Country style in the interior

The charm of eclectic design with carpets on the walls and old fashioned furniture committed in the past. Specialists in the design of the apartments refer to Western fashion in the design of the apartments. You need to recognize that not only the house, but even the ordinary Russian apartment with country style looks very sweet, attractive playing space.

Design in rustic style

Design country style

Pleasant trip to her grandmother in the village leave an imprint in the memory and the desire to recreate reminiscent of childhood interior details. In fact, the word «country» is translated from English as «village». This explains the similarity of these styles. Rustic style in the interior is characterized by wooden elements, natural materials, combined with light furniture. This design is designed for those who want to be closer to nature.


Country style in the interior is not created with any one detail, it must be maintained throughout the premises – impregnated with each element. Kitchen the most important room of the apartment must be functional (above all), and then decorated a certain way. There are elements that must be present in a country kitchen as it is something that is absolutely not be.

Be sure to use:

  • Choose neutral colors, don’t need to focus on some details with the help of a vibrant hue. For the kitchen are best suited pastel colors, most shades of brown, milky-white color.
  • A good decor idea is one of the walls under the stone wall. However, the kitchen in country style can look perfectly and with a lot of wood. Paint it in light shades.
  • The keyword of this design is simplicity. This applies, among other things, Housewares. The simpler will be your everyday dishes, what is in the mind, the better.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the textiles in the interior. Put it on the table with a soft cloth and the cushions on the chairs, hang light curtains. If the kitchen is the place the sofa, decorate it with cushions tablecloths and decoration of the window.
  • Light floral motifs on the walls and textiles will look better.

Never make country kitchen with the following:

  • Do not give preference to glossy surfaces. It is better to choose a Matt, slightly aged furniture.
  • Use as little modern details. From kitchen appliances and hoods did not need to, but small items need to be imbued with the spirit of country music.
  • Avoid artificial materials. If you want to decorate one wall under masonry, you need to really accurately simulate it, not to draw.

Country bedroom design

Country style in the bedroom

Historically, the bedroom is a place for privacy where outsiders are not allowed. It creates a special comfort, which daily removes fatigue after a hard working day. Bedroom country style is a great option, because there is combined the ease and simplicity, so necessary to relax. Modern design can not be named, but you will definitely be pleased to be in this room.

A Central element of any bedroom is the bed. Speaking of rural motifs, the mind immediately arises the image of a large bed with a big soft feather bed covered with a blanket of delicate colors. Play this bed in a city apartment is quite real. Complement the ensemble of wooden dressing table, milky white hue, a low Cabinet or chest of drawers. Wooden furnishings to create a country style in the interior can be artificially aged. In addition to useful everyday items on the tables, place small figurines and other knick-knacks.

For a country house or cottage, when the project involves the walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, to make repairs and to decorate this space for country style. Here you can do it without overloading the interior small details:

  1. For example to limit hardwood flooring.
  2. Add some closed cabinets for towels and necessities.
  3. The usual bathrooms tile better to replace the wooden walls. Relevant plastered painted neutral color walls.
  4. Lighting you can choose a sconce.

Living room

Living room in country style

In any home, whether it is a modern city apartment or a rural house, the living room is the Central place where the whole family gathers and where friends come. As for finishing rooms in a country style, that key features do not change. Also welcome simplicity, distressing and soothing colors. It is important to arrange the living room so that it was not deliberately created, and it looked like all the details gathered themselves:

  • Country style interior living room often prescribes the presence of a fireplace. Real good for a country house, electric for apartment. Whatever was the fireplace, its design should support the overall style. You can decorate it with artificial stone or wood on top to place the family photos, decorated with light framework and lovely things.
  • The color of the walls can be neutral brown tones, combined with bright Wallpaper, floral, or plain pastel shades.
  • Natural elements are a major feature of rural design. The furniture in country style, such as wicker chairs, will look good in the interior.
  • The role of the lighting device will play traditional chandeliers are more advantageous in the environment of wooden and even wrought iron.

Features of country style

Rustic charm is introduced in the house of the people from different countries with common style elements and raisins, which makes the flavor of each country. This pleasant decor for living, and play it any room, even the hallway. There is a common style characteristics, which are the same in any nation:

  • natural materials;
  • neutral shades;
  • simplicity;
  • distressing;
  • nice Tekstil (to the touch) or manual work.

Provence in the interior

Country in the interior of the house

The word «Provence» is inevitably associated with France and sprigs of lavender. The simplicity of traditional rural style is successfully combined with luxury and Provencal nature. There are several characteristic features that allow to determine what is in front of us this style:

  • the advantage of white furniture with effect of ageing;
  • the room should be bright, and this means that suitable for walls pastel shades;
  • curtains in country style with elements of Provence should be made of natural fibres;
  • wrought iron design elements and porcelain will fit in the French interior;
  • don’t forget the flowers: they complement the style.

Tuscan style

Style name speaks for itself – it was invented in Italy and has absorbed all the features of this country. The Mediterranean climate determined the basic design of shades of terracotta, white and other warm tones. Grow up in the country wood complement this list olive and pale yellow. Easy rude country style in the interior with the addition of Tuscan motifs disappears. Welcome imitation of frescoes and mosaics in the kitchen decor. Stained glass inserts cabinets – one of the things that distinguishes the furniture of the Tuscan style. The polished surface of the furniture is also not prohibited.

Russian country in the interior

Thinking about what characterizes Russia, among other things, the imagination is reminiscent of Gzhel, samovar and folklore. As strange as it may seem, but the elements of Russian folklore dilute the traditional style of the country on the territory of our country. Log walls and natural plaid fabrics also occur in the Russian version of the rural design. The kitchen is also possible to simulate the furnace hearth. For the original Russian of the highlights of the interior give pots, cast iron cookware and a samovar.

Mediterranean design

Mediterranean home design

The Mediterranean countries expressed different preferences on the color scheme for rural style. As a rule, there are colors that symbolize the sea, making the interior cooler than the decor is «born» from other countries. Rarely use bright colors, such as dark red. Preference is given to the negligence during the alignment of the walls and a little rude furniture. Aged on wooden floor put a lightweight pad or Mat.

American rural style

The interior design of this style offers the maximum rigor, restraint and comfort. To color the Americans came up originally: in the design of houses are the colors of the flag of the United States. A list of these colors is complemented by a green, sand, brick and many others. Not prohibited unusual combinations of bright colors, is what distinguishes American country. Space is important for this style, so often two adjacent combined into one.

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