Boric acid against cockroaches

Effective folk remedy for cockroaches, boric acid is known as an antiseptic preparation. Its usual use is to heal the wounds and mucous membranes. In other words, it will not bring harm to humans, but nasty insects are not spared. How to use boric acid to control cockroaches?

How to get rid of cockroaches boric acid

Small sachet that you can buy in a pharmacy, enough to destroy a whole army of insects, because in order to ease one pest, you need quite a bit of money (about 3 mg). Theory and practice are sometimes different: that the substance helped to get rid of cockroaches in apartment that the method was effective, it is necessary to arrange a «meeting» insects and poison. It is only necessary to sprinkle the tool paths near their place of permanent residence: in baseboards, under the sink, around the perimeter of the furniture.

Through such measures, the main part of the cockroaches will die, and the survivors decide to leave the apartment. It is important to remember that a large value on the order of the house: pests do not like to settle where they will be difficult to get food. However, if such methods did not help to get rid of the problem, you need to install special bait, which will be discussed further.

Looks like a tool

The action of boric acid

The usual form of this substance – powder, consisting of white grains, which resemble small scales. These grains first come into the esophagus of the insect, and then through the blood to the nervous system. Using substances in Prusak develops paralysis, death occurs from suffocation. If the acid gets on the body of an insect, starts itching, which leads to dehydration and death. Boron corrodes the shell of the pest, which speeds up the approach of his death.

At the pharmacy you can also find boric alcohol solution of 70% ethanol and boron. It should not be used for anti-galling and frightening insects: the smell of alcohol deters pests, they simply will not come to poison. If the Prussians do not eat the poison, the result of such a struggle will not, and acid has no smell, so the cockroaches don’t notice it.

Prescription poison cockroaches

Boric acid against cockroaches is effective only when the pest has eaten a lot of poison (scale insects). Specially prepared bait with poison will help combat the pests quickly. There are many recipes cockroaches Goodies, you can come up with them yourself: just take a product that the insect will have to taste, and put the poison.

Before to poison cockroaches poisonous to them acid, you need to spend time on spring cleaning: you’ll have to thoroughly wash the floor and walls, especially to pay attention to areas under furniture. It will bring the results of pest control to the max: insects have no alternatives, will not be abandoned babies and the ability to drink water. They will only have to eat poisoned bait.

Cockroach eating bread

Boric acid solution

One of the most common recipes is the solution of poison. It is necessary to mix acid and water and leave the solution sinks, bathtubs or toilets. Should pay attention to whether there was somewhere else available to the cockroaches of moisture, such as in pots. Sinks it is advisable to wipe dry. Insects require constant drinking, they will have no other choice but to drink the prepared solution. So you can easily destroy the pests.

Boric balls of cockroaches

To get rid of cockroaches in the apartment will help delicious balls with boron. Come to the aid of the usual boiled eggs and potatoes. In food add substance, and the resulting mixture rolled balls or pellets. They are left overnight in places where cockroaches. It is important to see that insects have no other available way to obtain food: you should put it in the refrigerator, tightly closed all the banks, to roll up plastic bags. One of the most effective means is to use sugar. Thick mixture made from boric acid, powdered sugar, starch, sugar and water.

Cooking poison

With the yolk

You can easily cook and balls of yolk. There are two popular, and equally effective way of dealing with cockroaches:

  1. Two raw egg yolks mixed with one sachet of the drug, carefully mix before formation of a mushy mass. Then form the pellets, wait until they dry and leave for dinner Prussians.
  2. The second method is not much different from the first: it is necessary to take a liquid boric acid and add the cooked yolk. Again bring everything to a paste-like state – so is preparing a poison for cockroaches.

With potatoes and egg

Similar to previous recipes and method of preparation of boron balls with potatoes and egg. Cook one egg and one potato in a uniform. Then they are cleaned, crushed, preparing a puree, and add the boric acid. According to the known scheme, it is necessary to make small balls and place them in cozy places for intruders. This method is very simple to implement at home, without using any expensive modern drugs.

Video: the fight against cockroaches in the apartment


Maria, 34 years: When I first saw cockroaches in the kitchen, scared to death. The man remembered the method of the grandmother – boric acid. Without hesitation we went to the pharmacy bought her. First, did General cleaning, washed all the corners, which ran cockroaches, and put in plenty of substance and sprinkled it all around the baseboards. A few days passed, and no other animals we have at home!

Alexander, 20 years: When I entered the Dorm, cockroaches greeted us as hosts. Twice a year came the technician to spray for bugs, but it didn’t help. After reading online, I realized that I need to act on their own: I bought boric acid to control cockroaches, boiled an egg, made a ball, left for the night. Now, in the dormitory left the cockroaches, but they are afraid to go.

Svetlana, 43 years: Went with the family on vacation, come back – on the table, cockroaches running around! I cry, the child in tears! Decided to spray for roaches boric acid – known folk remedy. Did everything as written on the forum in a week managed to absolutely everyone!

Maxim, 38 years: Suddenly the house started with the little pests – cockroaches. First tried modern means, various pencils, sprays, but the result did not satisfy us: cockroaches disappeared for a while and then appeared again. I found the recipe boric balls with egg yolk, tasted, and good luck! These pests will no longer attack our kitchen.

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