Design small bathroom

The vast majority of apartments bathrooms are very small. This problem is familiar to every owner of Khrushchev or any other accommodation in the houses of the old Fund. With the right approach, even the small building to make a beautiful, stylish and functional. There are different techniques.

Bathroom design small size

Interior small bathroom

The main thing – try to intelligently allocate free area. If you are thinking about how to equip the bathroom, use these tips:

  1. Equip some wall hanging shelves near the ceiling, above the sink. Make sure that they’re not hanging over her head protruded. Place under the bath tool for keeping household chemicals. Be sure to engage a niche, if they are in the room. They get turned into lockers for personal hygiene items with open or closed facades.
  2. Furniture should be compact and simple.
  3. Look for a compromise. For example, install a washing machine in the kitchen, not in the bathroom, if possible.
  4. Use many sources of artificial lighting and reflective surfaces of the mirrors. The latter should be without frames at all, or with a thin rim. Choose clear and frosted glass elements. The latter would create the impression that so little room is divided into sections.
  5. Choose a door that will be sliding or open from the outside. At last you can hang up hooks for towels, robes.

Materials for finishing the ceiling

There are several options that are suitable for design a small bathroom:

  1. Painting. The simple and cheap solution. Before painting the surface should be prepared and aligned. All materials must be moisture resistant.
  2. Of plastic panels. Durable and moisture-resistant material, low maintenance, relatively inexpensive. Plastic panelled ceiling will look beautiful, loss in the height of the room is minimal.
  3. A mirrored ceiling. The best solution to visually expand the space. Mirror panels are durable-they are not afraid of humidity, temperature extremes.
  4. Stretch ceiling PVC. Ideal for a small bathroom. The material is very modern, has a lot of advantages. It is advisable to choose a glossy film. It reflects light, making the room looks bigger than it actually is.

Tile for small bathroom

Bathroom design small square

Do not buy the tile with a large pattern, note the plain textured options. For variety you can combine two or three kinds of tile in similar colors. Multiple tiles with understated small pattern. Selecting the design of the interior bathroom, can use the mosaic mother-of-pearl or mirror. It is better to not spread everywhere, and certain areas of the walls.

Tips for choosing tile:

  1. The design of the bathroom with small size, large tiles will not fit. Suitable rectangular tiles 20×30 cm, square from 10×10 to 25×25, see Selecting the vertical layout first, you can make the room visually higher. If we tile it horizontally, then the room will appear wider.
  2. Optional to buy only light colored tiles. Some items you can put and dark, it adds depth. Do not divide the room into two halves horizontally. More beautiful will look like a thin, dark decor stripes running from floor to ceiling.
  3. Select the traditional straight and the diagonal method of laying. This visually increases the bathroom. And for the walls and floor’s decision is relevant.
  4. Try to buy grout or tone on tone or contrast with the tile color. And the first and second solutions are applied in the design of a small bathroom.

How to place plumbing

The idea of plumbing

Choose items with simple shapes and concise design, the most compact. Fit the toilet with a narrow or concealed cistern. Design a small bathroom does not imply the presence of all necessary items. Will have to drop or from the shower or bath. The sink is better to take compact, mountable or attachable. Design Tulip will take up too much space.

Useful tips:

  1. Can consider buying a combined bath with built-in stand shower and transparent sliding doors.
  2. To save space, choose a corner of a plumber. Manufacturers produce these baths, toilets, sinks.
  3. Install not the whole shower cubicle and tray with a door in the niche.


If the task is to design a small bathroom, it is better to give preference to lighter shades. This applies to cladding materials, furniture, plumbing. This does not mean that you need to do all white or beige. Suitable silver shades, mint, sky blue, pale pink, yellow, lilac. If you use items of dark colors, they should be in the same range with the main tone.

If you are afraid that the design of a small bathroom will seem too boring, add a contrasting detail. It will give the room volume. For example, on the background of bright walls dark furniture will appear smaller than it really is. To make the interior of the small bathroom will help very much bright accessories: curtain, rugs, towels, dish soap, glass for toothbrushes. Original will look colorful Laundry basket.

The idea of bathroom renovation

Bathroom design

To decide upon the design it is sometimes very difficult. To make a decision, look of ideas for small bathroom photo, consult with experts, make several alternative projects. It is necessary to take into consideration not only room dimensions, but also its shape. If you are not satisfied with something, for example, it is too narrow, use techniques that will make it as proportional.

Bathroom design with shower

Recommendations for design:

  1. The best option – corner. The best form a quarter circle. Wall cabin is convenient to use, but a rectangular room will make it too narrow, so only suitable for square.
  2. It is better to choose a model with sliding doors.
  3. If you have a niche, the minimum size of which is 0,8х0,8 m, install the cab there.
  4. If the room is square and the door is in the middle, install a shower in each of the corners. If it is rectangular, then select the farthest.
  5. If the door is in one of the corners, then install the cab in the opposite direction.
  6. The lower tray structure, the more it appears room.

The design of the bathroom without a toilet

Often, the apartments do a separate bathroom. In this case, the bathroom will be very small. Usually it is rectangular. The best solution is to install a rectangular bathtub along the long wall. Suitable as a corner model. It will take one short wall and part of the long. Washbasin in the first case, it is better to install from the side, the side where mounted cranes. Consider the option of replacing the bath shower. If it is small, maybe even the location of the washing machine in the room.

Video: interior small bathroom

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