Door viewer to front door

Door viewer for doors – security device for the house or apartment. Thanks to the optical illusion, it cannot be distinguished from the ordinary eye, and many features of this device showing how it is superior to traditional analog. It is important that you install a set of peep hole camera and monitor is possible without a specialist.

What is a door peephole camera

Door peephole camera

A modern surveillance system will greatly simplify the life of inhabitants of apartments. Due to the fact that externally, the gadget is no different from the familiar to all eyes, it will not cause suspicions of intruders. Door door viewer is a sophisticated electronic device: a miniature camera and specially created lens that attaches easily to doors. On the screen of the monitor device sends an image captured by the video camera.

Wireless door viewer

Most cameras start to work after the visitor pressed the call button, then wireless door viewer sends a signal to a special monitor or telephone of the landlord. So he can find out who’s behind the door, not approaching her. Some models feature a shoot and save photos on external media (e.g. SD card.

Operates door viewer for doors, thanks to Autonomous power, no one will be able to turn the camera off outside and hide your visit. Lens camera durable, appearance is different from the normal eye, the unwanted guest will not break or pull out the device, as is the case with video intercoms, are immediately apparent.

Door viewer with monitor

Door door viewer with record

Camera-peephole in door, convenient for those wishing to protect their homes. When the owners go away for a long time, you can enable the video. If all the locks are broken, violators will get in the apartment, the DVR will record the faces of the robbers, which greatly simplify the time of arrest. The advantage of video surveillance devices is that installation is done without the help of professionals.

Door door viewer with recording and motion sensor

Door door viewer with motion sensor

Door peephole with a camera that has a motion sensor, not much different from the previous version. But the key feature of these devices is that the recording starts when the camera detects a movement. The digital image will be transferred to the device’s screen or your smartphone. Sometimes it is necessary to set the source of infrared radiation to enhance visibility of the device.

How to choose a door viewer in the door

There are some basic criteria that you need to pay attention when choosing videoglazki for the front door. We must start from the tasks that the DVR needs to face. The right eye, which will record to a memory card? Enough that will show the image in real time?

The main characteristic of the devices is the sensitivity, which depends on the quality of the camera itself. There are two types of door peepholes; color and black-and-white, and the first is much inferior to the second in low light. Infrared radiation helps to see in black and white even in the dark. The angle of the terrain play an important role. In a city apartment enough and 90 degrees, but if you want to see even those who stand sideways to the front door, you can buy a camera with a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

The design of the camera affects the impact resistance and security camera. If you choose the right thickness of the camera in accordance with the diameter of the hole, you will not have problems with the installation. In case of the difference in size to solve problems will help the enclosed ring gaskets. To adjust the settings in many devices installed intuitive menu. An important role plays the reputation of the manufacturer. Sometimes worth paying a bit more so that the device lasts much longer.

Door viewer and monitor

Door viewer on the door from the best manufacturers

GSM II-2. The kit with wireless camera video surveillance GSM II-2 memory card included, which will record everything that happens in the hallway. The sensor detects all movement within a radius of 3-5 meters, and infrared allows you to see at a distance up to 1.5 meters. Touch screen easy to use. Except for the eye and the monitor, in picking a charger and battery.

Radio DVR. A five-inch screen wireless videoglazki Radio DVR can be installed in any part of the house. Thanks to the antennas the signal will be constant, and the image quality. Thanks to its light weight monitor, you can carry it with you and constantly monitor what is happening at home. The eye-camera are made of brass, which speaks of the quality and strength of design of the device. The battery works for a long time thanks to the auto off function if no in 1 minute.

Home Lux (SH1006). Budget Home camcorder Lux (SH1006) easy to install and use. The batteries work up to 10 days in a mode of continuous video recording. However, the price matches the quality – sensitivity matrix is poor, so in the darkness this camera is useless, and the sound recorded is not very clean. It is best to use just for recording images.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Videoglazok Dozor

Buy door viewer can be in electronic stores or in online stores. On the Internet a lot more choice, and you can compare prices and features. The most simple device with a minimal set of functions and primitive camera can be found for 1500 rubles, and the most expensive will cost in the range of 10 thousand Convenient that most online stores offers consultations by phone or on the website. The scheme is simple: you must write in the feedback form that interested.

Video: how to install door viewer with their hands


Andrew, 44 years:Moved into a new apartment, and everything would be fine, but old one eye was all dusty, absolutely nothing can be seen! On the advice of friends established the modern digital equivalent – videoglazok. You can not even come up to the front door, images come to my phone, and do not open to those who want to sell me something.

Maria, 37 years:once the apartment of our friends were robbed, we decided to best protect our homes. I read on forums that it is convenient to use videoglazki, as they keep a record of who came to the front door. We are not afraid of robbery, otherwise know that you will always be able to find the culprit on video.

Nicholas, 34 years:Recently installed a new front metal door and decided to decorate it is no different from the usual videoglazok. Things that we need and wanted with a motion sensor and a wireless monitor, and at an affordable price. Stopped on the model, which advised friends. Pleased that the method of installation of the device simple.

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