How to fold a t-shirt

How to quickly fold a t-shirt that you can wear it immediately after you get out of the closet? Need to learn how to make. Due to this the clothes will not crease, and whatever she was laying, she will always have a neat appearance. What are the ways to be naughty fabric?

How to fold a t-shirt so it does not wrinkle

Styling shirts after Ironing

Nice to see neat rows of clothes, when you open a closet or unpacking the suitcase. You can pick up and immediately throw the thing, not spending a single minute of the Ironing Board. The more accurate and more compact than the folded products, the more will fit on the shelves and less likely that they will be wrinkle-free. Skills how to roll a shirt so it does not wrinkle, can be useful when compiling it in the bag before a distant journey. You will be able to take all of their clothes, and every day will Shine in a new way. There are some simple tricks how to neatly fold a t-shirt.

How to fold a t-shirt

Did you notice how skillfully the boutiques on the shelves decomposed outerwear? Neat stacks, each tank top and t-shirt wound on the cardboard, they show the main part of the picture. In fact, this skill can be quickly used to further yourselves to show such a focus. T-shirt reasonably take in our wardrobe place of honor, so in order to preserve them diligent, you should know how to fold a t-shirt. If the top to iron clothes right after washing and carefully folded it before the release you don’t have to bother Ironing.

Ways of folding t-shirts

In your chest a big number of shirts and hangers is not good enough? It’s time to learn how to make. There are plenty of methods how to do it. Of these the most common are: classic, Chinese, special for the Assembly Polo and method of compact twisting. Please be a endurance, and in order to start practicing how to fold a t-shirt of any size.

The classic version

The hackneyed method, how to fold a t-shirt, proven over the years. Thanks to him, we maintain the neatness of things. First of all prepare the place, and the smooth surface of the train according to the instructions:

  1. Put your clothes back face to the front looking at you.
  2. Following this, take the sleeves and turn them inside. The ends of sleeves should touch the breast. Later will figure resembling a rectangle.
  3. Then fold the resulting rectangle along, shoulder to shoulder. Is bending from the neck to the bottom is required to participate in clearly in the middle.
  4. The final touch will be folding things in half.

the scheme of folding t-shirts

Compact how to fold a t-shirt

Twisted t-shirts take up considerably less space in the boxes. How to roll a t-shirt, so you can keep it not only beautiful, but additionally to save some space for new things? The scheme is simple:

  1. Place the product on a horizontal surface, flatten with your palm all the seams along the length, bend their lower edge on the negative side, the indentation will be approximately 10 cm.
  2. First, wrap the left edge of the shirt, and then the right.
  3. Combine them in the center, gently unscrewing the sleeve in different directions.
  4. Start to wring the thing from top to bottom, i.e. from the shoulder to the ground, Sliva product in a compact quadrangle.
  5. Once you wrap to the line of tackle, just «put» on the wrong side of the resulting quadrilateral. Your «work of art» is not revealed in your travel bag or suitcase.

Chinese method

The Chinese are real experts who can teach us how to fold t-shirts because they pack clothes for export this way:

  1. Lock fingers of the right hand in the middle of the shoulder seam, conditionally draw a line to the bottom of the product.
  2. Imagine this imaginary line in the middle and grasp it with your other hand.
  3. Move through the top shoulder part of the garment to the bottom of the shirt. Visually it appears as if you cover the left hand.
  4. Take your right hand two points (top and bottom of the dress), gently remove your left hand and align the elbow – thing folded up and down.
  5. Hold down the dots, shake the thing and put it on the plane back up.
  6. Fold part of the sleeve to make a rectangle.

Gradual stacking of t-shirts

How to fold Polo

A wonderful method of how to fold Polo allows you to save not only fresh, but also not to spoil the original shape of the ironed collar:

  1. Lay the Polo face down on a smooth surface.
  2. Take one hand on the middle of the right shoulder, and the other for the bottom. Hands should be on the same level. Bend the right side back. Carefully check that the bend line was parallel to the side seam.
  3. Similarly do this with the left side. If you did everything correctly, taking into account all the details so the Polo will look like a rectangle. In this position, the sleeves will be put on top of each other.
  4. Take clothes in the lower part, move to the shoulders – so you fold it in half.
  5. Expand thing on the front, put in the closet!

Video: quick folding t-shirts

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