Blinds for Windows without drilling

With the mass proliferation of plastic Windows, roller blinds have become popular. Due to the demand for easy to care for, duration of operation, aesthetic appearance. From buying stop some people hole have to drill, because they can compromise the integrity of the metal structure.

Varieties of blinds

Blinds in the loggia

The painting, which is going to roll with a special lifting mechanism, what is called a rolling shutter. These systems fit perfectly into any interior, comfortable, beautiful, reliable, ergonomic. Are designs on each window, and under the fabric of established guidelines that provide a smooth and uniform sliding of the strap. The mounting system provides excellent tissue adhesion to the glass, does not depart in the draft or inclination, protects from sunlight. Conventionally, the blinds are divided into two groups: cluster and mini design.

Cluster design

The sheet wound on the shaft, hidden in the body, called a cassette blinds. The fabric can fully deploy and close the window or easily cut to allow free access to light. To keep the form of curtain allows rigid strap located at the bottom of the system. The usual models lead design by means of a cord. Semi-cassette system moving with a single push of a button. Automatically adjust the position of the curtains options with built-in sensors.

Roll mini-blinds

Unlike conventional cluster systems, miniature blinds on the window without drilling can be secured with metal or plastic brackets. Is a streamlined version of the traditional blinds. Attached mini-system directly on the metal part of the doors, not taking up much space without breaking proportions, providing the desired degree of protection. They are used for small window openings, as the size of the locking elements and the control mechanism are small. Installation and removal of mini blinds takes mere minutes.

How to choose roller blinds for plastic Windows

Floral pattern

If you want to install roller blinds for plastic Windows with their hands, you should, before you buy a turnkey system to properly measure the dimensions of the window opening. Stores offer a range of designs for the following standard dimensions:

  • width 30-140 cm (tapered and extended window);
  • length 160, 175, 220 cm (most standard frames correspond to these dimensions).

By the number of blades blinds on the window without drilling, make single and double. The second embodiment includes the model «day-night», in which the fabric alternating transparent and opaque stripes. To achieve at any time of the day the desired effect, you need to connect together or some transparent (daytime), or some thick cloth (night). A combination of both options will partially darken the room.

A review of the popular manufacturers

Blinds in the interior

Finished roll production systems is engaged in many companies. The most famous trading companies that sells these products, is Leroy Merlin. The company has in all major cities hypermarkets, which offer curtains for Windows of the following manufacturers:

  1. Eskar. Russian company specializing in synthetic thick canvases.
  2. Lotari. Chinese manufacturer of cheap products from polyester.
  3. Inspire. The French subsidiary of the Corporation, applies natural and synthetic fabrics in production.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Option print

Thanks to the numerous online stores easily find and buy ready-made blinds for Windows without drilling (pictured in the catalog) and ordered to the right size. You can go to any DIY-store and easily select product size and cost. Average price for blackout roller blinds (52 x 170 cm) Russian manufacturer Eskar – 600 rubles. The French system Inspire will be more expensive – from 900 rubles and above. The cost of solid or graphic fabric «day-night» (100 x 175) will start at 1900 rubles.

Step-by-step mounting

How to mount roller blinds for plastic Windows

When there is still warranty on the plastic box, the installation of blinds for plastic window is particularly relevant. For fastening brackets it is better to choose model trucks, equipped with hooks, zaveshivaniya top sash. The second method is to assemble and attach to the curtain with double-sided tape. Similarly, attach the vertical rails. Step-by-step manual fixing of roller blinds for plastic Windows without drilling:

Customer reviews

Olga, 37 years:Long chose the bedroom roller blade and stopped at innovative blinds blackout. This new product on everyone’s lips and, judging by the reviews, has a positive effect on the human body in its properties. The fact that the blackout fabric is 100% obscure room, full hold the light, so a strong dream and, as a result, healthy.

Dmitry, 44 years: Bought fabric blinds on plastic Windows without drilling, because I’ve read that the plastic can be damaged from such interference. Installed them in 10 minutes. All required items are included, so the addition of extra parts not needed. The only downside of the design: when you sharply open the window to stop it.

Elizabeth, 30 years: kitchen in the building supermarket bought roller blinds no drilling of the window, as to fix me there, and I never would have coped with this task. He is attached to the system is a two-sided tape, and it worked for me quickly and beautifully. Fabric blinds look great, were cheap, do not fade for two season in the sun. Besides cheaper metal blinds.

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