the mosquitoes would be to buy and use conventional fumigator from mosquitoes. To turn the unit on day or night and gnats will be gone, but the Raptor does not protect against more Chicks, eggs and insect larvae. In addition, you can use records of mosquitoes – secure the tool to the glass in the summer from the sun it will heat up and release toxic to midges toxins gradually killing her.

Recipes folk remedies against insects

How to get rid of gnats in the apartment with the help of folk remedies:

  • Fill a glass beaker or jar with water, add a little Apple cider vinegar and detergent for dishes. Put the pot back where the insects congregate, and a couple of hours the lice will be almost. The trap with Apple cider vinegar very home attracts mosquitoes, but a means for utensils does not allow them to get out. To be effective, update it every week.The lure for small flies
  • Display jump midges that bite, perhaps with the help of horseradish. Put in a simple transparent bag pieces of shit or clean it, leave the balls open, as flies can not stand the smell, so quickly leave the apartment.
  • Midges and similar insects love rotting bananas. Leave it on the kitchen pack with banana skins or other pieces of spoiled fruit or vegetable – so you collect parasites in one place. Gently and quickly close the package and take out the trash.
  • Equally effective trap for small insects will be a plastic Cup with a sweet content. Put on the bottom of the fruit pieces or pour juice, compote, top, pull plastic wrap and make it a tiny hole using a thick needle. Put the glass closer to the place of residence of the midges – they begin to fly inside and out.
  • If you do not want to build a special trap for flies, use the means at hand. To cover cake, pour a bit of wine or beer (the drink needs just a little bit to cover the bottom of the tank). As a rule, the insects are quickly going on alcohol and drowning in it.
  • Leave the Bank a little bit of compote, juice, or sweet tea, for the night it will attract insects. Close the jar lid and place in the microwave for 40-60 seconds. In addition, you can put the jar in the fridge for a couple of hours, the mosquitoes will not survive.

Video: 2 reliable ways to destroy fleas

House the hordes of small flying insect is very irritating, uncomfortable and feeling unkempt apartment. Some Housewives in the quest to destroy pesky insects literally bring themselves up to hysteria. From fleas and other parasites, savedsims in the apartment, and should be removed. Types of such bugs, there are several thousand, and some of them even bite back. However, for the control of insects is not necessarily to understand their varieties because there are universal ways to kill insects, which you’ll learn by watching video.

Prevention of emergence of midges

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment, timely removal of garbage.
  • Cleaning sewer pipes, siphons with the help of special tools.
  • Frequent washing of the trash.
  • Timely release from perishable vegetables or fruit.
  • Breeding of the house of geraniums (gnats hate the smell).
  • Installation of mosquito nets midges on the window.
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