How to choose iron

Iron is a very useful helper in the house every housewife. With him all things will be perfectly ironed, the fabric will not be any wrinkles or seminov. It would seem that difficult in the choice of iron? But in the store they are so a huge amount! All the similar and different characteristics. What options should pay attention when choosing?

How to choose the right iron for the house

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Came for purchase, I don’t know how to choose the right iron? To do this, you must first decide why you need it – for home use or to take to the road. If you stroke things very rarely, you can get a simple model. When dry cleaning is most of the time, it is better to stay on the choice of the device from a reputable manufacturer – Yes, it will be more expensive, but better. Don’t believe the hype about the need for a too fancy «bells and whistles» – they are at home rarely used. But not buy cheap equipment.

Iron power

Power consumption is one of the options of appliances that tells the buyer how to choose iron and not to miscalculate. Than the figure above, the faster it will heat up the sole, due to this, the Ironing time is significantly reduced. The power unit should be 2000-2400 W, if the iron is used frequently. The average power of the appliance in 1600-1900 watts is perfect for a small family. There are models up to 1500 watts – you can use them on the road. With them even a long trip will be comfortable, because they will fit in the smallest bag and complete with case.

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What sole is better

To understand what coverage iron is better, you first need to know what they are:

  • Stainless steel – cheap, but durable material that serves as long time. The sole of this material is made for cheap models of irons. Thanks to a special coating, the instrument glides over tissue.
  • — Metal or ceramics – a fragile, but provide quality dry cleaning and easy sliding.
  • Aluminum conduct heat well, so sole heats up quickly. Aluminum less durable material compared to steel. Eventually deformed.
  • Teflon, titanium, electric – high durability. Have a long service life.

Types of irons

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A wide variety of models of irons with different features from many manufacturers provides a conditional split them into separate species. It will help buyers to understand what the iron better and better. There are simple models (electric), wireless, with cooking spray, and temperature control, steam and those that you can take with you on holiday or a business trip. What will be the right choice if so many options?


Models of these appliances resemble the first electric. Appliances does not have any functions other than dry Ironing with temperature control of the sole. Electric irons the cheapest on the market of household appliances, so now they are extremely difficult to find. If you need to iron the clothes steam with this iron, you need to manually spray the water.

Cordless irons

Irons that work without wire release Philips and Tefal. Equipment is placed on a stand to charge. The hostess receives a control signal in the form of a glowing light bulb (on some there is a button) – when you can iron, and when iron is required to again put in the dock. Also there are models with special sliding supports and of the magnetized rails. This technique is convenient because in the process of Ironing is possible not to be distracted by anything except underwear.

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The steam generator

Iron with steam station refers to the professional appliances. Is a device for smoothing out folds on clothes and a detached unit with water tank. The steam generator without stopping produces a pair, hose feeds it directly into the iron. Such appliances have a high cost, occupy a lot of space due to the large dimensions of steam station. The advantages of the technology include:

  • Ironing takes minimal time thanks to the intensity of the steam and light smoothing clothes over the entire surface;
  • the ease of the device.

A rating of the best irons

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Taking into account customer reviews and specifications of irons from manufacturers, it is possible to give a definite answer that the title «perfect iron» every device of any brand receives from his mistress. But, based on the functions of existing models, there are several the most successful. Before you choose iron, you should pay attention to the professionals compiled and choose from the options.

  1. Philips GC 4870 – has become the most popular on the market of home appliances in 2015. The device has an optimal weight, so his owner will quickly handle even with lots of clothes. The sole has a ceramic coating that allows the iron to slide easily on any type of fabric. Heats up quickly. Easy to operate – long cord, rubberized grip, shuts itself off if you forget it for a while. Provides intensive Ironing iron power 2600 watts. The average cost in Moscow and Moscow region 5390 R.
  2. Philips GC 3320 – gained popularity thanks to the perfect smoothing of fabrics and their durability. According to reviews, this model is very delivers the vapor instantly doing its job. Nose of sharp iron, which gives him the opportunity to iron even the small ruches and iron between the buttons. The advantages of this model include auto shut-off and steaming in a vertical position. The downside is ceramic sole, which eventually leaves black spots on clothes. These are the irons in average 3190 R.
  3. Tefal FV 9915 – in third place in the list of «the best». This model of iron belongs to the category of wireless. The process of Ironing these devices make as comfortable as possible for each family. Functions Tefal has a standard – auto off, steam generator. But the disadvantage of this iron is still there – he has a short handle and heavy, so you need to get used to working with it. The price for this model from a reputable manufacturer of high and depends on the store, but on average it is 6530 g.
  4. Bosch TDA 7028210 with a power consumption of 2800 watts. In the water tank can be filled up to 380 ml, which is enough for standard Ironing portions of garments. Management of iron is carried out by means of a sensor. The model incorporates the self-cleaning features, automatic shut-off and steaming in a vertical position. Is the model a minus – for the first time, it implies water. The average price in the shops of Moscow and Moscow region is around 3900 R.
  5. Philips GC 9222 – model of the steam station and allow temperature regulation. Feature OptimalTemp technology enables you to customize the optimum temperature for the fabric depending on its type. High pressure and powerful steam burst just a second, smooth out all the creases on the clothes. Try to cover up especially things, make sure! Iron contains up to 1.5 liters of water, which is enough for 2 hours of work. The lack of equipment is large size and noisy work. Cost an average of about 12800 R.

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Tatyana, 25 years:for a Long time I didn’t know which iron to choose for the home. Then the consultant at the store suggested, what settings need to pay attention. Had to choose between Braun, Philips and Tefal – in my opinion, the best company. Stopped at the Phillips. Strokes perfectly, and the price is acceptable.

Ilona, 48 years:Another wedding we bought a steel iron. Stroked it well, but all things require replacement, even though he was our relative. Knew about the existence of steam irons but never used them. Find out how to choose the iron, took the grinder with ceramic sole. I love to iron clothes! With such a helper!

Irina, 35 years:I Want to Express special thanks to the consultant who clearly and accurately explained to me how to choose iron for home use. Did not take with many features – my husband’s shirts ironed to go to work. Do I use one thing takes a few seconds! Happy with my choice, I have a Rowenta.

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