Design small bedroom

It is known that the bedroom – the room of the house, which performs multiple functions. This is not only a place of rest, but also a dressing room, and in some cases even study. If the room is small, then you need to consider its design carefully to have enough space for each functional area.

Bedroom in modern style

Modern style

Small rooms are often found in homes, especially in the Khrushchev. If you live in such a plan and the renovation of the bedrooms, you should to think everything over. At the present time produce a lot of styles of interior decoration of this room and you will easily be able to choose for themselves the right. When designing a small bedroom is to make maximum use of visual techniques to increase space. Try to use every square meter to good use.

What could be the design of a small room

If the room is small, it will approach the arrangement in one of these styles:

  1. Minimalism. The best option. From the title it is clear that this style of interior suggests the presence of only essential items, practical and functional. In the room in a minimalist style will look great low bed, uncluttered nightstands and dresser. As for the color scheme, welcome subdued natural hues.
  2. Classic. For style is characterized by clear concise natural furniture: bed, wardrobe, bedside tables. It would be appropriate textile items. Choosing them, you need to pay attention to natural colours, floral designs. If you got a small bedroom, then a classic – one of the best ways to solve the problem.
  3. Japanese style. Similar to minimalism, but has some national peculiarities, which make it more interesting. If you want a room in the Japanese style, pay attention to the simple low furniture, natural pastel shades. Take care of the dim light. Zoned space by sliding screens.
  4. Hi-tech. The style is similar to minimalism, but it is functional. It uses few parts, preference is given to modern materials: glass, plastic, metal, leather. This style is often chosen by young people.
  5. Provence. The bedroom in this style would look very cute and cozy, with just the right accents. Select curtains with floral patterns, light Roman blinds. Suitable for walls, paper wall with a small pattern.

The idea for a small room

Interior small bedroom

Thinking design, use the following tips:

  • Choose light shades for walls, floor, ceiling. They will visually expand the space. One wall can be bright.
  • If you decide to lay on the floor parquet or laminate, you may prefer the diagonal method of laying.
  • Do not clutter the passage.
  • Use mirrors and other reflective surfaces. It always expands the room. Great welcome design – the mirror that hung opposite the window.
  • Choosing furniture for a small room, look for compact models.
  • Textile is better to choose without pictures.
  • No need to buy large heavy curtains, take Roman or roll. Suitable lightweight tulle.
  • Do not store in the bedroom nothing more, those items in this room not in use.
  • If you choose stretch ceilings, we will focus on the glossy film light shades.

How to plan the interior of a small room

The idea of the interior

First you have to decide the style in which decorated the room. Thinking how to equip the bedroom, try to make it as ergonomic as possible. Take care of the finishing materials, and then about the furniture that fill the room. If you have a living room-bedroom with a balcony, try to zone the space. Now, many are turning to professionals, that make up the project based on which all works are performed. For a small room this is a very reasonable solution.

The bedroom interior design

The most important thing – correctly to choose finishing materials, furniture, accessories. Thinking through the design of very small bedroom, you need to evaluate the features of the room, to think about what techniques should be used in order to visually expand the space. There are numerous ways to arrange the room so that our small size is not conspicuous: well-chosen colors, accents, clever use of accessories.


This material is most commonly used for the walls. Choosing Wallpaper for a small bedroom, pay attention to the options without large ornament or image. Fit Wallpapers with a shiny or textured surface. If the bedroom is poorly lit, it is best to focus on warm colours. One wall can highlight a contrasting bright hue, if all the other Wallpapers will be solid. Design a small bedroom does not provide for dark walls. Suitable light colors Wallpaper:

  • blue;
  • grey;
  • lilac;
  • pink;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • peach;
  • pale green.


This is the most important thing that you need to consider in the design of a small bedroom. All pieces of furniture should be compact. A good solution – low bed or sofa. From bedside tables can be abandoned in favor of a narrow canisters, because they are more roomy. Not suitable massive furniture, the walls. Choose a wardrobe with mirrored doors or small drawers. If dimensions allow, you can place a small dressing table.

Design small bedroom without Windows

The design of the room with no Windows

In this room there is an obvious lack of daylight. There should prevail bright colors in the decoration and furniture and accessories. Refrain from large drawings, prints. It is better to buy plain textured Wallpaper. Be sure to consider how the room will be illuminated. Sources should be several, but the ceiling chandelier will not be appropriate. Combine point and local light at different levels.

The decoration of the bedrooms


It is not necessary to cover the walls with many paintings and photographs, especially with the massive range, because it will create emphasis on the fact that the room is small. Can place a small collage near the bed, but not in bright and muted tones. Figurines and other accessories needed in the bedroom, but only if they will not create the impression of «clutter». A small bedroom decorate a large number of textile elements, for example, small pillows.

Photo: how to equip a small room

Arrangement small rooms

To make it easier to understand what interior do you prefer, view a selection of photos. Collected here are the best ideas for a small room. See photos and you will see that there are many ways to visually enlarge the bedroom, to divert attention from its true size. After seeing so many examples, you will understand how you want to furnish your place.

Video: interior for small room

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