How to choose laminate flooring for apartment

It is known that laminated panels – convenient, practical, environmentally friendly floor coating, which creates contemporary home atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and protection. To determine the material best suited for the interior of your apartment, you need to consider the basic selection criteria.

What grade of laminate is suitable for apartment

Modern interior

The abrasion class of laminate is determined on the basis of how the material responds to external influence. There are several categories of flooring. What class of laminate to choose for an apartment? For this you need to consider the following:

  • The class 31 is used in rooms with low permeability (bedroom, office).
  • Class 32 is suitable for finishing a nursery or living room.
  • Class 33 extra durable, used for decoration of commercial premises.
  • Class 34 has an unlimited lifespan in living rooms, suitable for the decoration of public institutions.

How to choose laminate for water resistance

Floor panels differ in the degree of vodorodnoi. There are moisture-resistant and conventional types of laminate. Paintings of the second type are afraid of water, can swell from excessive moisture. In areas where use of a conventional laminated panels, it is recommended to do the cleaning, allowing only a small contact surface with water. This is not the case with moisture resistant coating. It does not deteriorate even if the spillage on the floor, tolerates the daily wet cleaning and is ideal for kitchen, hallway.

3D modeling of the room

What should be the thickness of the laminate

There are five thicknesses of material. They are all presented from any manufacturer. This floor panel-6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm thick. How to choose laminate flooring for apartment? To do this, you should consider on which floor is the living area. For the first need boards with thickness from 10 mm to 8 mm. lacking From this feature fabric and quality of the applied substrate depends on the strength and durability of the floor, soundproofing and room temperature.

Does it matter the size of the laminate

Dark floor

Panels vary in size. Leaf width 90 mm is considered narrow. The floors are paved with this material, reminiscent of the parquet floor. Laminated Board with a width of 330 mm is an imitation of ceramic tiles. Distributed transverse dimension of the canvas 185-195 mm. the Floor, laid with such material, reminiscent of high-quality coating of wood, because the picture on it looks natural. Length of boards is also not standardized. The longitudinal size of the blade can reach 1845 mm. the Most popular is considered to be the Board 1260-1380 mm long.

How to choose laminate flooring for apartment? To do this, when planning the repair to take into account the amount of living space. The floor is wide and long the rooms are used panel of appropriate size, which simplifies and accelerates the installation of the coating. When laying the material in a small room a high probability that you will need small plates.

Floor in light colors

Which laminate flooring is better with or without chamfer

It is known that a facet is a face of the plane blade, cut at a certain angle. It can only be on the long side of a Board or pass around the perimeter. There are two ways of making chamfer: rolling (punching plate, which retains a protective layer on the surface) and cutting the edges. The last method requires additional processing to maintain moisture resistance and painting canvases.

Which laminate flooring is better to choose for an apartment? Material bevelled expensive, and has the following advantages:

  • floors of dark color, lined with «oak» looks «expensive» and naturally, as if made of expensive natural boards;
  • chamfer partially takes over the mechanical stress prevents deformation of the plate;
  • increase the tightness of connecting joints, increasing the water resistance;
  • an opportunity not to level the floor when changing a height of less than 4 mm for every 2 meters;
  • cover with chamfer across the room can make the room wider, and along with longer.

The choice of laminate for apartment manufacturer

The design of the room

Before you choose laminate for apartment, you should learn it well-known brands. Panels from domestic producers have met with considerable success and are actively moving in the foreign market. One of the leading manufacturers of stoves – the company Kronostar. Coating class 31 and 32 from this manufacturer meets all international quality standards. Not less popular in Russia, the company «RBK-XXI Vek», which was based on best international standards and offers its own original design.

Among foreign manufacturers of flooring stands the German company Classen, plates which at a low price have excellent quality. In its price segment material from this company has the best technical characteristics. Plate QuickStep is a popular coating of the highest quality from the Swedish company Unilinflooring, has a lifespan of 25 years. Widely known material from Balterio Baltagroup Belgian concern. This floor covering according to the results of the test has a lifetime of 15 years.

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