How to choose a blender for your home and which company

Blender is electrical device which is designed for chopping foods and crushing ice. Its advantage over a mixer is that the device can easily cope with solid food, so the amount of features he looks more like a kitchen appliance, but more compact. Let’s talk about how to choose a blender for the house and some firms, indeed, any hostess is usually puzzled this question. The more that this perfect companion has several types, capacities, capacities, different speeds quantity and variety of manufacturers.

What type of blender is better?

All blenders are divided into two groups: submerged and stationary. The choice of model depends on what work you usually do in the kitchen. If you want to make breadcrumbs or grind solid food, ideal submersible appliance. If you need a unit for mixing various kinds of liquid and semi-liquid mixtures, it is best to choose a stationary blender.

Immersion blender

A submersible model is a bit like a mixer, but replaced the wreaths with a special knife for crushing products. With its help, the hostess forget about the rubbing of the fruit and vegetables through a sieve and about the tedious pushing people around them in mashed potatoes. If you need a blender for making baby food a young child, it is best to choose a compact submersible model. With this small tool you can do:

  • Musa;
  • pate;
  • creams;
  • sauces;
  • soups;
  • the crushed ice.

Blender consists of a bowl in which the ingredients are mixed effectively, knives for chopping, and some additional accessory attachments: whisk, chopping ice and a variety of accessories for shredding. Assembly within seconds to perfectly cut food sticks, slices, cubes, grate on a grater or any other ingredients. So that the submersible camera is the best blender for solid products. The disadvantage of the manual model is small capacity, so to avoid overheating of the device is needed to pause in the work.

Immersion blender for the home


A stationary blender is a glass or plastic Cup mounted on the electrical control panel, which is equipped with resilient legs. Unlike its manual counterpart, the functions of this phone much more. He knocks down all the liquid, making smoothies, mixing the band, turns the cheese into a homogeneous mass. They crushed the fish and meat are all sorts of creams for the cake, mixed the batter.

Stationary models do not require physical interference in their work, it is only necessary to fill up the prepared food, turn on the machine and relax. The power of these devices is much higher than that of the submersible, so the larger quantity of products at a time. Among the main advantages of a stationary blender can be called:

  1. The ease of use. It does Not need to constantly clean the Cabinet – the unit is stationary on a single, dedicated place.
  2. The presence of the bowl in the kit. No need to look for dishes for ingredients.
  3. Self-cleaning function. For her work is only in the bowl pour warm water, press a button and the blender will take care of themselves clean. The owner does not need to disassemble the structure, remove the knife and risk my fingers to wash it.

A stationary blender for the house

What to consider when choosing a blender?

How to choose a blender for your home and which company? After determining the type of appliance and approximate budget, you should go to a more detailed review. Note on General features: build quality, durability of the bowl, the presence of dimensional notation, creaking parts. Do not buy a model with complex features, which do not have to use – you just overpay money. In order to understand what parameters are more important to you when working with blender, the following are their characteristics.

The power and number of speeds

The power of the blender varies from 200 to 1500 watts. The more possibilities that a certain model, the higher the power. To determine the necessary parameters, you should know the purpose for which purchased the machine. If you need to choose the device for mixing cocktails with ice or for quick and quality grinding of solid vegetables, choose a high power blender. If it is difficult to understand power, then pay attention to the presence of velocities.

For example, the machine with two speeds will have low power. Device with average power equipped, as a rule, 3-5 speeds, and high numbers this blender from 6 to 12 speeds. In addition, if you choose blender please note on modes: pulse, turbo, variable speed control. The more speeds, the greater the potential for Assembly: adjustable size of cut pieces or selects the homogeneity of the mass by mixing.

The material and the volume of the Cup

Before choosing the apparatus for grinding a particular type, think about the capacity of the bowl or tank. Matters not only the quantity but also the material for its production. Volume to choose easy – it is necessary to proceed from the quantity used for cooking. As for the material, the producers suggest to choose a bowl made of glass or plastic.

The advantages of the glass chamber is long life, scratch resistance, good stability transparency. But it has one significant drawback – the glass can break when dropped. Plastic bowls will also last a long time if you do not wash them in the dishwasher. In contrast to the glass tank, plastic is easily scratched, over time, loses its transparency, but it is stronger.

The presence of a shredder for solid products

Often the kit submersible model includes a grinder for solid products. At its core is the smaller version of the bowl of a food processor, which easy to prepare minced meat, potato or carrot puree, shavings of hard cheese, small sliced onion. Chopper is a bowl with a lid, where the socket is located with the motor, is secured to the handle of the apparatus. On the bottom of the tank is fixed one end of a special knife for chopping solid ingredients.

The main manufacturers – photos and characteristics

How to choose a blender for the house and what firms it is better to decide in advance, because each producer has its own characteristics. For example, the technique known company Tefal newfangled different design and unique combination of functions: blender, steamer, or blender-mixer. When the question which hand blender is better to start from the customer, they are easy to find on the Internet. Consider the basic characteristics of the most famous manufacturers, producing high-quality blenders.

Brown (Braun)

Firm brown is constantly improving the design of its appliances, each year improving design, optimizing functionality. Easy to use stationary blenders Braun – they are versatile and compact – will not take up much space in the kitchen. Purchase of submersible machine of this firm will make any housewife to sing his praises. After all, this device is indispensable where you need to whip up the splendor of any mass, to properly mix the products, the ingredients are crushed to the desired size. For all units of the firm Braun is given a gift of a collection of recipes.

Blender Braun


All products BOSCH is very popular, and blenders are no exception. Relatively low cost, and excellent build quality buyers appreciated for a long time. For cocktails and sauces manufacturer offers a wide selection of stationary devices with a plastic or glass bowl. Manual models are cheaper and have compact sizes. Included each device, BOSCH has a large number of nozzles, and they come with multiple speeds, which gives excellent opportunity to the hostess to easily perform various processes.

Blender manufacturer Bosch

Redmond (REDMOND)

The range of blenders, of the firm of Redmond has a high capacity. The average is 750 watts, which is enough for high-quality processing of any food. Choose the device for crushing this company is due to the fact that any of them has a light and intuitive, the smooth operation of the inverter and the possibility of control over the process of whipping. The housing is hand-held and stationary models of the company are made primarily of plastic, and the submerged part of the metal that extends the service life of the unit.

Blender home of the REDMOND company


Blenders Philips are the leaders in sales, as manufacturers introduce in the set a comfortable fit without raising the price. This is a special blade to mix them directly in the bowl before chopping, and a variety of accessory brushes for cleaning, and other necessary household items. Choose the products Philips is better and those Housewives that prefer to see your kitchen equipment of bright, cheerful color. Many models of this company are presented in delicate pastel colours.

A blender for home from manufacturer Philips

Where to buy and how much it cost

Today to choose a blender is not difficult, because they are in a huge assortment on counters of shops of home appliances of any city. If you want to buy a cheaper shredder, search for your blender in the catalogs of numerous online stores and order. After a few days of the selected unit will show off in your kitchen. Offer addresses of shops where you can buy blenders for the most known world manufacturers:

The name and address of the shop The guide price, RUB
BOSH, Moscow, Talalikhina str., 39 646-11970
Phillips, Moscow, 5th Donskoy PR-d, 21 B, building 10 1490-8990
Vitek, Moscow, MKAD 19 km, 1/1, TK «South gate» 865-2785
Redmond, Saint-Petersburg, Zastavskaya str., 3 1950-8920
«Technosila» Saint-Petersburg, Ligovsky Prospekt, 52 699-49989
Model Price, RUB. Addresses of Internet shops
Immersion blender Vitek VT-1472 799
Blender Redmond RHB 2910 1330
Blender Braun MQ 775 9990
A stationary blender Philips HR2100 3290
A stationary blender Bosh MMB1001 3567

Video: making baby food in the blender VITEK

If you still don’t know how to choose a cheap blender for the house and a company, we suggest to pay attention on the model VITEK. You can become the owner of a modern heavy-duty unit, or be limited to the minimum screwdriver products from this manufacturer are available in wide range. Watch the video method of cooking blender VITEK such useful for kids products like baby food:

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