Ceiling of plastic panels

The ceiling repair is a complex business, but there is a method in which a flat surface on the head there quickly without much effort. The chosen material is fixed on the rail frame and suspended. Plastic panels are perfectly suited for the device of the suspended ceiling.

What are the plastic panels for ceiling

Plastic panels on the ceiling

Ceiling of plastic panels mounted in shops, offices, hospitals. Apply this type of finish also in the repair of apartments. PVC strips are successfully used for bathroom, toilet, living room, kitchen. Some plastics can be used in living rooms: they are well suited to a modern interior, combined with lamps of different designs are combined with other materials.

Connection type ceiling plastic is seamless or seam (lining). The junction of two seamless strips of thin, barely noticeable. The plane turns smooth, as if monolithic. The lining also forms a pattern of alternating wide and narrow bands resembling the facing of wooden lath. It is of two kinds: European, Polish. Vary seam panel width «castle» at the juncture, polka it’s already less noticeable.

Produce PVC panels of different sizes. Thus, the standard lining is 10 inches wide and 6 or 3 meter lengths . Seamless widely – from 15 to 50 cm of Their length – 2,6; 2,8; 3 rarely 6 meters, and the thickness of the plastic material, from half an inch to an inch. In addition to products, made in the form of stripes, there are plates and sheets of PVC. The first is a small square piece to the frame of the suspended ceiling (e.g., Armstrong) and the second broad rectangular plate with a seamless connection.

Than convenient plastic panels on the ceiling

Panelni steles

In the ceiling of the plastic panels many advantages. Products PVC available in various colors, from snow-white to bright multi-colored, covered with metallic glitter, ornaments, pictures. Plastic long lasting perfect look, caring for them is easy. Other advantages of this material become evident during installation:

  • installation is very simple, is for everyone;
  • it is lightweight, it is possible to work without an assistant;
  • underneath electrical wiring, do not destroy the concrete slab;
  • combines well with each other and with other materials;
  • it is possible to create a two-tier ceilings;
  • accepts recessed light fixtures;
  • if necessary, easily disassembled and assembled again;
  • possible insulation over the plastic.

What is the difference between PVC panels for ceiling from wall

Plastic ceiling panels are thinner and lighter wall, but the plastic is designed for the cladding, will be normal to feel over your head, if the frame construction is of high quality. Categorically not suitable for PVC sheets, they are heavy and must be used in vertical structures. Wall strip width up to 50 cm to the ceiling can be installed.

How to calculate ceiling PVC panels

Ceiling panels

Installation of PVC panels on the ceiling will be successful, if you pre-calculate the required amount of material. The count is not in square meters and in units of goods. Count the number of strips required to cover the entire space. To do this, the length of the wall divided by the width of the panel. Starter strip and the crown moldings are buying in an amount equal to the length of the perimeter of the room.

Also need to buy plastic material for hanging the frame. In dry rooms use wooden beams in the kitchen and bathroom – galvanized profile. They are mounted on the perimeter of the room and up to the ceiling, perpendicular to the direction of future ceilings, at a distance of about half a meter from each other. Draw a diagram and count how many strips of the frame you need. Multiply this number by the length of the room to learn the square footage of lumber or profile CD. The perimeter of the metal variant of the base is equal to the length of the profile UD.

How to choose a ceiling made of PVC panels

What to pay attention to when choosing the material for the ceiling? First of all, on the exterior and the desired color. If you want plastic, suitable for any design – choose white. Plastic plating is matte and glossy . In larger rooms, the gloss looks worse than in smaller ones. Buying material, compare the color of each strip. Products from different batches, even if they’re the same model, can differ markedly in shade.

Measure the length of the panels with the width of your room. Waste will be less if the lines are slightly longer than necessary. Dangerous to buy plastic no stock length: if the width of the room 2.7 m – PetroChina is better to take 2.8 m. it is Advisable to purchase one strip of plastic more than necessary. PVC material is brittle, and from accidents not insured by any one master.

The interior of a room with PVC ceiling

Installation of plastic panels on the ceiling

Before you mount the plastic panels on the ceiling, prepare all the required work. You will need materials:

  • hardwood timber is 20 to 30 mm or CD and UD profile;
  • U-shaped mounting;
  • the dowels, screws:
  • starter strip;
  • strip for connection, external, internal, angles (multi-level ceilings);
  • PVC panels;
  • the ceiling tiles and special glue for it.

And tools:

  • the level of the laser (water);
  • hacksaw, angle grinder or metal shears;
  • the knife construction;
  • the perforator;
  • the screwdriver or a stapler.

Suspended ceiling PVC panels with your own hands start to do with the base – frame, where it will stay. Using a level on the walls draws outline of design. Above the line is fixed timber or UD profile along the entire length of the perimeter. Parallel to the long wall every two feet or a little more suspension beams, CD profile. All parts of the frame have the same height. To control use levels. Hung based on the special U-shaped fixing with dowels or screws.

The installation of panels

The primary tool for wizard – a stapler or a screwdriver. How is the covering:

  1. The perimeter to the bar or profile is attached to the starting strip.
  2. The size of the first cut piece of PVC and secured the starting strip so that the groove for coupling with subsequent ceilings were in the hands of a master.
  3. For installation details, slightly bent.
  4. Edge attached to each beam or profile shackle (with screw).
  5. The second strip is inserted into the groove is fixed and also fixed.
  6. So fill the whole area of the ceiling.
  7. Stick the plinth.

Where to buy and how much it cost

The material for the ceiling of the plastic panels in the abundance of proposed construction supermarkets and online stores. The price depends on the size, design and manufacturer. A three-meter wide strip of 25 cm will cost from 110 to 350 rubles. but the basic material in the budget of the purchases you need to make the cost of starter strips, skirting boards and material for the frame.

Photo: ceiling of PVC panels

Photo: steles z PVC panels

Photo: steles z PVC panels

Photo: steles z PVC panels

Video: the decoration of the ceiling plastic panels


Maxim, 35 years:the Ceiling of the plastic panels is a very handy thing. I’m not a Builder, and he managed to collect plastic design and install internal fixtures. Trim done in the hallway, friends who are in the house come, just notice cracked up to be. The truth is, turned out beautifully, and more quickly and inexpensively.

Ivan, 47 years:Two years ago, deciding how to decorate the ceiling in the kitchen. Settled on PVC. We were not advised, said that from a gas stove, the soot on the ceiling. But we have a good hood and the plastic looks like new. My it with soap and water from time to time – that’s all care. Did not regret the choice. Good material, comfortable, durable.

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