How to clean your microwave in 5 minutes

Quickly prepare almost any dish, if necessary to defrost foods – this is the convenience of an electric instrument called a «microwave oven». When in the kitchen there is this kind of household appliances, over time, inevitably the question arises: how to clean your microwave in 5 minutes? Often used to return household appliance proper form, spending a few minutes, won’t be much trouble, we only need to know a few proven ways.

How to wash the oven from fat inside

Food residue and the layer of fat on the inner walls of the microwave – this picture see the owners of the electric appliance, when once again open its door. Using this type of appliances every day, do not forget that from time to time the microwave oven must be cleaned of adhering fat. For this there are two options: to buy a special tool at the store and use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the second method – home methods that are effective, but it helps to save money.

Girl cleans the microwave from grease


Homemade way to clean the ceramic walls of the microwave oven of carbon helps vinegar. Like citric acid, it at the same time removes unpleasant odor, rust, and to clean the microwave, you need to make a solution. In the tank, which is then put into the oven, dissolve 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vinegar 200 ml of water, set the duration of no more than 7 minutes. When the device is off, take a damp cloth and swipe it along the walls, removing the layer of grease and pieces of food.

Lemon or citric acid

To wash the microwave inside to Shine, to shone again clean, will with of lemon. While useful, such as juice and peel of the fruit of the citrus tree, is not inferior in efficacy and citric acid. To prepare the solution in the tank must be mixed with 200-250 ml of water with three tablespoons lemon juice, or to replace it with a couple of spoons of citric acid, stir well and put the present inside the furnace. Within five minutes under the action of waves the solution will be to evaporate and cover the wall, then you will only need to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the microwave from the fat using lemon


Another effective homemade way how to quickly clean a microwave in 5 minutes, involves the use of baking soda. A versatile tool, which is often used to wash the dishes or the oven, helps to cope with fat, but at the same time disinfects the surface. The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water. Put the bowl inside the microwave, include the most powerful mode, cleaning solution leave for 5 minutes. In some cases the procedure must be repeated until the steel inside, it will Shine bright again.

How to remove smell from microwave

With the smell of burning, if during cooking or when warming up, you have gone too far with the timer, the help all those home-made ways. Optional spent on the purchase of special cleaning tools, household chemicals, should look in the kitchen cabinets and find: vinegar or citric acid, bicarbonate of soda and some other products that can be useful.

The hostess cleans the microwave at home

They help wash walls of a microwave oven to a Shine, and at the same time eliminate the unpleasant odor. But there are other options that do not get to use without having to wash. One of the options – coffee neutralizes any odor. The perfect option implies the use of natural, freshly brewed drink. Cook it a little more than usual serving: pour a little without adding sugar, and wipe the walls of the household device. This procedure will take less than a minute, and after a couple of hours just rinse solution.

Useful in ridding the inner space of the microwave of unpleasant odors, will become salt and carbon. If you use salt, then the device does not even have to turn, it is only necessary to pour four or five tablespoons in an open dish, put inside for 10 hours and to close the door tightly. Salt during this time neutralizes odors. This way is valid and activated carbon: 6-7 crushed tablets, leave overnight in the microwave, and in the morning take out an open container. Odor there will be no hint.

Video how to clean a microwave at home

To always be crystal clear microwave can only in one case: if you do not use it. If an electrical device is to be used, there is a need to wash it. Fatty deposits on the walls, remnants from cooking, warming or defrosting products by themselves will not disappear, but with the right approach they are not going to be over. How to quickly clean a microwave in 5 minutes? About the simplest and most effective ways of cleaning home appliance in the home in detail in the video below.

Cleaning a microwave oven from fat

Try to clean the microwave with vinegar

Cleaning microwave ovens orange peel

How to Shine to clean the microwave with baking soda

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