Double bed-transformer

Thanks to developments of manufacturers of furniture, many residents of large cities have a unique opportunity to beautifully equip their small apartments and still leave decent room to maneuver. Just imagine lifting a transformer bed-wardrobe-sofa built into the wall. Today it is already possible!

Types of beds-transformers

The product may to implement all design ideas of the owner, and this is its main feature. First, when a double bed convertible only appeared in the vastness of furniture stores, offers customers a simplified version. Design changed its vertical position to horizontal and Vice versa. The lifting mechanism also leaves much to be desired. The earliest beds down thanks to a special construction of ropes. It was not very mobile, though, and created additional space.

Now craftsmen developed new types of transformers, allow you to use not only the bedroom but also as a working area, a room for receiving guests. Also created new user-friendly mechanism for operating double beds – gas lift. Device under pressure, pushes the components of the structure, transforming double furniture you want. Spring gas is considered to be more practical, durable, and fully consistent with the functionality of the product.

Wardrobe-bed-transformer in the interior


Two solutions in one! Day double bed-transformer – cute wardrobe, which fits perfectly into the interior of the apartment, and at night – a full bed. It is very convenient as the assembled product releases to 4 square feet. The kit includes not the usual imitation of a closet with bins, a mezzanine, and a full, spacious place for storage of personal belongings, bedding.

The universal transformer can be of various types and fully meet your needs:

  • Sofa-bed-Cabinet for the living room. Most often the design is made from particle Board or MDF, covered on dense material the frame is made of metal, put on a gas-spring. You can choose a transformer that will match the color of your guest room. The product can be double or single, according to the center to accommodate the sofa, and on the sides of narrow cabinets. On the wall at the bed’s head from the front) can be placed shelves that will serve as the legs of the bed.
  • Sliding transformer. A seemingly ordinary wardrobe, which will turn into a wardrobe single bed. The design principle of the accordion. It is absolutely safe mechanism, which is conveniently set in a country house or children’s room.
  • Bunk wardrobe-sofa-bed – universal transformer for any room. In a folding state, looks like a full room with cupboards and built-in bunk bed. If the upper bed is hidden in the wall, and the bottom cover, decorate with pillows, you get a neat couch for guests.

Bed-transformer with a sofa

Sofa-bed convertible

Each person becomes a living room with a sofa and sometimes that furniture is an additional spot for overnight guests. The apartment owners rarely sleep on this bed, because it is not very comfortable for a good sleep. Very different things are from the owners of one-bedroom apartments. Sometimes, they have to use the furniture as a bed. Not to torment yourself and your back, furniture manufacturers came up with a cosy convertible sofa bed. Whenever you can alter guest the product in a comfortable double bed with orthopedic mattress.

We can distinguish several types of miracle furniture:

  • Double Murphy bed-transformer, turning, becomes a sofa. The mechanism of the product is simple: when the bed is not necessary, with the assistance of gas lift, it leans to the wall, and under it is a full-fledged sofa. Depending on the model, above the sofa can be decorative shelves.
  • The second type can make your room the place is spacious. Double wardrobe with pull-out sofa the night performs its direct function, and the day is changing beyond recognition. The bed consists of two mattresses. In the transformation part of the bed against the wall, mutates and becomes in the mind, as the locker. The second element of the mattress remains stationary, while as a sofa.
  • Murphy bed with sofa and wardrobe. This type of transformer is applicable even for bedrooms. Typically, this double design on the gas lift. However, the sofa is more solid leg to bed with a mind as a Board. When guests come for their comfort on the surface of the sofa put a soft pillow.

Folding bed with work space

Bed with work space

Double transformer will perfectly fit in children’s room, a personal Cabinet of small dimensions. At the right moment, stowable bed will turn into the wall with a Desk. Depending on requests, you can purchase a double or single bed with cupboards, corner shelves. If the home several children, the ideal option would be a bunk bed convertible with table. Pleased with the safety mechanism: thanks to a special spring box is securely held in a vertical position, and the metal base makes the transformer durable.

Decomposed bed with work space

Classification of structures and lifting mechanisms

First of all, a double transformer must have a reliable vehicle for lifting. Furniture manufacturers offer a choice of beds with the device, a counterweight, a gas lift or spring loaded mechanism. The latter wears out faster. Gas spring inside is not destroyed and serves in 5 times longer. Opposed to life ahead of all, but takes up more space. Because of this, the wardrobe becomes less ample.

To the lower part of the double beds was in a horizontal free floating condition, with the back side attached retractable legs or the handle of the wardrobe, which in the assembled condition of the transformer are the scenery. It is clear that the double structure would be more securely mounted vertically with hidden latches or magnetic latches.

Where to buy and how much is a folding bed

Good quality double bed will be guaranteed to serve more than 20 years. Can the transformer and will cost more, but you won’t care about the safety of family. To order miracle technique can be via the Internet and in the furniture store at a cost from 5 000 to 50 000 UAH. However, the price may be higher. It all depends on the country of the manufacturer, brand, material, design, shape, square footage. For example, a comfortable double bed transformer IKEA can be sold for 60 000 and $ 100,000

Video: how to make a bed in the closet with his hands

How to look folding convertible beds in the interior

Bed-transformer in the interior of child

Wardrobe bed room interior

How to look folding convertible beds in the interior

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