Bunk bed for children

An important parameter of the housing free space in it. If for adults the recommended value to 50%, for children it increases to 70%. What do you do when the family has more than one child? Get out of the situation will help children’s bunk beds.

Bunk bed for kids

A two-story sleeper

Today, the bunk bed is not only a place to sleep, but also the opportunity for children cheerfully to spend time. In addition, there are models with different systems for storage. Thus you will save even more space. If you are in search of a particular bunk beds, then you should consider all possible options.

Bunk bed with sofa underneath

If for adults the furnishings bunk bed with convertible sofa, often made to order, baby model in the catalogues of manufacturers easier to find. The most common variant involves a combination of wooden parts and metal. If the sofa bed has an iron ladder, for children they are very slippery. It is necessary to consider safer options. The wood is a and convenience, eco-friendliness of the model, but the purchase is still worth it to see the quality certificate and the hygienic conclusion.

Downstairs is the sofa that can be made in the form of a classic sofa with adjustable backrest that evening decomposes and gives additional sleeping space. Another option is a transformer. By day he looks like a normal sofa, and in the evening turns into 2 berths, one above the other. Transfer bunk model is not limited. There are options with:

  • children’s wall;
  • wardrobe and cupboard;
  • drawers;
  • Desk for study or play.

Room for boys

Children’s pull out bed for two

Another option escape from the cramped quarters to save space is an extendable bed for 2 children. It looks not that big, so it will not scare the child raised the second tier. Not every baby soon gets used to such a sleeping place. Folded pull-out model is practically no different from usual. The only difference is a slightly larger height, the bottom should be a place for the first layer, which has the same dimensions as the upper. To quickly turn 1 sleeper 2, make furniture with the special wheels.

In the improved model not only extra sleeping space and drawers for storage. Only it turns out even higher. If you as parents worry about their baby that he will fall asleep downstairs, then nothing to worry. The complete set of furniture shall include a restrictive collapsible bumpers. Among the disadvantages of the pull-out model include the following:

  • the first tier has a level lower than normal beds, and the second above;
  • children who sleep on the bottom floor, the day you have to push the bed or lie beside a brother or sister on the top;
  • a climb to the top tier and not all children, and therefore for a crib, you may need a ladder.

Bunk with wardrobe

Model with Cabinet

Another kind of bunk furniture is a bed with wardrobe. Buying this model you save money. You will have a place to store baby clothes. The kit includes a full wardrobe that perfectly complements it. It can be placed or sides or inside of the structure itself. The second typical corner model, where the beds are perpendicular to each other: this can be seen in the photo. The latter option is often done even for 3 children and is suitable for small spaces.

Buy it, you automatically solve the problem of installing 2 pieces of furniture. The main thing – not to settle for the upper tier of the baby, who is less than 6 years. Kids cannot be allowed even to the stairs. Only after reaching the age of 6 they can move to the top floor. Model with 2 tiers needs to be comfortable, to not have the feeling of tightness in it. Top it is advisable to check by the adult. If he take the weight, it will not fall and under the baby.

A bed-transformer

The space-saving option is the bunk bed transformer. By day it can function as a Desk or sofa, children can come friends, and to sit on the bed is not very comfortable. Another thing, when day sleeper transformirovalsya in the tall Cabinet. A movable model suitable for one baby. Bed-transformer can be considered any of the above, but more advanced options will be those which in the daytime are such that almost completely disguised as other furniture.

The idea to separate rooms

Loft bed for teenager

Interesting model bunk beds for children is presented in the form of attic. It is suitable both for boy and for girls. The only difference is the design of the furniture. Most of these models are designed for one child, and there are options that the bed is almost under the ceiling, so the bottom is a huge space. It can take a game or working area – all depends on the age of the children. In addition, athletes will love the bed, combined with a bar for pullups or other projectiles.

Girls, especially in adolescence, it takes place under little dresses or other interesting stuff, so for girls suitable option, a cupboard or a wardrobe. Get these girls ‘ corners. A good alternative is a bed with a sofa bed downstairs, where you can chat with friends or just enjoy listening to music.

How to choose bunk bed

Doyarushka model

So your kids not only slept well, but was surrounded by a safe and practical furniture, bunk bed for kids you need to choose. Even the most comfortable and originally designed furniture should not be traumatic, particularly in the nursery. It is recommended to consider the following points:

  1. Security. This criterion comes first. In the selection model must take into account the age of the children. For young child furniture legs have to be long, stairs are wide, the stairs themselves sleeping space is enclosed with skirting, above the level of 30-35 cm mattress on the Stairs it is advisable to choose a sloping and not iron – wooden is more secure than metal. The two-bed should be tiered in height, which corresponds to the growth of the child.
  2. Functionality. This takes into account the area of the room. If your room allows to accommodate a bed and wardrobe, and the workplace, it is possible to combine these functions in one furniture. When place it is advisable to save money it is better to choose the model, which combines at least 2 of the listed items. You can also build in cot in the alcove, and even to close their doors or partitions.
  3. Configurations. Children do not remain constantly in the same age – they are invisible for you will grow, and the size of the furniture will be small. For this reason, you should consider options that are either easy to remove or change their style, or buy models for growth.
  4. Design. An important factor is the color and shape bunk furniture, because the boy and the girl like different shades. Look great options, painted with cartoon characters or made in natural themes. Teenagers need more classic style or even minimalist. It all depends on the tastes of your heirs and the surrounding interior.

Two-level bed for children

Duplex sleeper

Before buying beds for adolescents or kids, you have to look at different models, study their characteristics, measure the space in the room where you will install the furniture. Better to buy directly in the store, which will help consultants, and your child will be able to try to take up the rails or climb the ladder. No less important criterion is the price of the purchased goods.

Where to buy and how much it cost

The cheapest bunk beds for kids in the store «IKEA» has cost about 12-13 thousand to Choose a particular model you can directly in the salon or on their official website. To buy such furniture can be in other online stores – simple two-storey stands about 12-13 thousand With drawers on the side and a more thoughtful design model will cost from 24 to 26 thousand, bed-sofa – 17-18 thousand, with a full wardrobe – 20-21 thousand g. roll-out option would require 15-16 thousand, but there are cheaper models for 7-8 thousand G.

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