Fireplaces for apartments

How nice to sit in the evening by the fireplace, admire the flame. Recently this was possible only in a country house, equipped with a special chimney. For a city apartment having a fireplace was unreal. Modern developments have given the opportunity. Fireplaces create a romantic mood, decorate the interior of the house.

Types of bio fireplaces

The fireplace in the apartment

If you decide to add comfort living room make the interior more romantic, with pet living fire – you can’t do without this acquisition. What is the product? A device for heating, which in this case looks original. It will be the highlight of the decoration of your home. However, a strong heat the fireplace gives the practical benefits of the use little. For interior design to beautify the house can be used by different installations:

  • to gain a foothold in the wall;
  • stand on the floor;
  • to decorate the table;
  • to sit on a shelf;
  • to fit into niches, tables.


Fireplace mounted on the wall, looks great in spacious living room. It can be large in size, perform a decorative function. Current devices, which occupies an entire wall. There is a model similar to television. It is important to decide at what height it will look better. There are samples of wall mounted fireplaces for apartments, the built-in niche. Interior designers suggest using these devices:

  • to implement the principle of zoning of the premises;
  • to make a niche in the wall, installing a pass-through biofireplaces;
  • place a ceiling, hung on the device.

Tabletop fireplace biofuel

Table bio-fireplace

For small rooms the apartment will serve as decoration table fireplace. It takes up little space, can have the original form. Pleased with the variety of designs, colors and affordable price. Table bio-fireplace in the apartment:

  • will perform the role of candles for a romantic dinner;
  • will help you relax in the bathroom;
  • will add comfort, sitting on a bookshelf;
  • provide special mood when kitchen gatherings;
  • create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom.


Use the outdoor fireplace for apartment justified the larger size of the room. This model will help to rearrange it at will to any corner of the room. There is no need for special stands – the appliance does not heat up. To use the fireplace for apartment:

  • original model cylinder shape to decorate the bedroom;
  • island design will be a highlight of the dining room;
  • a sample similar to a vase with a candle, surprised visitors to the living room;
  • flat floor option to allocate working area of the Cabinet.


Built-in bio fireplace

Its appearance is very similar to a fireplace working on wood. The apartment is a little room – saves space. Recessed fireplace decorated with stone, giving a classic look. Used for finishing marble and granite. Actual fireplaces for apartments that are decked out in steel and glass. Interior designers propose designs that they form a wall that is lit with fire. The model can be integrated into:

  • drywall niche;
  • kitchen Cabinet;
  • furniture wall;
  • through the column;
  • interior walls.

How does a bio fireplace

The design of the fireplace consists of a fuel tank and the frame, serves as a decoration. There is a special unit, which is filled with fuel, whose capacity up to 3 liters – depending on the type of device. Modern models are designed so that bioethanol is not in contact with the fire – burning fuel vapors. Entering the burners, they light up. It is possible to adjust the power of the flame. Modern models offer remote control fireplace. The area around the burners is filled with decorative elements that mimic wood, coal. Additionally for decoration, put colored stones.

The frame runs from refractory materials: ceramic, metal, artificial stone and natural marble. In fireplace designs:

  • a glass panel separates the combustion zone;
  • stainless steel helps to operate without deformation at high temperatures;
  • a special device is used to safely man the Bay the fuel tank;
  • the valve adjusts the flame stops.

The bio fireplace in the interior of the apartment

For normal burning need oxygen, so the room of the apartment should be thoroughly ventilated – it could be an open door or window. Is released when the bio fireplace steam moisturizes dry air at home. In a special container for cooling, you can pour the aromatic oil. Along the way you will conduct the therapeutic session, or create a pleasant atmosphere at home, using your favorite scents.

Bioethanol for fireplaces

Design of bio fireplace for apartment does not require firewood, the device runs on a special fuel – bioethanol. For its production we use natural products: rice, corn. Therefore, during the combustion no harmful substances are emitted only carbon dioxide and water. The composition does not contain volatile components, the glass always remains clean. Fuel no bloat, and does not spark, combustion does not form ash. Bioethanol is filled, when the device is in a disabled state. When you burn the fuel – the product is ready for operation.

Fuel consumption

When using a fireplace should know the fuel consumption and have it in stock. This will help you avoid confusion when the device is in the crucial moment suddenly stop working. The amount of fuel depends on the model. A small table to spend an hour in about 200 ml, 500 ml Quantity of fuel depends on the flame adjustment. You can make a small fire – this will save you fuel, but romantic atmosphere does not become worse. Calculations show that a litre of bio-ethanol will enable the fireplace for two hours.

The installation of the fireplace in the apartment

This new product for interior design does not require special knowledge for installation. Before buying should think about where you will install the device, which types and sizes of design will suit you. Be aware that the room must be easy to circulate air, so adjust the size of the room and the fireplace. Since the structure is not heated, you won’t need to perform isolation from the surface on which fireplace you plan to install.

Every product has instructions on installation, if to withstand all of the requirements, the design will serve you for a long time. Keep in mind that some models have a lot of weight and you need an assistant. Use the recommendations if you plan to mount a bio fireplace in the interior:

  • the spacious apartment is ideal for hanging, outdoor appliances;
  • the room must have ventilation;
  • avoid proximity to flammable materials;
  • for a small room suitable angular version of the model;
  • in a very small room, create a cozy, embedding the fireplace in the coffee table.

A fireplace on biofuels in the apartment


Fireplaces for apartments mobile, they can be placed anywhere. The construction is reliable, is easy to install, live fire is protected by a special glass. Compact stove models:

  • do not require much space;
  • do not emit smoke, soot;
  • they don’t need extraction;
  • safe to use;
  • do not emit harmful components;
  • do not require communication;
  • does not require complex maintenance;
  • it is impossible to burn yourself;
  • at shift change the interior;
  • adorn the premises;
  • burn with living fire;
  • do not require permission to install.

Video: indoor fireplace biofuel


Anastasia, 25 years:my husband and I live in a small apartment Studio, we wanted to create a romantic atmosphere. I learned that there are small fireplaces for apartments, which can be put on table or shelf. When I found the right model, joy was not the end. Now the fireplace stands on the table, like a vase with live fire. In the evening a very cozy and nice.

Valeria, 45 years:it has Long dreamed of a country house that there was a fireplace, like in the evenings to sit by the fire. The designer is advised to decorate a living room with fireplace. Began to choose the model. Came up with the idea that the bio fireplace in the interior will occupy the entire wall. Get an line of fire. Imagine how guests were surprised when they came to the open house. We are very happy.

Diana, 37 years:Working as a designer, decorate the interiors of country houses. Persuade customers to install a built in fireplace. It can be used to create a simple, classic atmosphere, and there are models that fit into the style of hi-tech. The market offers a variety of designs. Suggest to buy fireplace, to create a mood of romance, coziness.

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