Geyser coffee maker type

Love coffee but not prepared to get up early to brew all the rules in the Turk? Make your life easier and buy geyser coffee maker. They are widely distributed in Italy where they know something about these drinks. The principle of the preparation is no different from the manual: you need only to fill coffee powder, pour water and wait 5 minutes.

What is a geyser coffee maker

Geyser coffee makers

Geyser coffee makers have several names, also called mokoi and percolator. This device is a perfect alternative to the coffee machine, it can make up to 18 cups of espresso at a time. Consists of three parts: a container for ground coffee, water and capacity for the finished beverage. Its main advantages:

  • ease of use (must be washed under running water without using detergents);
  • the simplicity of the beverage;
  • compact (easy to take in a road);
  • brews delicious drink without precipitate.

Unlike other kinds, the maker of hot spring type of coffee is made by pressurized steam. In the end it turns out very strong, tart drink with a rich taste. There are 2 types of appliances: electric and normal (for use on the stove). Geyser coffee makers are convenient, but have disadvantages:

  1. Perfect job fit often depends on gaskets and filters – if they wear out, have to change.
  2. You need to constantly clean relief valve – occlusion will lead to an explosion.
  3. You cannot use chemicals to care for the device.

How does the maker of hot spring type

The principle of operation of the coffeemaker is simple: for 5 minutes, she prepares the drink due to the impact of steam (hot water) to the powder. Operation start with filling the bottom of the tank with water. The liquid quickly heats up and turns into steam, and then begins to push through the filter with coffee. Further, through a tube, it rises into the top compartment, condenseries and slightly cold. The coffee is ready.

For the preparation of aromatic beverage without the hassle should choose a machine with more power. Pay attention to the volume, before you buy determine how much drink would you need for family. The fact that the geyser coffee maker should only be used under full load. If the planned acquisition of the Italian model, spring type, keep in mind that Italians drink the beverage in small cups, so their amounts should be multiplied by 2.

How to brew coffee in hot spring coffee maker

Kavouri geyser type

Sequence of actions:

  1. Fill the lower reservoir water to restrictive features.
  2. Pour in the filter coffee not tamping.
  3. Well connect the two sections.
  4. Depending on the type of device or turn on the power outlet, or place them on a plate.
  5. 5-7 minutes to get a drink.
  6. After preparation of all components of the appliances to wash, allowed the use of the dishwasher. Do not try to clean inside the device, it is desirable to leave some coffee oil to protect the body.

Geyser coffee maker from the best manufacturers

When choosing modern coffee makers geyser type pay attention to the features that will be useful for you. If you need to drink after cooking remained hot, buy equipment with the corresponding function. On the more expensive models have indicator lights, digital timer, adjustable thermostat. On some you can select the coffee strength. Review the characteristics of some models in more detail.


Popular following the classic model of hot spring type:

  1. Bialetti. There are models, designed for different number of servings. One of the popular products in stores – Bialetti Mokka Express geyser for 3 cups. The model of a traditional design that has not changed since 1933. Engineered to be strong, reliable, equipped with special patented valve safe handle made of acrylic. Make a piece of Italian charm to every drop.
  2. Top Moca. Thanks to the model of hot spring-type Top Moca Caffeteria Top argento everyone can taste the original Italian espresso. Made of aluminum outside with non-ferrous metals. Excellent temperature resistance due to silicone gasket. Model: hot spring type has a wide Foundation for uniform heating and steaming coffee.

Geyser coffee maker at home

Electric coffee makers geyser type

Review purchase models:

  1. Moka Alicia: EMK 9. At one time brews 9 cups, metal housing does not heat up during operation. Automatically shuts off after boiling and supports the beverage hot. The capacity for finished product can be put on any surface thanks to a special basis.
  2. Ariete 1365. Recommended for personal or commercial use. Has a volume of 400 ml allow to cook at a time 2 cups. The body is made of plastic. Include on indicator, water level indicator.

Geyser coffee maker for induction cooker

For cooking on an induction cooktop are:

  1. Bialetti Venus. Metallic colors device, simultaneously, prepares 10 cups. Geyser coffee maker stove is made of stainless steel, practical, pleasing to the eye. The handle is durable, safe, made of nylon. Can be used on gas, electric, and induction cooktops.
  2. Bialetti Musa. Has clear, straight lines, exclusive details. The model connects the passion Bialetti and sophisticated style, admiration. The case is made of stainless steel with a satin sheen. Pressure relief valve safe handle – parts that could not remain without attention of buyers.

Where to buy and how much it cost

The beverage, brewed in the coffee maker of hot spring type

Prices vary depending on power, brand, equipment type, materials used, country of manufacture and even color. Cheaper models produced in China more expensive in Europe. On average, the buyer will have to spend from 1000 to 8000 rubles. One of the most expensive are the products from Bialetti. Huge selection of elektrokofemolke presented in the stores of household appliances, specialized departments and online stores. Products from different manufacturers can be found in IKEA, online Megamarket (Ozone).

Video: how to cook coffee in hot spring coffee maker


Vera, 34 years:Third month I take the coffee from the Gipfel. I like that it has a sensor that prevents the device to turn on in the absence of water. This is especially important because there are children. Compared to Turka when cooking is not created coffee grounds. I and my girlfriend believe that the machine is not obtained such a full-bodied drink, as in Gipfeli geyser type.

Olga, 25 years:do you Know how to work the geyser coffee maker with milk Frother? If not, I advise you to buy a Mukka Express from Bialetti. Own them the second year, bought in Italy. I’m sure sell we, for example, on Yandex market and Ozone. Brilliant thing and a good! Use every day, but nothing to Unscrew and loose. The main thing – to firmly secure the parts.

Alexander, 29 years:How I love coffee! Ready to drink it every half an hour, but because of his wife, who worries about my habits, limiting yourself. Brewed beverage the evening in the French ceramic hot spring coffee maker using coffee medium grind, according to the instructions. I am sure that cafes and restaurants do not offer such a drink made yourself better!

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