Gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven

In order to breathe fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature, sit by the fire, eat barbecue, do not have to travel far out of town into the woods. Now there are special facilities equipped with an oven, grill and barbecue, which do not occupy much space in any garden plot.

Gazebo with barbecue

Gazebo with barbecue in the country

Garden gazebo with a barbecue grill is an original decoration for any infield. A more suitable material for the construction of buildings is brick, stone or wood. Variants of construction of the gazebo, equipped with grill, plenty, but two main types:

  • open that do not contain curtain walls but have the roof;
  • closed, suitable for use in warm and cold season.

Grill for gazebos bought a portable or stationary built. The choice is made at the stage of planning, creating drawings. Portable metal grill is good because it is easy to change its location. But a more functional built-in grills, which can be easily equipped with additional elements: a niche for the wood, tabletop, shelf for dishes. It should be remembered that fixed a garden gazebo with a barbecue grill and BBQ require a solid Foundation.

Garden gazebos with a stove

Gazebo equipped with a stove, too, can have a different design – from inexpensive to luxury. To make the furnaces can be done in several ways:

  1. Barbecue stove – a kind of modern BBQ, has a tray for charcoal, which is equipped with chimney and drewnica.
  2. Wood-burning stove, the main feature of which is the presence of a wide firebox, which in addition to cooking is used for heating.
  3. Russian stove, oven and smokehouse. Near it can comfortably accommodate the whole family for dinner on a cold winter night.
  4. Oven complex equipped with a grill, a spit, a cauldron. This is a mini-kitchen for cooking, washing and storage of utensils.

A gazebo with a stove

Projects gazebos with barbeque and barbecue

Fans of rest in the country house will appeal to a gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven, built in the style of a glazed garden shed, within which is located a steel or cast iron round oven. The smoke from it comes out through the hood. If you choose a beautiful design, nothing can compare to a brick, stone or a wooden pergola open type and fixed the stove. Generally, the furnace is placed in the center or near the back wall to protect from wind fire.

Indoor country houses, equipped with grill and oven, often made from timber or log, rarely of stone or brick. In form they are round, rectangular, multi-faceted. For luxury homes combined order a gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven, combining different geometry, for example, a semicircle and a rectangle with a corner stove. Independently to build without having any experience good design is difficult, it is better to trust the professionals – to order a gazebo for the key. Alternatively, the basic design you can build yourself, and a wood-burning stove ready to buy.

Where to put gazebos

Summer gazebo

To organized a barbecue in the gazebo not turned into trouble, you must know where you need to position the construction with a stationary stove. The choice should be done considering the location of utilities: gas, water, electricity. The area is better positioned away from outbuildings, compost pits, toilet or animal enclosures. Gazebo with a barbecue grill, barbecue grills, and fixed the stove should fit harmoniously into the overall landscape to blend with neighboring buildings.

Experienced gardeners, builders prefer to make a gazebo with a grill brick or wood and was located near the kitchen, it was convenient to wash dishes, serve meals, especially at the time of the arrival of numerous guests. Don’t forget about the neighbors constantly Smoking grill in the gazebo of brick, is poison to the place of their stay can ruin your friendship. Experts recommend to observe security measures: roofed grill must be located away from power lines and pipeline.

How to organize the construction of the gazebo

3D model

When the location for the pergola with barbecue, barbecue and brick oven selected, approved building plan, it is time to begin construction of the facility. The final cost of construction depends on the quality and quantity of material. Do not have to build a posh tower, and a monumental stove, the price of which will exceed your annual income. You can do an iron grill, pipe and canopy, which don’t even need a drawing.

Stages of construction:

  1. Clear the area of debris, remove the top layer of the earth.
  2. If you need Foundation use for its construction the columnar option. To do that, dig a trench depth of 40, 30 cm wide Walls overlaid with roofing material, in the center, place the rebar, and then pour cement.
  3. The basis of sex is best done from timber, which is held together with boards and screws.
  4. The walls in the building may be barred or solid, but it is based on the angular supporting bars, to the establishment which should be approached with the utmost seriousness, because they’ll have a roof to stay.
  5. It is better to use lean-to or ridge construction of the roof. And cover – polycarbonate or Ondulin.

Photo: gazebo with barbecue, oven and grill

Gazebo with stove and barbecue

An example of the interior

Husband cooks barbecue

Video: a gazebo with a grill with your hands


Alina, 29 years:We rented the gazebo, equipped with grill, near the lake in the summer every weekend, because its suburban area, we have. Chose the real estate websites that have photos, and in the end, I was right. Summer has held up better than at the resort came with the whole family, grilled meat, swam, sunbathed, walked in the nearby forest.

Vyacheslav, 49 years:Doing household facilities closed. Three months of combined construction work and at the end of summer arrived relatives to look at my work. Material of construction – spruce, oak, pine. Impregnation – Videon. The Windows are glazed, but instead sheds the four corners of the latches, so that in the summer they are completely removed. Relatives were in awe!

Oleg, 37 years:we Bought the cottage, and after a couple of years, ordered a small wooden house next to you, in any weather, invite friends for them to fry a shish kebab. Long chose the project eventually settled on multifunctional stationary furnace located in the glass-the Finnish house (not insulated), to one room. This room will provide me with a barbecue and a barbecue all year round.

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